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So here's the recipe as promised! Your wish is my command I said and I meant it. I have no idea what the developed recipe tastes like but if it's close to this it's gotta be good. A very fine balance of cream, ice cream, and mint make up all the key points of a shamrock shake and I think I might have nailed it. I followed a real life recipe for a shamrock shake clone and added a few things to make it realistic as a vape. Everything in this recipe has it's place the LB Vanilla ice cream is obvious for it's delicious vanilla ice cream creaminess and the FA cream fresh and Vienna cream are for the representation of milk and dairy mouth feel, WF Tahitian vanilla cream to enhance and back up the vanilla note of the ice cream, creme de menthe and peppermint are obvious and the dulce de leche ties the mint and cream together and finally FA Marshmallow is another binder with mouth feel. So now for the description on the first day except mostly mint and a little cream inhale and exhale but on the 3rd day is when the magic happens I don't know how I accomplished this but the inhale is a nice soft mint/peppermint with a touch of vanilla ice cream and the exhale is like Houdini the mint almost disappears and a velvet vanilla shake rides out on your tongue and completely coats your mouth in cream heaven (I know this sounds dirty lol) I will be making a 120ml because this one of my best recipes. Great off a shake heaven like after 3days and tested with a wasp nano RDA other atomizers may vary your results.

The most delicious choc mint recipe ever?
See it being made here: https://youtu.be/DTqKbhwpr0Q

"Orange Cream (WF)" en mi opinión es una buena crema de naranja en general y como "main note", pero necesita un poco de ayuda.
Por este mismo motivo añado "Blood Orange (FW)"+"Sweet Tangerine (CAP)" para acentuar la naranja, ya que soy más de frutas que de postres y para mi gusto queda mejor así.
"Garden Mint (SSA)" es para mi la mejor menta "natural" que he probado y la pongo en esta receta para dar la ilusión de esa hoja de menta...
"Ginger Root (VT)" siguiendo la receta original de Crema de Naranja, aquí casi resulta inapreciable pero aporta complejidad a la receta, te invito a que hagas la prueba con y sin gengibre y luego me dices en los comentarios...
El resto de aromas complementan el postre o la crema, que a mi me gusta suave y de fondo.
He añadido Super Sweet y creo que se acerca más a los estandares comerciales de esa manera, pero podría prescindir de el aquí.
WS-23 para ese postre recien salido del frigorífico...

Está bueno después de mezclarlo pero te estarás perdiendo los detalles si no lo dejas macerar al menos 5 días. Yo personalmente lo dejo 7 días mínimo y va mejorando hasta los 20 días o así, luego mantiene muy bien las propiedades sin llegar a mejorar demasiado trás esos 20 días.


Mike loved his bourbon so I made a cream soda with a touch of bourbon to honor my friend. Mike was so important to many of us in the community.


A delicious, true to life lemon meringue pie. Sharp lemon, fluffy meringue and crisp but subtle pastry base.

All the delicious sweetness of a ripe watermelon, mixed into a jelly bean. This recipe turned out better than I expected and I can't wait for you to try it.

Creamy creme brulee with notes of vanilla and marshmallows, yeah

Finally, i made a good cherry.
Cherry compote is now my go to for cherry flavourings, this is a rich cherry ice cream. I get no off notes in this at all and is well worth a try.

Sometime in 2020, I pledged to make a Lemon Head candy vape. This is as close as I got. The idea was simple -- take the best lemon flavors and smash them together.

FE Lemon - The best lemon candy flavor.
INW Lemon Mix (WG) - I need sour, but will settle for tart.
LA Lemonade - Like Lemon Mix, after sour but will settle for tart. Also adds some wetness that I rather enjoy.
VT Sour Lemon - Can I have the sour please? Still not sour, but ramps up the lemon and tartness to 11.
FA Marshmallow - White center of the candy. This wouldn't be a Lemon Head without it.

Tasty off the shake, a little less "bright" after it settles into what it's meant to be in a day or two.
The lemon holds up nicely even after a month of steeping.

Additional notes: I did play around with several versions using FW Hard Candy. They just weren't as good as this version.

A sweet candy mix of banana, strawberry and bubblegum. Adjust the amount of sweetener to your own liking.

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