(FA) Lemon Sicily

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Long list of ingredients for this one but totally worth it. Raspberry and waffle at the forefront.

This is a sweet mango strawberry lemonade I wanted to make a lemonade that was something different from the pink lemonades and lemonades on the market so I figured this would be a good start

FLV lemonade is the driving flavor in this mix as it has a good body and a nice tart lemonade flavor

FA lemon Sicily is being used to make the lemonade have that tart natural lemon flavor in the lemonade

FA Costarica Special (mango) is the mango note it’s not overpowering it’s mostly helping the lemonades sweetness

CAP Sweet Strawberry is there as the strawberry almost more like a strawberry syrup that most places use in their smoothies and slushees

CAP super sweet is optional I just use it to make it alittle sweet while keeping the tartness

Please tell me what you think if you mix it up

I have a love-hate relationship with Heisenberg from Vampire Vapes. The reason why I hate it is because it tastes like chemicals but the reason why I love it is that cool freezing effect. I've been trying to mix something along those lines of cool freezing effect with Cool Anise Bliss and WS-23 (from Chefs) and I had to bump them A LOT to meet my desire. Even though I love to vape this, Cool Anise Bliss has that tropical/pineapple taste which goes kinda off track from what I wanted to mix. Added a little lemon to try and bump up the berries and cut that tropical/pineapple taste.

Steep to taste, as I rarely do. Steep accentuate the berry blend more.

Took inspiration from https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/103899#viserion_by_id10_t

This is a fantastic lemon meringue. It's not Dinner Lady. I prefer this mix. Sitting here vaping them side by side and enjoying this more. That says a lot as DL was one of my favorite liquids when I vaped commercial liquid.

This doesn't give the pledge effect.

Cap strawberries and cream is a sleeper flavor. Combined with TFA strawberries and cream makes this the stars of the mix. FW Bavarian cream is a great old school flavor. Sweetener is optional but I prefer it to give this mix a commercial style.

Basic no description needed. Forest Fruits with grape juice.
Forest Fruits >> medium complexity fruits
Grape juice >> basic but watered down taste

both combined >> watered down forest furits with grape juice

use ws-23 @ %1 instead polar blast for better results

i know i know.... i just wanted to try this.... lets see how it turns out

A reddit commenter mentioned (while we were talking about CAP Lemon Meringue Pie as a single flavor) that he'd added a couple of things and really made an OK flavor pop.

I left out the 1% TPA Pie Crust for the first time around, but he added it as well for that full Lemon Meringue Pie profile.

Credit to this redditor who gave me the idea:

My attempt at a strawberry, peach, lemonade! The goal was to make a delicious summertime vape during the warm weather. I like to mix 120ml of this at a time, and vape through the steep. It starts very strong on the strawberry and lemon when fresh. As I vape through the bottle, it becomes very peach forward. Overall, it feels very fresh the whole way through. I have been vaping this and tweaking this recipe since about April, and I think I am comfortable enough to share it for the first time!

Super Sweet is a necessary addition in this one. It really brightens this mix up. Without it, all of the notes are weak. The amount is up to you; I'd mix anywhere between 0.25% and 1%

EDIT 11/13/20: Removed Marshmallow from this mix entirely, it really doesn't add much to the overall profile.

This is something that my mother and grandmother used to make for special occasions - not only weddings but baby showers and birthdays too. There are a few variants of this recipe - the "leaded" one contains pink champagne instead of the traditional 7up. Some people make this with ginger ale, some add Hawaiian punch, and I have seen it with orange juice and pineapple juice. This reminds me of being a kid :-) Its a sweet juice, but it is meant to be. Enjoy a little blast from my past. PS - it really DOES need a week to steep.

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By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 75 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 80 / 100

Sweet tart lemon flavor, with a hint of that hard candy sweetness.

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