(FA) Mango Indian Special

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I absolutely love Ginger and I originally wanted to make a Ginger lemonade but since I had no experience with mixing lemonades I ended up with this off of hand taste pairings. I'm NOT sure about the required steeping time as I didn't get to try it until a while after I mixed it.

I really liked this one, I hope you'll enjoy it too.

I ordered Maui Mash (VSO) before reading any reviews. It sat on my desk for 6 months wondering what I was going to do with it. It is a light flavor not to bad but lacking something. After several ideas, all struck down, I figured that I would try this. I like it. A mellow tropical flavor that isn't harsh, I put ws-23 in it for a bit of cooling but you can take it out without changing the flavor, your preference. MANGO IS MAUI MASH (VSO)!!!!!!!

Easy, delicious, & icey.... Call it a mango popsicle, call it mango freeze, or drop the WS-23 and call it Mango Madness!

In Australia I associate summer with fresh mangoes.
I looked at my wall, grabbed some flavours and threw them together. I didn't change flavourings or percentages from that so likely there is a better way to make this but I like it enough as is to share.
For me this is the perfect amount of saturation, richness and mouthfeel.
If you have and EXTREMELY sensitive throat you might think its bordering on harsh off the shake but there is no harshness for me especially after 24 hours.
As I said, I didn't play with this at all so feel free to make it better or change it up and let me know what you did.
I vaped this exclusively on a Citadel (after market driptip) with a dual core fused clapton 0.25ohms @45w (3.4v)

CAP Golden pineapple is a really good pineapple juice. It pairs well with the fleshy natural FA Mango Indian Spec and the crispy bright FA White Peach.

Sweeten to taste.

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A commercial version of an old mango recipe brought back to life with the addition of Wonder flavors peach gummy candy and island mango it's sweet and flavorfull and candyish works well with tanks and duel coil rda's this is in your face mango could work well with high nicotine salts for a pod system..🥭🐻

Peach Mango Gummy Candy from DIY Made Easy Ep. 009: Candy!!!

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ELiquid Recipes Subscriber Profiles: Melon Mango

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Friend of mine asked me to make her a mango melon salt juice for her caliburn pod system. After discussing and getting assistance from EdibleMalfunction in the DIY discord, this recipe was formulated. Thanks Ed!

My attempt at Coastal Clouds Blood Orange Mango Snow Cone.

A little heavy on the mango. Going to play around with the percentages a little more to push the mango into the background more.

V2 coming soon

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