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(FA) Honey

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Used in 459 recipes at an average of 0.5%.


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Attention!!! Do not use FA Honey at 1%. We used a 10% dilution of FA honey at 1%. See video below for more info.

This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: Skiddlz, AlfredPudding, Max Savage, Graham, and folkart.
This is a gelato-style avocado ice cream with honey and hints of coconut. Full Development Notes on DEVELOPED Ep. 3 https://youtu.be/c1WkS0i1LXc
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With that said, "What the hell is Honey Butter Ice Cream?". Well, it was an idea that came to me on one of those sleepless nights. I don't think it's even a real thing but I thought the pairings of honey and butter with a rich ice cream would make for a delectable, decadent, desert. So, I went for it.

Recently I mixed a recipe by The eJuice Fairy(Jennifer Winstead) where she used FA Vanilla Ice Cream. I had never used it before but was very surprised how rich, creamy, and "clean" or "bright" it was. I chose this flavoring because I wanted a "bright" ice cream to make some separation from the buttery honey notes and it was the perfect choice.

WF Caramel Butter is such a rich flavoring. It adds both butter and a complimentary caramel to bolster the FA Honey. Please note: I DID NOT USE 0.5% FA HONEY. I used a 10% dilution of FA Honey, so please don't use it straight from the bottle at .5%, it's way too strong.

The CAP Vanilla Custard is there to give a bit of a mouth-feel and "compress" the ice cream, much like a home-made ice cream, not like a soft-serve ice cream. The FLV Cream is there to add a bit of vanilla and body as well.

Just a bit of CAP SS to lift up things a bit.

It was a lot of fun creating something that doesn't really exist in real life and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

This can be a shake and vape but it's best to steep it for 2-5 days.
I hope you will mix, comment, and or rate, it make us all better mixers. :)
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Jen Jarvis asked if I would like to make a fantasy based mix for her show. This is part of a multi show series she is doing. It sounded like so much fun, I was happy to take part. I decided to base a flavor off of Sephiroth from FF7. He is dressed in black and grey, reminding me of a black tea. What goes well with black tea, but some honey. I enjoy floral teas as well; enjoying rose, I decided to add that. Most of all, I enjoy ice cream. So how about an amalgamation of all this! I decided to make a rose water, black tea ice cream with honey.

Sweet tobacco Cured with just a drip of honey. Sweet but not too sweet. For pod devices only.

Week 38 of The Year of Mixing -- This week was French Macarons and I went soft and light in terms of flavors. The honey blends into the base cookie flavors, and the lavender cream layers in right between it. It works okay shake and vape, but it really all comes together after at least a 3 day steep, and really blends fully out after about 10 days. Once the creams smooth out into the lavender that is when it feels like it's steeped out.

This started as a clone of Fitzcelli by VPN. Then I felt like I could do it better, and if you like lime, then I think I've done just that.

Simple profile, Thick cream and cinnamon, a touch of honey.

This is not bad off the shake, but I've found that it steeps like a custard, it needs a solid 3 weeks before the profile comes together.

½ - 1 Drop FLV Rich Cinnamon per 30ml

2nd mix I'm sending in for August's mixers club entry.

Since I started DIY, I've been chasing my white whale which is cloning Adirondack Vapor's McKinley. I got their approval on reddit to try and clone it even! It's not so much a latte as chai tea with a tiny dash of cream/milk from what I can recall. Notes of tea, spice, and cream. CAP Chai Latte is definitively the chai that they use. I've tried to combine it with everything else -- Custards, the tried and true creams, bakeries, horchata, lemons, etc. I fell down the rabbit hole of making the mix perpetually more complex over time and I'm taking this chance to bring it back to basics and rebuild the mix from the ground up.

To me, McKinley is so thick its almost juicy and I often found myself almost choking on the thickness of the vape even at just 70/30. Something in there is giving it a really really dense mouthfeel, but its not eggy like a custard. So I'm opting to try TFA's FV Deluxe for its malty, acetyl goodness. FA Catalan Cream for its spice and citrus notes here, which compliment CAP Chai Tea's natural spice and citrus note as well. FA Honey is there to give it some of that sticky sweetness, and some of the slightly vegetal/floral properties that clover honey has. This was a last minute addition and may be on the chopping block for flavors to remove/replace in this recipe, but when I thought about that thick mouthfeel and mouth-coating sweetness of McKinley, Honey seemed to fit the bill perfectly and I don't know why I didn't consider it sooner.

This isn't the end result by any means, but hopefully it's a good jumping off point to work with after I get some feedback from the group!

Changes: Dropped FA Honey from 0.75 -> 0.25. The longer it steeped, the more the FA Honey ruled over the mix. Ended up being chai flavored honey. FA Honey at 0.75 is fucking awesome if you want a sticky goopy clover honey flavor, with the pollen-y mouthfeel to match! But not what I wanted in this mix.

This is a recipe that I think I will be tweaking for a while to come. I set out to recreate the flavour of a cocktail called King Yellowman's Answer, made by my former boss and excellent cocktail bartender Kate.
We would begin by roasting pineapple chunks with honey and cinnamon until they were falling apart and caramelising into a wonderful, dark golden, spiced tray of heavenly aromas. We would then purée pears and add to the fruit mix. When all of the prep was done, we would take a generous amount of Blackwell's rum, some lime juice, a blend of the pineapple and pear purée and a dash of espresso. This was shaken for a minute, strained over fresh ice, and served with a special side ingredient: a scotch bonnet pepper filled with overproof rum, which we would light on fire whilst explaining to the customer that the longer they left it burning, the more chilli would infuse into the rum. The idea was that they would blow it out when ready, then tip some in, adjusting the spice level as they saw fit.

I haven't tried to recreate the flaming chilli garnish for this recipe, as i'm not a total sadist, but feel free to try it and let me know how it works out.
I have, however, come pretty damn close to the delicious flavour of the drink that inspired me. It is a complex flavour that needs three to four weeks to fully come together and calm down, as there is a lot going on here.

Pineapple is the main note here, with a back note of pear, mostly caught on the exhale. The coffee is present throughout, and brings a dark roasted muskiness to the whole affair. Cinnamon is also a prominent note on the exhale, bringing some spicy warmth and complementing both the fruit and the coffee.

I'm quite happy with this one, and am proud to release it as my first wholly unique recipe. I hope you enjoy!

In my next iteration I will probably up the honey and the rum, as they aren't as prominent as I would like.


A mouth-watering thick and creamy flan, infused with voluptuous fresh figs and a drizzle of honey...

I adapted my go-to brulee base to better translate into a flan by dropping the INW Creme Brulee a smidgen and boosting the Custard. The result is a deliciously creamy flan, topped with caramel.

FA Fresh fig is by far the best FRESH fig flavor and is exactly what is says on the label - a freshly picked, ripe, fresh fig. This, slightly sweet, figgy goodness is given a little indulgent kiss by a drizzle of honey. The honey accents the fig and elevates its natural deliciousness to make you want more...

As FA Honey is more potent than kryptonite, I recommend ONE DROP per 30ml. Any more and it will overpower the mix.

Give this baby 5 days to settle...

EDIT I added 1% Liquid Amber to enhance the fig.

Flavor Notes