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A simple floral berry shake n vape, not quite 123
Lychee adds a delicate ethereal quality to this, which pairs well with the Rose.
The Rasbperry brings some tartness and depth and makes it all work.

Almost a year after I started thinking about creating my Covid69 recipe:
Pfizer is trying to take the lead in an antidote-, vaccine- and who knows maybe even a placebo kind of commercial pharmacircus.
I chose to counter my own recipe with a little less bombastic strategy: I spent as much time in research as I did in marketing: 5 looong minutes.

28 is the perfect PG ratio for me.
*This is another out of the box fruit recipe!
Shake well before use!
Side effects are negotiable, as long as you stay inside with doors locked and windows boarded up once your back starts to itch.
Be AWARE, stay SAFE and have a HAPPY FULL MOON everyone!

The story's simple, really.

My friend asked me to make a lychee-cranberry recipe.

I started with 1% each and realized lychee was strongly overpowering the cranberry, so I made a simple adjustment and now it's amazing and instantly a new ADV for me.

Both FLV Cranberry & FA Lychee came off to me as the best of their respective flavors, and they just work together. Personally I really love lychee, but by itself it can be a little off-putting to me. With the addition of cranberry, it seems to stay consistently interesting and enjoyable.

It doesn't need anything else. The combo itself is already juicy, bright, and sweet, so I didn't feel a necessity for dragonfruit, fuji, or sweetener. If you want to cool things up a bit, feel free to add 0.25% - 1% WS-23 per your preference.

It's great right off the shake, but it seems to get better every day.

Please try it out and let me know what you think.

Reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/ddzsnk/lycran/


This is a collaboration recipe, there are so many people that worked on this recipe - from our viewers to the TFV team, I just want to thank everyone involved. Here are the related videos:


This category was voted in by the people of Mixologist South Africa https://www.facebook.com/groups/519767141748186/ - we set out on a journey to create something unique with a tropical twist - and in this recipe, the team feels it has been achieved.

This is a perfectly blended tropical mango and pink guava juice, fused with sweet lychee and a touch of papaya, giving you a succulent juicy tropical explosion in your mouth hole.

The hero's being FE Mango & FLV Pink Guava. Initially you get a full on mango hit, followed by a sweet and lightly syrupy Litchi with a nice thick guava exhale - the Marshmallow helps with the mouthfeel of course. The element that was added to spin this whole concept into tropical realness was TFA Papaya - which puts a nice twist in the recipe.

In short - "Tropical realness in your mouthole"

Sweeten and cool to taste, we recommend 0.3% FW Sweetener & 0.5% ws23 (20% Dilution)

Lime and Lychee infused Custard. The Vanilla Bean Gelato is more of a Vanilla flavor than a Gelato flavor. FA Custard Premuim is by far the best custard flavor on the market. I know that it is a difficult flavor to get your hands on so it can also be replaced with TFA Vanilla Custard or CAP Vanilla Custard V2. They do their jobs quite well as replacements.
Let it steep for about 7 days and you should be good to go! This is going to be my ADV, its damn good!

I love the flavour of lychee, but I often find it too floral and syrupy. So my goal in this mix was to use the flavour in a way that is light and refreshing but without the floral and syrupy qualities and turn it in to something ADVable. So here ya go. A nice blend of Lychees and berries.

My husband got the real New York to Paris juice in a VapeBox back ages ago when he was still getting it and he LOVED it. So I was given the task to try and come up with a mix like it. It took a long time to find the right brands of each of the flavors but I am certain and so is my Husband that I have found the right flavors. He couldn't be happier about this mix. He says it is so close to the real thing. He has vaped 2- 60ml bottles of it over the last few weeks. This one really was a labor of love and I am glad I have finally gotten close enough to be able to lay this quest to rest. lol...
Lindbergh Vapor Company New York to Paris: Flavor Description- Exotic Fruits and Cream. A sweet unique blend of Peach, Lychee, Coconut and Cream.
We smell and taste a light Graham Cracker finish in the original as well so that is why there is Graham in this mix.. Give it a mix and let me know what you think, have I gotten as close as my husband says I have?

