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(FA) Kiwi

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A mellow yet flavor packed Raspberry, Kiwi, with a subtle apple body and lime tail. This juice has a very velvety and smooth mouth feel. It is SNVable but the lime really tames out and the whole juice emulsifies after 3 Days. This recipe was designed for my Breeze 2 and should work for all like devices. Feel free to leave out the icy elements if you are not a fan! I am interested in any reviews and opinions.

P.S. this is my first public recipe and I would like feedback on my recipe and the write up

Please don't ask me what I was thinking when I made this. To be honest, I just threw some flavours together and hoped they worked. A couple of minor tweaks and here you have it. For me, the banana and pineapple are at the forefront of this. All the other flavours seem to blend in nicely. I've put 15 days steep time as I made this Nov 25th and didn't like it after 2/3 days so I just left it. Just trying it Dec 23rd and it's pretty damned tasty.

I've been working on this for quite awhile. It's based off of my own memory of what Space Jam's Starship tasted like. That juice was one of my favorites when I first started vaping. The custard percentage may look high(as the total flavoring also looks high). But trust me on this. It's a helluva good vape!

Can be vaped after a 2-3 hour heat/speed steep. I put mine in a water-tight ziplock in extremely hot tap water. Every 1/2 hour, I would replace the water when it cooled while shaking the HELL out of the juice bottle.

Best at MAX VG

Please don't use this recipe for commercial gain. Please don't post to other sites without permission. Thank you.

E-Juice Makers One Shots!!

A strawberry, kiwi, cactus juice. Light, refreshing, smooooooth. Reminds me of a house juice I used to vape.

Hapsburg Limonada........Could also be made for a jug/pitcher

The past few months I've been coming back to this strawberry kiwi profile over and over and never getting it quite how I wanted it. One of my only other public recipes right now- my Blue Dot Vapors Strawkiji Freeze remix- was my starting point, and this is where I've ended up. The resolution to a lengthy process of trial and error, waiting on new flavors to come in, and some more trial and error. Resolver is a bright, juicy, sweet strawberry kiwi with a nice punch of cooling.

Nice fruity vape dominated by the Passion Fruit. The pomegranate adds a slight tarty edge. The kiwi, apple & the star fruit sit nicely in the background.


Simple and easy to mix. Flavors that most ever mixer has or should have. Did i forget Delicious $$$ well this is definitely that. This recipe is very similar to my dragon lady recipe i basically just put pink guava where the strawberries were and lowered the Dragon fruit a little. I love it off a shake but it might be a little throaty at first for some but i dont really have a throat hit problem i can vape tfa juicy peach with zero throat hit so....... I feel that this recipe is a shake and vape but it is at its best after a 2 day steep so the fruits blend into one cohesive pink kiwi lol. So If your looking for a bright fun fruit mix than give this one a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Lmao i just realized it was a 3,2,1 recipe.

As always sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener. I do use sweetener when i mix this. .35% flavorah sweetness is my favorite.

This grape lemonade is the perfect vape for these hot summer days

UPDATE: If you're thinking of mixing this, you might be more interested in my newer recipe "resolver". I'm only leaving this one up because it was the starting point for what became a much better, more fleshed out recipe. Resolver is the culmination of my efforts to improve on this profile. However, if you're the curious type, go on ahead and mix both for comparison's sake. Personally I find this version gets a bit green or "vegetal"- presumably from all of that strawberry ripe mixing with those notes in fa kiwi.

Before I got into DiY, BlueDot Vapors was my go-to juice vendor. They had solid prices and some really good mixes, and most importantly, they never used added sweetener so I could actually get some lifespan out of my coils. The juice I couldn't stop coming back to was Strawkiji Freeze- a simple strawberry kiwi flavor with a bit of menthol. Now that I'm mixing for myself, I want to recapture the magic of my obsession with this juice, and possibly even improve upon it in the process.

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