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This is my attempt at a Yoplait style Kiwi Strawberry yogurt.
I started with the Kiwi's and FW Kiwi is a good natural Kiwi and FA Kiwi adds that contrasting candied kiwi flavor. For my strawberry trio I like Cap Sweet Strawberry, Tpa Strawberry (Ripe) and Wf Strawberry Gummy Candy. Now for the difficult part the yogurt, I wanted a full yogurt flavor with a slight sour yogurt taste. I settled on TPA Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt and then I added WF Buttermilk to help with filling out the yogurt and because it has a sour taste to it. FLV Sweetness works great in this because it helps keep the yogurt creamy and sweet. Give it a few days to steep and allow all the flavors to settle and blend.

this tastes like a delicious caprisun to me. pretty banging after 24-48 hours

Mixers Club June 2021 White Whale - Pineapple Float

Thanks to Snapbackhatthat for inspiration.

So the base is pineapple Ice Cream. It contains
River Pineapple Sherbert - obvious reasons and somehow I picked it up on river sale so yeah.
Flv Vanilla Pudding - overall creaminess and nice vanilla touch plus good texture
Wf Marshmallow Gooey - make it thick. I said THICK
Lb Vanilla Ice Cream - more phat to ice cream base. Makes it a bit heavier and ice creamy.
The base turned out very well but unfortunately the pineapple juice made me struggle. Here is why
VT Sugarloaf Pineapple is the only pineapple I have left apart from some wf candy flavor. It was hard to make a bright pineapple juice part so I made my best. The base of juice it is.
Inw Cactus to make it a bit tangy and spiky and refreshing
Fa Kiwi - this one here is for the body of the juice. It is making everything in the juice part come together and slightly separate from the base. Adds extra juiciness and along with the creamy ice cream it plays very well.

But overall I am pretty sure the juice base will benefit from another pineapple flavor but I am yet to discover it

Both Lime & Avocado share in common green and grassy notes while Lime’s piney scent compliments the subtle nuttiness of Avocado. Adding Lime to Avocado and you've got yourself a classic combo. Now add this to the “Kiwifruit Fool” which is an English dessert of puree fruit in layers of a Sweet Creamy Custard made with a combination of Kiwi, Yogurt and a dash of Vanilla for a Super Creamy Custard.


After a night with Coop's Kiwi Bourbon and Viva La Cola this frog was so wasted. A sip here, a mouthful there, delicious...

A big thank you to Fresh and Friends for dropping a little side note in their show how nice Root Beer and Banana Cream work together. I wasn't able to get that idea out of my head. And ID10-T repeatedly mentioning how delicious Coop's Kiwi Bourbon is. This already planted a love for FA Kiwi.
WIth the pieces of the puzzle laid out so clear, even I could picture it.

If you're less a fan of Wintergreen and like it a little more sweet try it with 0.7% Root Beer and bump up Kiwi to 3.5%. It's still delicious and has most of the vibe.


I have a weird pallet. Fruits and creams seem to be my thing. This is also my first published recipe so be kind.

My favorite fruit is a Pineberry. It's like a pineapple and strawberry had a illegitimate love child. I made that happen and tossed in kiwi, zeppola, and cream for this fresh from the farm fair vape.
Tpa strawberry ripe and strawberry gummy prop each other up as I'm strawberry mute to a degree.
Add in some kiwi for a more lush mouth feel and sweetness.
I went with ssa Thai pineapple for the full body it provides to round out the fruits.
The creams are light in this recipe and the zeppola just adds a hint of depth.

Huge shout out to the guys and gals and pals on the discord who helped me figure mixing things out.


A desert made in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii created by a very special someone a few years back inside a little Poké Shop on the volcanic side of the island in which eight months later was destroyed by an eruption. Although the place is gone, the memory of this experience lives on with each vape. This is Pavlova inspired by short grain rice. It is a light and elegant dessert, simple enough to make, but impressive! Topped with fresh vanilla cream, plums, blackberries and kiwi puree. Ginger on the side to cleanse the palate before this most tasty dessert. Enjoy as a shake and Vape but best after 4 Days.

Here's my Kiwi Blast creation! Contains 3 different kinds of Kiwi, and a bit of polar blast for an extra kick!

This was originally intended to be a Mixers Club submission for February 2021 - Duets. I ended up submitting something different, but I've continued to mix this one up since and wanted to share it. This is a duet comprised of :

Berts Soda Base by Staybert https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/156816#berts_soda_base_by_staybert


Green Bastard by YippYo https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/153649#green_bastard_by_yippyo

I'm really enjoying this one and I hope you do as well. All credit goes to Staybert and YippYo.


This is my slight change to Green Bastard for MTL setups. I developed this for my Kayfun Lite 2019. Tested with an 8 wrap 26g SS316L 3mm ID coil. 215°C at 18.5 watts. I found the 2x ( pod ) version to be too much. It just didn't keep the balance of the original. So I tweaked it and this is what I ended up with. It's really good out of a Kayfun, and it should be great out of other MTL setups as well. If you give it a try please let me know how you liked it!


...From Parts Unknown.

So I just got Guanabana (FLV) to try out the All Day recipe (highly recommend BTW) and wow this flavor is amazingly complex. I love it! Anyway I was just messing around and wanted to create my own recipe with it. After a bit of picking I decided on Kiwi (FA) & Sweet Guava (CAP). I found that these flavors are similar, but have enough character to stand out on their own. Mixed this up and wow. It's perfect as is. Very sweet & juicy tropical fruit profile. Reminds me most of a Starfruit. Mix and enjoy!

Flavor Comments
Guanabana (FLV): Originally wanted this to be the star of the recipe, but after mixing and trying it I found it's most present on the finish.

Kiwi (FA): This flavor is actually the most present in this recipe, even at only 2%. Meshes very well with the Guanabana & Guava.

Sweet Guava (CAP): This is meant really just to pair with the Guanabana but it actually adds quite a bit of character by itself. I believe it is also the main source of sweetness

Flavor Notes