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Simple sweet and tart grape candy recipe. I'm sure there are ways to make this recipe better but I'm totally happy with it the way it is. Sweetener is optional, of course.


This is a new york cheesecake with slices of fresh strawberry and lime on top. Made for this weeks episode of Mixin Vixens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eObxv12Zy4&feature=youtu.be

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A sweet and tart blend of citrus flavours. The main notes are lime and mandarin with support from mango, orange and lemon. It is bright and refreshing yet just tips to the edge of tart instead of sweet.


Profile: Hops with a berry fusion and a little sweet prickly touch

Made this on DIY_eJuice discord with the masterminds @nowar and @humanpuck

We wanted to make a flavor with Yakima Hops and some berries.
After much dicking around trying to figure out what we all got in common, it took us on a wild ride through flavors that would maybe or maybe not fit with Yakima Hops.
I don't really wanna go though all the suggestions we had, but we had quite a few.


  • FLV Yakima Hops is the star here and at 3% we felt it wouldn't get drowned and added that nice after taste Hops fans know so much.
  • FA Blackcurrant is that bastard child, that you can't really stop loving, even though it's a bitch. Potent stuff but it fits.
  • FA Forrest Mix (forest fruits) just fits in, as this is a berry fusion. And as forgiving as it is, we cranked this good stuff up.
  • CAP Golden Pineapple was one of the wilder ideas we had, as this mix needed something sweet and balancing to the berries. And it was welcomed with open arms.
  • FA Lime Tahity Distilled was the obvious choice to hold berries in balance along the pineapple. It's the binding element here.
  • INW Cactus is known to add juiciness, so that's what we did.

No sweetener is needed for this mix, but if this isn't sweet enough for you, may we suggest FW Sweetener.
Add your choice of coolant if you like.



I started out with an idea of an Alien franchise inspired mix. Originally I thought Nostromo would be a fitting name, but was left not really feeling the inspiration. Then Xenomorph came into play. For those not familiar, those are the adult form of the creatures in the films.

This is a fizzy, lime soda with just that touch of Ginger Ale to give it a push.

It was easy where I had to go with this then. Xenomorphs have green, acidic blood. So Lime was a given. And I knew I wanted it to be an in your face, intense recipe.

I originally chose VT Shisha Lime and FA Aurora as my base, but it seemed that Aurora was smoothing out the lime too much and that is not what I wanted. With a second opinion from u/FomentLife, I decided to scrap Aurora and add FA Lime Tahity Distilled to get some wonderful zest going in the mix.

u/Staybert found success with FLV Citrus Soda in his Citrasberry recipe, and I knew right away it belonged here.

u/OdieDoodah gave me the suggestion of TFA Ginger Ale to add an extra level to the "blood".

CAP Hibiscus brings some syrupy goodness into the fold.

This came together in an AHA! moment and I'm quite pleased with the results.

A refreshing lime soda for hot days.

The cucumber tames down the lime for a very smooth vape. Just a little WS-23 to cool things down in the soda base. The mix is surprisingly sweet with no added sweetener. It only needs a one day steep.


You know how they say "nothing good ever happens after 2am"? Well that’s a load of s*!t. Per usual Alfred and myself (eyemakepizza) kept Isuamadog up waaay later than his bedtime, he strapped on a headlamp and we were feeling something tropical so we went to work.

We came up with Guava, Pineapple, Lime, and Apple, and some Fizz.

Join us in the Discord! https://discord.gg/ufVTyAQ

So normally this is where all the development notes would go. Normally. Problem is, there really aren't any. It just worked. FLV Pink Guava is the star of the show here and it does it so damn well. FA Lime Tahity Distilled and INW Pineapple are the background flavors here, they play off the Pink Guava really well. Even though Cap Double Apple is the highest % and our original intention was for it to be a dominant flavor, it ended up being very subtle and added a great bit of depth and heartiness to the overall flavor. VT Fizzy Sherbet does what we love it to do and adds some fizz into the mix.

Right on the S&V Pink Guava is very dominant, not to the point of muting out the other flavors, but it's there, it's out front and it wants you to know it. After a day or two, the Pink Guava mellows out a touch and everything balances out but also blends together beautifully. We are left with a super tropical refreshing juice that you're not going to want to put down.

Join the discord and share your ideas!

I was about 15 when I tried gin for the 1st & last time. All I got was a hairspray taste. It was disgusting. This on the other hand is really tasty. I do get the gin but it's a nice pleasant taste, nothing like hairspray :)


Attempting to replicate the Somersby Elderflower Lime Cider. This seems close. Koolada might seem high, but the offtaste it gives helps the juice taste the way it should. Not a good place cor WS-23/FA Polar Blast.


Who doesn't like a refreshing sorbet? With spring right around the corner and my trip to Florida coming up soon, it was time to make a refreshing vape to bring with me. This is my take on a lime and coconut sorbet.

I understand many people will not have Vape Train's Sorbet Base, get it if you can. Chefsflavours carries it. It's a magical potion. When you get it, be careful not to get too heavy handed with it, as you will mute the sharper notes. Without this flavor, the recipe is still good, it just doesn't have the sorbet effect.

For the lime note, it was a no brainer to use Lime FLV, because it tastes like sweet lime slushy juice. It's a phenomenal flavor that holds its potency as the juice ages. I could have used it as the only lime flavoring, but, I experimented with a few other limes to add. When I tried adding Lime Tahity Distilled FA for some zest, it just filled the lime note out so well. This is optional.

The coconut note is not very strong in this recipe, and that's what I was going for. Sweet Coconut FLV is what I decided to use. It's a milky coconut that sits nicely in the recipe, and comes out more after a few days. If you want more coconut, I added Coconut Candy TFA at 0.75% in my different variations while developing this recipe.

For the base of the recipe, I chose Frozen Yogurt WF. It's a sweet, creamy and not very tart. This is a great flavor. I experimented using Vanilla Bean Ice Cream by FW and TFA, but decided that the frozen yogurt worked better for my liking.

To sweeten it up, I added 0.50% of Super Sweet. This is optional. It's pretty sweet without it.

Additional cooling agents are optional. The Sorbet base provides some cooling effect.


I tested many different variations and I'm happy to release this.

This is a shake and vape, but the flavors pop after 2-3 days. I primarily use the wasp and serpent mini, and usually mix it at 60-70VG. I don't like a hot vape and usually use a resistance around 0.5

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