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(FA) Lemon Sicily

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: candy fruit

Used in 3915 recipes at an average of 1.593%.


241 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

First original attempt. My partner like fruit flavors that don't taste artificial so I grabbed all the berries in my stash and put them together at an average. He loves strawberry so thats what I wanted up front but the blackberry stole the show, but its still a great vape for us. Please give feedback I want to improve this.

My take on Lemon Cheesecake!
A wonderful, tasty Lemon Cheesecake, with a hint of Vanilla and a very nice, apreciating Almond Backgroundaste.
My wife love it to add some Cooler!

Add some sweetener if you need, but there are some sweet flavours inside, so i think there is no need.


I first encountered cucumber in a vape from a shop bought juice, I was sceptical until I tried it. For a vegetable that doesn't taste of much it came through fresh and tasty in the vape. Once I got into DIY I knew I wanted to try and make something using cucumber.

After quite a few iterations and playing with percentages I've settled on the below.

CAP Cucumber - Juicy, freshly sliced cucumber. I found 3.5% the sweet spot for the flavour to come through the KB.

TPA Kentucky Bourbon - First tried this with Coop's Kiwi Bourbon recipe. Now I'm not a bourbon drinker but I really enjoyed that recipe so I thought to myself why not try make a cocktail with the cucumber. Used here at the same percentage as Kiwi Bourbon it gives you the warm boozy flavour.

FA Lemon Sicily - I've got a few lemons but found this one works best as a "dash of lemon" in a drink. Here to add another dimension and an extra note just lingering in the background.

WS-23 - Once I'd got the recipe to my liking it was time to finish it and pour it into a glass of ice. 0.75% is perfect to me for this but I know other people's tolerances vary for this. Adjust to your liking.

Works off the shake but I like to at least leave it overnight.


Designed and formulated for drippers this lemonade has been my go to through the summer. Rereleasing because it somehow got deleted from my catalog of public recipes. Recommend this to any lemonade fans out there.

INW Cactus: Typical reason for inclusion.. Beverage enhancing moisture.

FA Forest Fruits: Can be subbed for CAP Harvest Berry. This ingredient contributes the fruit note to contrast the lemonade.

FLV Lemonade: Country time sweet lemonade. Keeping it around the 3% mark avoids throat hit. Sweet and enjoyable.

FA Lemon Sicily: Adds some oomph to the overall lemonade note.

TPA Vanilla Swirl: Very enjoyable exhale component. Light on the mouthfeel, bit of a texturizer. Rounds off the berry notes.

FLV Lime: Added for complexity. Contrasts nicely with the berries and lemon. Let it steep!

CAP Super Sweet. Kept low to not overpower the rest of the mix. You can opt it out if you're trying to save your coils and prefer a cleaner experience.

I've got an end of summer/beginning of fall, Minnesota head-cold... Hard to flavor test, vaping isn't even that much fun right now.
This morning I remembered an old recipe that I haven't mixed up in a while. Here it is:

This really (in my opinion) actually tastes like a lemon Halls cough drop.

Personally I bump the FA Polar Blast up to 1.25-1.5%

Sooòoo, revisited an old bottle of Original Tart and I forgot how much I love that stuff, personally I don't taste much pie/base but I get lots of Meringue, touch of lemon and something familiar I can't quite put my finger on but I know I've mixed with it.... My Original Version (Tart) was a massive hit with friends but they all said it's better than the original, Similar but better... Well I want Similar so i have always tried different versions.... This one as you see I have left out Caps LMP and another Lemon, lowered the Meringue and added Fruit Circles at Low %... Shook and popped a drip on the Kennedy! Hmmm now that TO ME tastes close... If you are going to mix this DO NOT GO HIGHER THAN 0.5 FCircles... I would even start at 0.25... The steep will give me a true likeness as usually you lose the Meringue to the lemons but it's looking promising atm.... Knock 10ml up and lemme know your thoughts... 👌
Piece Out, Big'0.

this is a very simple coke cola recipe with a background of lemon this was me & my pops favorite drink in the summertime mix this up and enjoy

A simple sweet summertime beverage. I'll probably add booze flavors next, but for now it's ok.

How to make a sharp and bright but tasty and sweet raspberry lemonade? Make a raspberry limeade.

FW Lemonade + FA Lemon Sicily = the authentic and tart lemonade.
CAP Lemon Lime = how I transformed this lemonade into a limeade, if you take this out you get an authentic raspberry lemonade.
INW Raspberry + FLV Red Raspberry = the true raspberry fruit, without any jammy/candy effect. INW Raspberry is the most authentic raspberry there is, and FLV raspberry just gives that real raspberry with seeds and off the branch dimension to any raspberry.

If you want you can add WS-23 or TPA Koolada at 0.5% (or more if you need more), to get the cold effect that goes with lemonade.

PS: Thanks to Fresh03 for the inspiration to buy FW Lemonade because I remembered him say that it's the most authentic lemonade.

PYNK Nectar is my homage to Janelle Monáe's song PYNK and if you haven't seen it or you don't understand what the song is about, then here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaYvlVR_BEc .

In case you still don't get it, PYNK is about going down on women and how pleasurable it is for women. The best description I can give you on what it's like to go down on a woman is raspberry limeade and if you haven't tried it yet ... just stop everything you're doing and go ...

My job is done here.

Using the one and only lemonade combo you'll ever need, add a combination of fresh white peaches and sweet peach syrup. Drink up!

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 75 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 80 / 100

Sweet tart lemon flavor, with a hint of that hard candy sweetness.

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