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(FA) Lychee

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 188 recipes at an average of 1.5%.


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Lychee tea. Solid body tea with a hint of lychee. Light and clean.

Growing up with tropical fruits, lychee was one of my favorites. Inspired by Skweezed Lychee, I wanted to create the lychee flavor that I used to enjoy very much.

Cap Sweet Lychee is very natural and balanced. It has all the characteristics of lychee. However, it's too weak. FA lychee presents the strong perfume scent of lychee, but not natural/fruity enough. FE lychee has the scent of very ripe lychee such as those has been sitting in fruit vendor's cart for several hot days. A bit of cotton candy enhances the sweetness which is presented in most of the tropical fruit.

Feel free to add a little mint to your preference making it more refreshing. It will lift the ripeness and compliment the floral scent. If you shake and vape, you might want to cut FE lychee even lower as the smell is sharp and even like a chemical to me.

SnV, steeping 1~2 weeks makes the flavor mellower and blended.


A vitalizing blend of fresh pear and vibrant lychee, accented with a touch of coconut.

This combo remains one of my all time favorites but I could not find a recipe which celebrated these magical flavours well enough, hence the creation of Pychee (Pear/Lychee).

FA lychee brings the authentic, fresh, lychee flavour to the mix and lays the foundation for the lychee layer. Lychee's unique tropical flavour (described by some as a mix between watermelon, pear and grape) is unmistakable and magical! Cap Sweet Lychee boosts the FA Lychee with a sweet, canned lychee vibe and rounds the lychee profile off perfectly.

The pear layer is courtesy of my favoutite pear combo consisting of FA & INW.
FA Pear brings the fresh, juicy pear element whereas INW Pear provides the grittiness, crunch and texture of a pukka pear.

FLV Persimmon is described by many as a peach/plum hybrid. I pick up up wonderful, deep, pear/quince nuances which intensifies the pear profile and adds that little intrigue to the mix...

The Persimmon can be substituted for TPA Dragonfruit at the same %. The dragonfruit variation is excellent, I just prefer the persimmon version.

FLV sweet coconut fulfills 3 roles here: it provides a touch of creaminess, a spot of sweetness and imparts that magical taste of fresh coconut ensuring adequate depth in the mix.

Feel free to add your cooling agent of choice - WS23 at 0.5% is just enough IMHO.

Give this one a good night's sleep, 3 preferable for the floral notes to dissipate.

A sweet peachy vape with a hint of Lychee.
Feel free to add some koolada or WS23 on summer days.
Up the (CAP) Super Sweet to 1% if you like it sweet, I definitely do.
Shake & Vape certified.



Icy Trio by Yami Vapor is the third flavor introduced into the Yami Vapor E-Juice line, following the bestseller, Taruto. Icy Trio presents a refreshing "trio" of strawberry, kiwi, and lychee with a sweet and cool menthol.

This is my fifth revision of icy trio and it’s getting closer. Please feel free to feedback me, I’d love your input! This is a work in progress.

The base consists of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) with Cream Fresh (FA) and Meringue (FA). Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) adds to the creamyness.
Topnote is a layering of Sweet Lychee (CAP) with Lychee (FA) accented by Raspberry (CAP).
Rounding of with Super Sweet (CAP).

Enjoy enjoy,


A refreshingly simple, chilled Lychee vape which makes you come back for more, and more...

WTF is a Lychee? "A close relative to the rambutan and longan, the lychee is the ultimate summer fruit you never knew you needed. ... In the lychee, the balance of sweet and tart is perfected. Its light, floral taste — some say it's a grape/rose, others insist pear/watermelon — pairs perfectly with coconut, lime, and other tropical tastes"

FA Lychee provides the smooth, realistic, fresh lychee flavor supported by a touch of sweetness in the form of Cap Sweet Lychee.
FA Cream lends a bit of body and enhances the mouthfeel, which allow the lycheee to show its full potential.
WS23 cools everything down without detracting from the star of show. Feel free to start the WS23 off at 0.25% and adjust up if required.
Sub WS23 with Koolada if needed.

Good on the shake, 3 day steep for the floral notes to subside and meld with the cream.

Check out these references to see what you have been missing out on!

A refreshing summer vape along the lines of a tropical drink. Great as a shake and vape.


A respectful remix to give homage and respect to The Vaping Bogan from Australia. His juice line "Bogan Brews" is world famous for addicting flavor. His most intriguing to date is his "Six and Out" recipe which is a term used in backyard cricket commonly played at family gatherings here in the summer. His recipe is a balanced yet complex delight of blackcurrant and lychee. Cloning this was difficult to nail down the back notes and I am still somewhat battling that as this is quite an amazingly balanced juice. This is close but not quite as mellow IMO. Hat's off to the original because I could only get around 80-85% there but none the less a yummy complex juice well worth a 30ml trial before you go and buy the real thing and appreciate it! #BogansMixBest

This is my first go at a Fruity / Bubblegum mix that does not have a throat hit because of the fruit flavors in it.

One could add 0.25 Cactus for juiciness, I did not have Cactus to play with so I left it out in the Recipe.

I get a delightfully fruity taste from this, I just need to get it juicier.
But all in all, I am pleased with the taste of this.

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