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Idea stolen from @rockyharlow
The profile is a tropical perfumed guava.
Love cap sweet guava. To me it Is a sweet nectar with that little bite of bitterness. It plays very well with dragon fruit and cactus.
These three were made to be vaped together.
Inw pitaya:
The juice emulsifier with some floral nuances. Here it plays better than tpa df
Just for that floral feel.
Inw cactus: a little lemony back note and tons of wetness, it makes wonders paired with guava.
Fa jasmin: one of my fav floral flavors. It provides very well that petals perfume I wanted in the mix.
The ws-23 is the perfect coolant to get a summer refreshing vape.
Cap super sweet helping the guava become more vibrant.
For a smooth juice let it steep for 8-10 days. Can be S&V but better after steep

This is a rare blend of sweet rice and guava infused with a floral touch provided by the jasmin. It is a very tasty and smooth dessert vape. I was trying to get closer to a basmati milky cream with guava. I am pretty comfortable with the result. Hope you enjoy it
The credit of the picture belongs to Cedric Angeles

Mouth puckering, lip smacking refreshment! my mouth is dry and this would instantly cure dehydration.

I am not sure who gets credit for the basic macaron recipe as I have seen several mixers using similar ingredients/percentages. However Shyndo's The Pink was the first one that I tried so I suppose I will give him credit lol.

The floral notes are light and blend in smoothly with the Apricot in this macaron. If you are looking for something different give this a try. The Honeysuckle helps blend the Jasmine and the Apricot together and adds a touch more sweetness. It took me several tries to balance the florals and the apricot into something that would not taste like perfume nor overpower the bakery notes. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Sweets like marshmallow and white chocolate with sparkling wine and cream soda - added touches are coconut and jasmine

orange and jasmine over a cake base with some cream and buttercream to sweeten it up - straight after making it it just tastes like cake but I am hoping I put enough orange cream and jasmine in there to make a subtle orange flower taste


The TEA: VT Jasmine Green Tea makes up the bulk of our tea base. It's got brilliant green notes and subtle Jasmine that are excellent on their own, but since they'll be mixed with some strong competitors I've decided to bulk that base up with a little FA Black Tea to boost the tannic/tea base and some additional Jasmine from FA to create a strong over all tea base. These 3 together in this combination make an excellent tea base with room for fruit or any other additives.

The Melon: FLV Wild Melon is a brilliant melon mix that never dissapoints. The downside to it is that when you take it up to 1-2% it starts to overpower more delicate flavors like our jasmine. So I've left it down at .5% and boosted the sour/melon notes with FLV Sour Apple. You could likely use FA Fuji here in it's place if you don't have FLV Sour Apple, but I really like the way FLV Sour Apple interacts with FLV Wild Melon. Over all you get a sweet, mixed melon overtone to the tea base.

Sweetener: Sucralose works here if you don't keep Erythritol handy, but the earthy sweetness of Erythritol works incredibly well with tea. It's a fair bit weaker than traditional sucralose, so I've settled at 2% here to keep things nice and sweet.

Espresso Creme
Citrus aroma, passion fruit, cocoa and jasmine.
Vivid combination of dried papaya, black tea, rose, jasmine with caramel and bergamot aftertaste.


This is a nice floral green tea with lemon. The cherry blossom needs a bit of a steep to develop.

A rich creamy melondrama inspired by kopel's Mango Beauregarde.
Thx for the idea Christopher.

Honeydew plays the main role while the Guanabana, coconut and Jasmine blows a tropical and floral breeze over the rich creams. Well balanced cocktail that will make you smile :D

First time use Honeydew SC from Real Flavours. Use 0.5-2.5%
Solo test 2.5% 80/20, Great flavor here, It's a sweet, bright, and fresh flavor, no harshness, no throat hit, It's super smooth and pairs perfectly with other melon aromas. I tried it with cantaloupe, papaya, watermelon and cream.

S/V let it sit 24 hours, better or perfect 4 days.

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