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(FA) Joy

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Flavor Profile: additive bakery dessert

Used in 1863 recipes at an average of 0.818%.


99 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A sweet Cinnamon Roll drenched in cream cheese frosting! Enjoy!

This is just a slight variation on a vanilla cupcake recipe that I have been using for a while with a couple of subs and the addition of Capella raspberry.

I can’t remember we’re I got the original recipe from to be honest though.

Just like Grandma used to make, that Banana cream pie that made it to every special occasion. That rich Banana filling crispy and delicate flaky crust, topped off with that thick whipped styled cream..... Mmmmm mmmmmm

Here's a story about Minnie the Moocher! She was a red hot hoochie coocher! She was the roughest toughest frail, but Minnie had a heart as big as a whale! Minnie is a rich Donut filled with Strawberry Cream and Cream cheese topping! Treat her right!

Amazing All Day Vape!!
Butter Pecan RY4
Your opinions are deeply appreciated.

Funnel Cake (CAP) 1.30%
Honey (FA) 0.25%
Horchata (CAP) 1.00%
Joy (FA) 0.40%
Lemon Meringue Pie V1 (CAP) 0.65%
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.70%
Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP) 1.50%
Zeppola (FA) 3.00%

SNV for me 😁

The title says it all.
It’s a strawberry glazed donut that will leave a little sugar on your lips. This is an updated recipe that I originally posted on ELR.

This is my adaptation of a fried ice cream. The main layer of course is the ice cream, I went with LB Vanilla Ice Cream and HS French Vanilla. This makes a awesome creamy Ice Cream base. The middle layer consists of FW Butterscotch Ripple with FA Butterscotch, this gives the ice cream a great butterscotch taste. The FA Joy combined with FA Breakfast cereal, gives the perfect texture and taste for the fried outer layer of the ice cream. Then top with some caramel from WF, Caramel Rice Crispy Treat, this adds more to the texture needed. Delicious ADV!
If you want some sweetener, feel free to add, I prefer it without. If you do want sweetener, Super sweet is going to give you more of a donut glaze taste in this recipe, so I don’t recommend Super Sweet.


A delicious Chocolate Pandoro Cake with frosting

Having watched Noted: Ep. 24 - Cakes (see link below) I wanted to try my hand at some new cake recipes. In particular, using FA Pandoro to make a Chocolate Pandoro Cake, a Christmas dessert an Italian student had been telling me about. However, due to its inescapablely lemon cake flavour, FA Pandoro was dropped from the recipe and different flavours were used to achieve a Chocolate Pandoro Cake profile.

Cake layer
FLV Pound Cake/JF Yellow Cake - this makes up the cake portion of the recipe.

FA Joy/ Flv Cookie dough/ CAP Butter Cream: FA Joy lends the yeast notes you find in a Pandoro Cake and 0.5% is just enough not to get too overpowering. Strangely enough, It also happens to go beautifully with chocolate. FA Joy also helps separate the frosting from the cake so preventing it from being a just a creamy chocolate cake. FLV Cookie Dough is the chocolatey cake batter which softens and mellows the cake Cap Butter Cream provides the rich buttery notes you get in a Pandoro cake and enhances the frosting layer.

FLV Frosting/Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream: FLV Frosting was used despite the painful 2 week steep it requires. Cap Vanilla Whipped cream softens the frosting and smooths out the cake.

Chocolate layer
HS Australian Chocolate is a semii-darkish chocolate with cocoa notes and is enhanced by the sweeter FLV Milk chocolate. FLV Coconut was added to further complement the chocolate and accent the cake. Didn't want the Chocolate too rich or to be a top-note flavour, just wanted it to blend in and provide a more background note. FLV Milk chocolate can be quite potent so it was orginally added low at 0.15 % then upped to 0.45%.

A Chocolate Cake flavour could have been used to simplify things (LB Lava Cake is in the post) but mixing in chocolate flavours with a cake base is a good way to learn about both.

Overall, the recipe turned out well. It's not too rich but quite smooth and satisfying as chocolate vapes go.

Noted: Ep. 24 - Cakes (DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes)

A sweet berry jelly filled fried donut. You can sub out the OOO POWDERED SUGAR and use an extra .25-.5% of the FA MERINGUE if you don't have it. I know my notes suck, still I like to share my better mixes. Peace!

Flavor Notes

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