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(FA) Irish Cream

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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This is a nice, light, coffee flavoured recipe. Light as in not a heavy vape. I can quite happily vape this all day. I'm rubbish at flavour notes but I hope you like it. WS-23 is 30%

Note! To be able to save recipe , i had to choose a different type and vendor for alcohol.
This recipe is originally used with Bolsjehuset Rom. OOO Bourbon Whiskey is not what i use , but might be subbed and maby at a different %
After trying to get a good irish cream with mixed results , i figured i make something new.
To simulate drinking coffee trough cream , i used Cap Vanilla Custard V2 , and TPA Bavarian Cream.
Since the original used brown sugar , my choice was TPA brown sugar(the only one i had).
FA Capouccino at 1.2% leaves the coffee at a softer spot , without hiding the cream and alcohol.

This is my first recipe , so show mercy :)
Also i am still working on it with other creams , so i will update when/if it changes to the better.
Also i airsteep abit because alcohol.


This is my take on a Baileys Irish Cream, its smooth creamy with an alcohol note on the tail end

Going out for drinks tonight?
that's the mix you wanna take with you!😎

Att: Impatient mixes that do not like to steep. this one isn't bad right out of the gate peaks at around 3 weeks.

FLV Pound cake and And Custard make a very nice sweet vanilla bed for this mix. Cap Butter Cream and FA Butterscotch are blended equal parts to make one play against the other adding the extra little bit of creamy buttery notes that FA is missing. FA does a good job bringing the melted brown sugar of real butterscotch but lacks a bit on the buttery aspect. Irish cream and Jamaican run are in the mix to give it a bit of a dark liquor type exhale. At 5.75% total flavor some people will think this cant possibly be tasteful enough but I am not a super sensitive vapor with extreme taste buds and I can guarantee this mix is a flavorful one. It taste good right out of the gate but it definitely benefits from letting it rest a week so that the Jamaican rum and Irish Cream fall in their place.

This recipe was uploaded on ELR on July/2017 and I transferred the info here so if you would like to see what others have been saying about it you can go check out the comments on ELR.

This is a mix I made up for #DAYTIMEFRANKREVIEWS - Sunday mixin in the kitchen show . The Irish cream, and coffee combine to create the main profile for this mix. The meringue, whip cream and coconut add some fluffy mouth feel and create a sweet top note. The hazelnut, brown sugar and are the base notes. The vodka gives you that slight dryness on the exhale similar to what to the finish of a dry martini cocktail.

As with actual vodka this does not add a flavor to your profile - it add a dryness and extends the length of the finish on your exhale - which is a nice contrast to the sweet creaminess on the front end.


Flavourart's RY4 is excellent as base. tobacco with a dark caramel scent and low vanilla,unlike tfa's ry4d.Kentucky blend and Red Burley add their distinctive notes,such as caramel(a light one),wood,nuts,maybe just hint of spice and leather.overall we have a pipe tobacco base.Irish cream from FA is more like the taste of Bailey's liqueur,which is a good thing,but lacks on the cream.so i added the bourbon vanilla from FA,because of its darker vanilla taste.also i didn't want the final mix to be covered with a bright and sweet vanilla aroma.
A pipe tobacco recipe with a light scent of alcohol and cream..enjoy!

A fantastic bouquet of flavors , An orange pudding with meringue cream Has an Irish Cream to give a drink power to the creme and the orange
A surprise sure is this recipe


Just had Starbucks smoked butterscotch latte and thought I could make it better as of a vape.

Oakwood- slightly Smoky Woody flavoring Fantastic Four adding just a hint of smoke to the butterscotch along with boosting that butterscotch flavor.

Irish Cream- just the perfect cream for this recipe, very creamy and sweet Bailey's type flavoring just melds perfectly you with all of the other flavorings

Dulce de leche- if you follow me you know that I am in love with this flavor not only do you get a fantastic caramel note, it is also super dense and creamy.

Butterscotch- because she can't have smoked butterscotch without butterscotch 😜😜😜


Along the line of Bailey's. Add 1% CAP super sweet if preferred. Mixed at 80/20.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 85 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 70 / 100

More chocolate coffee then a cream, light on the vanilla, and cream, no perceptible almond, there is a hint of smoky whiskey flavor used at most Irish Cream.

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