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(FA) Mad-mix (mad Fruit)

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Take a hand full of these gummies, throw it in your mouth and chew away.

Walking on Sunshine

You may have noticed from some of my previous mixes, #music inspires me. So when thinking about a Energy Drink the song immediately came to mind.
Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina and the Waves
This song sparks Energy into me no matter what.

So this Energy Drink is a Fruity Lemonade with Lavender
Lemonade: For the lemonade base, I used FW Lemonade Natural, This is the first lemonade concentrate I ever purchased. I still love it, and feel it is a true authentic Lemonade. To accentuate this, I used Cap Lemon Lime, this adds a refreshing mouth feel to the lemonade. Also, added a touch of FA Lavender to bring an outdoor floral feel that just makes you feel good.

Energy : For the body of the juice, I used, FA Mad Fruit. This is a sweet and tart flavor, of mostly red fruits. To accent this, I used FA Juicy Strawberry, and Cap Kiwi Strawberry w/Stevia. These 2 flavors combine beautifully together to add a great strawberry with the perfect sweetness.
Outcome: A delicious Energizing, Fruity Lemonade


A yummy Peach Energy Drink
I love Monster Peach Tea and Energy Drink, it is one of the few years that I confess to drinking.
Stixx Mixx Peach Tea:. excellent, naturally extracted tea. So many nuances and flavors in this concentrate that could be brought out, especially by a avaid Tea lover.

FA Mad Fruit

FA White Peach

LOOKING for a group to learn about mixing your own juice check out these groups and YouTube channels



this is best after a few days so the Citrus punch can chill out a bit.

A sweet and Sour Grape and apple blend with a nice tarty punch to it.


Time for an origin story! Everyone has defining moments in their lives: learning to ride a bike without training wheels, a first love, a first heartbreak, graduating from college, a first child, experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs, etc. I would like to take this opportunity to share one of my defining moments as a mixer with ATF. One night, early December 2015, I was laying in bed and thinking about my concentrates (as is good and proper) and an idea to introduce INW Cactus to INW Grapefruit emerged out of wherever-the-fuck-ideas-come-from. I desired to push Cactus, so I chose 2% and a host of complimentary citrus flavors stepped forward and offered themselves to the cause. I was impelled to get immediately out of bed and rush to the kitchen so that I could put it together. After careful mixing, I anxiously shook what could be a dream or a nightmare come true. I stood, I dripped, I inhaled, I exhaled, and I just about died in ecstasy. After coming to the realization that I had truly connected with the most magical concentrate on the planet, I labeled the bottle 'Cactus Coitus.'

Broken down:

[INW Cactus/Grapefruit] - Main events. You won't get aloe or soap because of how Grapefruit asserts itself.
[Pineapple/Lemon Sicily/ Lime Tahity CP/ Mad Mix/ Tangerine] - Citrus mix to compliment the main pairing. I'm sure there is wiggle room for some substitutions here, but I have never desired to try. Mess with these and let me know how it works! Balance is key.
[CAP Sweet Mango/Sweet Strawberry] - These are flavors acting as sweeteners and serve to round the out some of the sharper elements that can show up in a citrus mix.

Shake and vape? Hell yeah.

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