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Tybee Island is outside of Savannah, Georgia. I was going for a tropical peach. I may still mess with this one some but I like where it's at.

CAP & INW Pineapple - Can't go wrong here

JF Honey Peach- The most mild peach and I think the closest to a Georgia peach.

FA White Peach- My favorite peach

FA Mango Indian Special- Pairs well with FA White Peach and IMO is a must have mango flavor

FA Pear- For it's juiciness and to give everything some sort of base

WS-23- You can omit it but I like this one cold

A Mama/Mega Melons Remix just when you thought there would never be another.

Cuttwood's juice is one of the first ones I remember truly enjoying. Years ago I was working in a vape shop and it was my go to recommendation. I like pretty much any kind of vape besides earthy tobaccos but this profile has always been a true ADV for me. Here’s my swing at it. Props to all the folks who have tackled this one and to @JenniferJarvis for the OG Mama Melons on ELR. Don't let the low percentages scare you off- this one has plenty of flavor.

TFA Honeydew II - In one of my first orders I picked up Honeydew II over the original by accident and I never went back. I think it's a slept on, mellow, all around great honeydew. You could probably sub either JF or TFA Honeydew and be fine but this one does its thing here.

FA Mango Indian Special- A mango I think everyone should own

CAP and FA Cantaloupe- Good ratio of candy to natural to me and what I look for in a cantaloupe vape

FLV Wild Melon- Brings its silk while backing up the honeydew and cantaloupe

TFA Papaya- Just enough for that funk we all love

You can omit Super Sweet this one is on the verge of being cloying to me at just .4% but that sweetness takes me back to 2016.

WS-23 at just .25% takes this one to a whole different level for me but it's fine without it. I'm not one for cold vapes usually but it really does make it that much better. This is fine off the shake it may be a little honeydew or papaya forward and funky but it's good to go when the bubbles settle. After 3 days everything starts to pop and it's a lot more balanced/blended. I have never let any melon mix sit it long enough to know about fading but these flavors should hold up well enough. God bless!

Straight from a Jamaican beach comes this spiced,mango delight with hints of coconut and orange. different but definitely delicious if your into this kind of thing so if your looking for something different and unique then give this one a mix and let me know what you think. Thanks guys and take care πŸ’™

Simply peaches and rich cream . If you are looking for pure peaches so this is not your recipe .
Peach juicy TFA and Peach White Fa are the best for me and when they are mixed together they become a rich peach profile
Indian Mango Fa is here to give a deepness and sour to the peaches ( you won't taste any mango)
A good cream base is here using Dairy milk, whipped cream , sweet cream and bavarian cream .You can try any cream base you prefere.
Sutible for ADV

A Really Nice Sweet & Juicy Flavor. Enjoy a "Slice of Mango" !

A nice, tasty and simple fruity mix. Shake & Vape or use in a mix.

Being a big fan of FA Mango Indian Special, I decided to experiment with adding some to the awesome Thicket (by contravention). After testing different percentages (1% to 3% in 0.5% increments), I've settled on a nice even 2%. All the notes from the original recipe still hold. Awesome off the shake and the flavors hold up for well over 30 days.

=== Original Thicket Notes ===
Mixed berries, no creams or bakeries

Using forest fruit as a building block will get you a 'decent at worst' result 90% of the time. With as much as it has going on, I only needed a couple berries to push into a bit of a new direction while still keeping the heart of the vape distinctly forest fruit. Wanting to get a little more saturated currant flavor up front, sweet currant was an easy grab. Blueberry juicy ripe is a flavor that I've beeen digging for awhile and it pairs nicely with the sweet currant. The dragonfruit is used at a 1 percent to add a little background note while also blending this whole thing into a tasty mixed berry profile. I like it with a quarter percent sweetener and mix every other 30ml with 1% ws23 but feel free to dress it up how you like.

This can be vaped off the literal shake and you will get a delicious currant and blueberry forward vape, 24 hrs and it starts to meld together.


Shoutout to @mlnikon for one of the best recipes on the site hands down. Mixed countless juices and In a Godda Da Vida holds legend status for a reason. It's such a unique and thought out juice and just 5/5. I can get down with almost every one of Emily's mixes. Check her and @mixenvixens stuff out.
I wanted a little twist on it and stumbled across Da Vida Loca by @MediocreVibes and I felt like he killed it with mango as the addition. This is my take on it and it's not much of a change but it's a fresh enough take to check out if you have the flavors and love the original as much as I do.
You can do without the Pear and Hibiscus if you need to.
V1 had INW Cactus in place of Pear at .5%.

Vaping on 3mm 6-8 wrap .5ohm AVS SS Triple Fused Claptons in a Kylin Mini II 77%VG at 45-55w

So inspiration came from Spiders Duet entry actually, i decided to throw a pineapple in there because it sounded good and wanted to make a sorta pina colada with mango prominent throughout while not taking over the pineapple too much.
VT Shisha mango and FA MIS makes a nice and well rounded mango for me.
VT sugarloaf pineapple needed a little help from INW pineapple but thats fine.
and VT fizzy sherbet with FA whipped cream really thicken this up quite a bit and give it a good smoothie texture.

Well today fate gave us mango indian special.

Now I want to start by saying that I'm not a big mango fan. I've been scarred by some pretty foul and funky mangos in the past. However, FA Mango Indian Special is not that. It's a very natural tasting, ripe, sweet and kind of pulpy mango. It doesn't really have any of that funk and no christmas trees either.

So what I was trying to do here was just make a real simple and realistic mango yogurt. The FW Yogurt and FLV Greek Yogurt together give you that thick kind of sticks to your mouth, creamy dairy note. They're very daapy and have just tons of texture. For the Mango note I wanted to boost that mango a little bit so I added some JF Honey Peach. That may not have been the ideal peach to use for the application but dang it's good.

I would expect this to get even better after a few days steeping.

Sweeten to taste.

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