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(FA) Labyrinth

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 11 recipes at an average of 2.773%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


Back with a vengeance! I've been playing around with a realistic carrot cake mix for a while now. This mix replaces my initial release, that was far from a final recipe. This mix is feeling very polished now. The two aspects that are very difficult in this profile are the carrot, and the icing. The carrot needs to taste well incorporated, whilst the icing needs to be distinct and slightly separated.

The idea of vaping carrot is hideous, and on it's own it lives up to just that... It's weird and confusing. My original mix used only Vt's carrot, but using it as the only carrot ingredient was't working. Just upping the percentage on parano carrot just tasted unpleasant. Adding a small amount of Flavorah carrot boosts it perfectly. Then i layered it in with a fluffy cake base that makes it very familiar and incising. Fa labyrinth, Fw yellow cake (because it's just awesome), and Tfa vanilla cupcake are such a good combination. If i wasn't going to add a icing element, vanilla cupcake wouldn't have made it in here, but it's perfect for this mix. Labyrinth is a different choice to the norm, but i believe it's one of the key ingredients entirely necessary to tie the carrots and the cake together. To date, i'm yet to find a icing/frosting concentrate that can do what Lorann's cream cheese icing can, that's why its here. So now I've linked the carrot to the cake, and the cake to the icing, and the reason i'm happy with this recipe. the only subs for ingredients would be Capella cinnamon danish swirl for Vt cinnamon doughnut. And Capella super sweet for Vt sweet mate. There are no other subs for a reason, I've tried them... Enjoy!

This my take on Strawberry Shortcake. For my strawberries and strawberry drizzle I used a combination of purilum/nicotine river strawberry biscuit at 5% this is more of a buttery strawberry flavor almost more of a strawberry syrup but mixed with strawberry ripe by tfa at 3% it turns it into a more authentic strawberry with a strawberry syrup drizzle. Well the next part to my strawberry short cake is the base now there are many ways to achieve a strawberry short cake base so why limit myself to just one being how they are all delicious. So I chose to utilize a biscuit base and a sponge cake base both versions are good and both mix well into a Vape juice I did this with: Labyrinth by Flavor Art at 3.5% is my sponge cake and then I use Biscuit by Inawera at 1% for my biscuit blow its not really a biscuit but we can dream right and out really works in this mix.
Last but not liest is the whipped cream: I achieved this by using a combination of Meringue by flavor art at 1.5% and cream fresh by flavor art at 1% and shisha vanilla by inawera at .5% Well all that's left is giving this recipe 3 to 4 days to fully blend although it is delicious almost immediately.😁 Enjoy!!!!

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