(FA) Lime Tahity Cold Pressed

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A fruity sweet and sour temptation.

The KiLi Sour is a deliciously refreshing summer mix for all fans of a green taste.

FA Kiwi combined with FA Lime Tahity cold pressed form the main flavor. The Lime is supported by SSA Sour Lime. The FLV Sour Apple lifts the top note. FA Polarblast & WS23 add a slight freeze and The FLV Ice makes the mix a bit more tangy.

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Cold Fruits. My go-to MTL mix. Beware, kills wicks fast. Use Sweetener and WS23 to taste.

Based on a recipe from HeadlessMami on Reddit, adjusted for more modern flavors and gear.
Like cosmopolitans? Then you'll like this cocktail vape for the summer! Cranberry, Citrus, and a little bit of bubbly.

Mixed for the Blood Orange episode of Noted

fw sweetener probably works better in this.
After tried cap cukes, it appears to carry more of that bitterness than TPA's, adding 0.6 for that bitterness.

my best summer time vape

Both Lime & Avocado share in common green and grassy notes while Lime’s piney scent compliments the subtle nuttiness of Avocado. Adding Lime to Avocado and you've got yourself a classic combo. Now add this to the “Kiwifruit Fool” which is an English dessert of puree fruit in layers of a Sweet Creamy Custard made with a combination of Kiwi, Yogurt and a dash of Vanilla for a Super Creamy Custard.

No thing great is created in an instance, any more than a fig. Tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen as it falls...
A tasty mystical brew crafted into unique aroma, flavor and experience profile into each vape. A new flavor with character and dimension.


Earthy TFA Jackfruit and TFA Papaya work so well together with a touch of FA Lime Tahity (cold pressed). FA Pear keeps that earthy taste wet while adding to the tropical vibe. TFA Marshmallow sweetens without additional sweeteners and a touch of INW Shisha Vanilla just works to turn this into a sweet and fruity island drink. Original recipe had 1.5% TFA Vanilla Swirl instead so if you don’t have Shisha Vanilla feel free to sub. SNV certified.


I was going for a lime heavy fruit punch. What I got was a complete full flavored limeade. I usually try to include why I added what and such, but with how this came out. . . . I don't think there's much a point to it. Anyway, if you like lime, here you go.

These key lime pie truffles are tart, creamy, and get a bitter twist from a dark chocolate coating.

Lemon lime slush with a sharp grapefruit, sweet and icy and straightforward.

This is the only recipe my girlfriend asks me to make for her again and again.

FLV Lime has that slushy type lime flavour but has a nasty chemical flavour also so i had to cover it with other flavours like pink guava, tahity lime and 2% ws-23.

FW Kiwi adds a little something extra to all the citrusy flavours, it tames them down maintaining the tropical vibe.

Ws-23 and super sweet balance each other so its not a blast of ice covering everything.

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