Taking some inspiration from various Asian fruits and floral notes, I think I may have found my new all day vape. I saw TFA Cherry Blossom and wanted to see how to work that ingredient in a recipe for a nice, sweet floral note. I feel it plays well with the other ingredients.

The overall profile initially has an interesting smoky fruit/floral note on the inhale, the exhale focuses more on the citrusy side with more focus coming through on the WF Starfruit. FA Fuji. and CAP Kiwi. FA Mandarin helps bring a citrus note to the overall profile and FA Lychee adds more of a little juicy mouth-feel imo. Off the bat, it may be a little harsh on the throat, but after a day or two, it really mellows out.

Hope you guys enjoy and comments would be appreciated!

In a hurry to get to work so I threw this one together to get away from the sweet recipes I've been working on. Turns out, this one is alright~ Basically, just another take on a Hawaiian POG-type profile.

PLACEHOLDER NOTE - OOO Lychee is a placeholder for FRANDY Flavors Lychee. Its a Malaysian Lychee rebrand (me thinks) but I cant confirm what would be closest to sub with as Ive not found anything similar to this yet.
** I am sure you could sub this with another Malaysian Lychee that has a fresh Lychee Beverage profile.

Simply LYCHEE JUICE... Just The way I like it!! This works beautifully as a Standalone Fruit or as a Base! As a base it goes well with some Strawberry

I love Lychee Juice, the Fruit Juice and have been working at getting that perfect balance between a Sweet Fruit Juice without it becoming a Candy and and at the same time standing up a sweet Realistic Fruit Juice.
Been working on a version a while now, I always find something in the Lychee profile that I dont like. Sometimes its too realistic in the sense of Eating an actual bitter Lychee Shell/skin (FA Lychee) or too florally and other times too 'Candyish' with a powder candy similar to Musk sweets (CAP Sweet Lychee) and TPA Lychee...HEll no

Recently found a Local Brand (I think its an Malaysian rebrand) called Frandy Flavors Lychee that just hits the nail on the head for a Potent Fresh Sweet Lychee Juice! With this I basically used the other Lychees to Build up around the FRA Lychee the elements of a Lychee Fruit Juice that I think was missing.

The Lychee:
(FRA Lychee) - This Lychee gives you that FRUIT JUICE type of Lychee and the closest I can explain this is that its Very similar if not exactly the same Lychee profile that you would get with Liqui-Fruit Lychee Juice.
(CAP Sweet Lychee) - I love Cap sweet lychee as it gives that Sweetness that you would get from a Candy type of Lychee. I added this to Widen\emulsify the lychee up a bit in terms of That sweet syrupy vibe you get from a a lychee puree (fruit but almost Candied).
CAP Sweet Lychee tends to add a Bit of a 'Musky candy' note at higher % that I like it to be, thats why its added to the FRA instead of being the Main Lychee.
(FA Lychee) - I felt hat the Lychee juice could be more realistic in a actual ripe fruit way so I added the FA Lychee to give you that little Touch of Authenticity, For me at higher % its tends too get Very Florally (Overpoweringly Florally, if you are not into Flora notes) and adds that Bitter as if you chew on a piece of the Lychee Skin.

FA Cream Fresh:
Some Like it, Some dont. It does what it needs to for me, in this case its not really meant to be 'visible' as a front profile, only to help the Fruits stand out a bit more.
Heres a variation where I replaced the Cream Fresh with Oba Oba

FA Apple Fuji:
The Mixer Upper. To do Blendy stuff

Lemon Sicily:
Added a touch of this to Pop the Tang of the Lychee a bit more, giving it that FRESH Ripe Fruit flavor instead of the a 'Warm Ripe' or Over ripeness.

Optional. Increase or Decrease at you desired Strength
Personally I'd recommend keeping or increasing it, Unless you like warm gross fruits, then remove it (its not supposed to be a Lychee pudding)

Add the SS, Doooo It!!


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