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(FA) Joy

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv ecigexpress gremlin

Flavor Profile: additive bakery dessert

Used in 1234 recipes at an average of 0.856%.
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66 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Attempt at a creamy fried funnel cake. Work in progress

Zeppola e' veramente un ottimo aroma,joy con il suo tono panoso da supporto allo gia squisito zeppola,la vibg con le leggere note eggy vanno ad arrotondare la custard togliendo l eccessivo tono di limone (per bilanciare non ho usato la vc v1 cap)la vaniglia cupcake per dare un ulteriore nota da forno...

First recipe posting here, hopefully others enjoy it. I was looking for a good Bavarian Creme Doughnut and I looked for a bit and couldn't find much. There were a couple of things that were simple that I mixed up and didn't care for. I decided to make this my first mix.

Zeppola/YC/Joy/wOw: This is the doughnut base. Zeppola is one of my favorites here. I tried TPA - Frosted before this and it just didnt fit right. There was something off, or artificial with it. I've tested this as a doughnut base, and it gives me a "Fresh fried doughnut" feel; slightly yeasty as well. This is my base I use for many doughnuts now.

Bavarian Cream/French Vanilla Creme/SC/Meringue/VC: This is my Bavarian Cream. The custard/meringue combo gives me a slightly thicker cream. I tried without those, and it felt too "watered" down.

The chocolate glaze: DCC. This is use lightly, as I just wanted it as a thin glaze.

I was asked how the vape experience was, and this was my reply: Its got a strong fried doughnut taste on the inhale and beginning of the exhale. Then its followed by the Bavarian cream/semi creamy flavor, with a very slight chocolate at the end of the exhale. It's a pretty thick and dense vape. Very flavorful. A couple of people have commented on the fact that the French Vanilla is so high, but it is not as strong after the steep; gets toned down by the other flavors in the mix. The doughnut taste lingers on the tongue, with a little bit of the cream as well.


Inspired by wh1skeyk1ng's "More Donuts Please" - I went for that breakfast glazed donut that leaves sugar glaze crystals in the crease of your mouth that you can taste everytime you lick your lips hours later, meanwhile every time you look at your hand you find bits of a napkin stuck to your fingers. A great vape to compliment your cup of coffee in the AM, something to kick that sweet tooth in the afternoon and nice way to cut out dessert in the evening.... For dayz!!

Give it at least a week, better after two, if you can make it last a month you wont have to stuff your face with a box of a dozen glazed donuts,.. until your bottle is gone, then just mix up some more!

Some donut type of flavor, just experimenting around with stuff.

This is my donut recipe. I've never had Donut Pounder, but that was my inspiration. It's a bit neutral, but also good enough that I vape it almost ever day. It's got enough layers to it to be interesting, but it's not so overpowering that I get worn out by it. It also makes a nice base for other donut(y) creations. It's pretty good right out of the gate, but the cinnamon calms down best after about a week.

Inspired and derived By Dogma. Thanks to ConcreteRiver for the inspiration and his constant work in the DYI community.

I love doughnuts...the sweet sticky glaze
I also love lemon..lemon pies,lemon cakes anything lemon
So why not combine the 2??So here it is..a super rich,yeasty,sweet lemon meringue doughnut..

Nothing better than handmade,sweet doughnuts fresh from the fryer...dipped in a sweet orange glaze..did I already mention doughnuts??


This is my take on creating a blueberry glazed doughnut. As a shake and vape this felt like a lucky accident to me (being pretty new to mixing) but it tasted exactly like I had hoped for - a slightly greasy cake type blueberry doughnut with sweet glaze. After sucking down about 4ml of this pretty quickly though, I started to feel a little queasy so I let it sit for a few days. Going back to it every couple of days I noticed some changes... less blueberry one day, more egg another, still enjoyable to vape a half tank of, but after 19 days it was back to tasting just like I remember from the first day - minus the queasiness. Not an ADV type of flavor for me, but it hits that craving for donuts in the morning :)

Zeppola is the base of the doughnut, with just the right amount of greasy feel to percieve the powdered sugar as being a glaze
CAP Yellow Cake because this is a cake type doughnut, not the fluffy fried type of doughnut
Meringue to add a hint of egginess and to help accentuate the sweetness
Joy at low percentage for that barely there yeasty dough / glaze
Blueberry Extra / Wild - I just love this combo of blueberries

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