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Remixed this for the show. I love this version give it a go!

Ooofff I had so much fun creating this one!
I’m a weirdo that enjoys a complex tobacco tobacco with hints of sweet notes and layers.
The following combinations created my cigarrillo
Max blend for the darker tobacco notes
Desert Ship has spicy notes and has a dryer yellow tobacco note
DK Tab brings a nutty aspect with sweet tobacco notes
Clove is a my separator and dances around all the other flavors
Out of all the bourbons out there I picked aged bourbon cream because it serves dual purpose it brings bourbon to the party while emulsifying the tobaccos and blending really nicely with the Honeybee I used for the touch of honey note. Sweet Fig is that surprise flavor I placed smack in the middle of this mix that makes vaping this tobacco quite a unique experience because in this mix it almost taste like a plumb note.
To round out the recipe I finished it off with sweet and smokey tobacco it does exactly what is expected adds a smokey sweet finish.

This is my final rendition of a mellow tobacco flavor. This mix is made specifically for the Trinity Alpha by Smoke, with the .6 ohm coil, at 15% nicsalts

Going out for drinks tonight?
that's the mix you wanna take with you!😎

one more tobacco recipe with caramel aftertaste.brandy sweetens a little bit the whole mix and gives just a touch of soft alcohol.hazelnut fills the gap between tobacco and brandy and gives a smooth creamy result.soho is excellent as base tobacco aroma (or stand alone) and works well with maxx blend
and ry4.
needs 20 days steeping to get the full taste.after week 2 it doesn't change drastically,however after week 3 it is smoother and creamier.enjoy!


Tobacco with rich caramel and somehow creamy-buttery taste.easy all day vape for those who like this tobacco profile.needs steeping for the flavors to come in place.enjoy!

A delicate Cherry Tobacco, after many versions this is what I've landed on and it's quickly become my ADV.

Maxx/Ozone - Maxx is basically a black and mild. I had tried other tobaccos that I thought would work well for this profile, but none of them hit the flavor I was looking for. Ozone is a slightly floral tobacco and it helps to carry the Cherry Blossom and Cherries.

Cherries/Cherry Blossom - Cherries is by far the best cherry flavoring out there, this was the most difficult portion of the profile. I wanted it to be prominent, but not overpowering and 2% works here. The Cherry Blossom adds a nice sweetness and blends perfectly with the Ozone.

Red Oak/Holy - Red oak adds a bit of earthiness and Holy Vanilla works as an emulsifier.

This can absolutely be a shake and vape, but also doesn't hurt to have a few days steep. The floral isn't a super prominent note in this but it works great. Enjoy!

I tried going for an authentic profile of a triple apple hookah and ended up tweaking it to make it more enjoyable as an ADV.
A real hookah doesn't have this much sweetness and zest, and has much much more anise in it which gets old really fast in vaping imho.
I ended up decreasing the Bahraini Gold (which brings the anise) and upping the INW Shisha Apple which is a wonderful sweet apple flavor. This also made the vape much more smooth as Bahraini Gold has a bit of a throat hit.
Lowering the INW Bahraini Gold left a bit of space in the tobacco department and FA Maxx Blend was perfect for the job (imho) as it brought a sweet tobacco to the table that blends in perfectly.

Optional: Increase Maxx Blend to 0.5% or even more if you want more tobacco in the vape, remove it all together, or replace it with your own favorite sweet tobacco flavor.
Optional2: For a more authentic hookah experience I'd add 0.25-0.5% Anise depending on brand.

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