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(FA) Marshmallow

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Flavor Profile: creamy easy simple smooth

Used in 3449 recipes at an average of 1.298%.


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New into diy, but I feel like I could be pretty good at this with time. Please give me feedback on what I could do better to improve this.

CAP vanilla whipped cream is the flavour I build on. I wanted a heavy, creamy vape, and I figured this flavoring is the way to go. The other creams and the VBIC and marshmallow are just there to give it more body.

The other flavorings are just flavors I really enjoy and I think work together very well. FA Chocolate by itself is gross, but combined with Cocoa it's pretty good. I added the AP to make it a little bit heavier.

As you can see i suck at notes, but I do think this is a good adv for people like me that like mouthfeel and heavy flavours.

Clone attempt on Element's Pink Lemonade. Very good recipe, could be a little stronger.

A creamy and rich milk chocolate recipe.
Sweetener is not necessary, but makes for a much more authentic experience.

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for the full notes

This is My Peanut Butter Fluff. To those up north in the United States, you may know what this is.

The default in this area is "No Description" and it fits. I cannot describe this flavor and I have not met anyone else who can either. I would not presume to compare this recipe to Grack but it does have some of the the same enigmatic flavor and mouthfeel characteristics as that famous juice. The recipe needs a 3 week steep to be at its finest. When it turns gold it is ready to go. It will also work very well with nic up to 12mg, I have not tried it above 12. Would welcome your thoughts.

A delicious union of perfectly ripe tropical fruits.

This recipe is a homage to a fantastic blend available from the leading concentrate supplier in my neck of the woods. The owner has been vaping this for years and has never divulged the recipe to a living soul. After numerous requests, he finally released a one shot called Malao for the rest of society to experience this delicious combination. This is my interpretation of a remarkable juice.

TPA Papaya
The king of Papaya's at 3% is our hero in this tropical medley and marries beautifully with the rest of the fusion. It brings a delectable creamy mouth feel with the unmistakable, slightly bitter, true papaya flavour.

Cap Sweet Mango
At 3%, we get none of the over-ripe mango notes often associated with Cap Sweet Mango. Used low, the inherent bitter notes compliment the Papaya perfectly and adds a credible mango profile.

TPA Peach (Juicy)
As the name suggests, this ripe, succulent peach adds sweetness and juiciness to our mix and is a key component to liven up the aforementioned fruits.

FW Cantaloupe
This cantaloupe completes our melange and harmonises the 3 main flavours into a complex tropical masterpiece. I fell in love with this cantaloupe the first time I mixed up Canary Coulis and find it to be more true compared to the other, more popular options.

FA Marshmallow adds a touch of sweetness and amalgamates the fruits to prevent a linear taste experience.

This baby is fabulous off the shake but shines after 3 days.

Bolinho Ana Maria is a Brazillian dessert that is just like a twinkie but less sweet and less butterry, basically a Vanilla Cake.

Inspiration taken from Wayne at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFoe3PEb1_7sAY1ZgehNP3A

Hope you guys enjoy, really take into account the temperature of the vape do not exceed 420F synce it may change the flavours a bit.
There is nothing much to talk about this recipe, it is pretty straight foward and simple, nothing is used in an unsual way and for me overall it is a solid recipe that works well together, if you have any sugestions or questions please leave a question or review.

The soft sweetness of red fruits that meets with the sparkling citrus fruit.

Cold creamy ice cream with sweet syrupy blueberries.

The star of this recipe is Cap Blueberry Jam, it's a fantastic syrupy blueberry that works well with with other blueberries. My original version of this recipe used the Holy Trinity for blueberries, but I found that it was being heavily overpowered by the rest of the recipe. After sending a sample of to Foment_Life he recommended subbing out the Blueberry Extra for the Blueberry Jam and halving the VBIC and putting Vanilla Swirl into the mix.

Spot on recommendation that really made this recipe come alive. The Blueberry Jam really helps boost the blueberry flavor over the Vanilla and Ice Cream without overpowering them for a great sweet but not overly sweet vape.


A Strawberry and Coconut inhale with Guava and a touch of Coconut on the exhale that will make you want to put on a grass skirt and dance the night away on a beach in Hawaii.

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