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I made this as a tribute to the guys @ Developed the Real Three Musketeers!
Trying my hand at a classic. The Three Musketeers candy bar. The original is a soft fluffy chocolate nougat surrounded my rich Milk Chocolate how hard could it be? Shows how much I know. 20 versions later to get the flavors right.
I Started with the Nougat. Inw Nougat to be exact . And to give the nougat that fluffy chocolate taste I decieded to use VTA Chocolate Mousse because its a fluffy chocolate. And to fluff it up even more I went with FA Marshmallow because it's fluffy and has some body to it. Then for my favorite part the chocolate coating. Gremberry Farms Chocolate Overload is the best chocolate that I have but feel free to use Cap Double Chocolate V2 or another chocolate of your choice. The FA Cream Fresh helps to soften the chocolate into a milk chocolate. And then add some FLV Sweetness and its done. Let it steep a few days for everything to settle.

All the delicious sweetness of a ripe watermelon, mixed into a jelly bean. This recipe turned out better than I expected and I can't wait for you to try it.

Creamy creme brulee with notes of vanilla and marshmallows, yeah

Finally, i made a good cherry.
Cherry compote is now my go to for cherry flavourings, this is a rich cherry ice cream. I get no off notes in this at all and is well worth a try.

Sometime in 2020, I pledged to make a Lemon Head candy vape. This is as close as I got. The idea was simple -- take the best lemon flavors and smash them together.

FE Lemon - The best lemon candy flavor.
INW Lemon Mix (WG) - I need sour, but will settle for tart.
LA Lemonade - Like Lemon Mix, after sour but will settle for tart. Also adds some wetness that I rather enjoy.
VT Sour Lemon - Can I have the sour please? Still not sour, but ramps up the lemon and tartness to 11.
FA Marshmallow - White center of the candy. This wouldn't be a Lemon Head without it.

Tasty off the shake, a little less "bright" after it settles into what it's meant to be in a day or two.
The lemon holds up nicely even after a month of steeping.

Additional notes: I did play around with several versions using FW Hard Candy. They just weren't as good as this version.

A sweet candy mix of banana, strawberry and bubblegum. Adjust the amount of sweetener to your own liking.

Strawberries and Cream

Everyones got one, heres mine. INW Shisha Strawberry and JF Sweet Strawberry are an unbeaten combination for an artificial but vibrant flavor. Plus I can actually taste them unlike half the others I've tried. FA Madagascar, my go to for a 'familiar' or 'commercial' vanilla and LB Vanilla Ice Cream create an awesome vanilla cream base to build off of, with FA Marshmallow adding even more thickness. FW Yogurt for a tiny bit of tang to set it off. Sweeten to taste.

Quite good off the literal shake, vanilla and strawberries up front but the longer it steeps the richer and fuller this vape gets.

Please rate and/or comment if mixed. Enjoy!

Add sweetener at your own liking. This is a simple Wonder Flavours recipe, with some marshmallow from Flavour Art for mouthfeel, moisture and sweetness.

Hope you like it


Simple SNV custard. This recipe is great off the shake...but after 3 days its very nice.

MARIGOLD .. a shining and a new banana ice cream flavour, it will brings you back to your childhood memories

Mix it with 70-30 vg/pg
Ws-23 here is optional so you can remove it .

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