(FA) Guava

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Shooting for a passion fruit fruit punch with a twist via the berries and melon. Almost went without a base then decided on whipped cream at the last minute. Tpa sour as a lock tight. This is dedicated and inspired for my loving wife of 20 years. I present to you... A Nephilim’s Tears

Screwed Exotica is an explosion of several fruits.
This is a good exercise to test the palette and reflect on how different flavors reside in your memory.
Seeing these are quite distinguishable here, it shouldn't be to difficult.

(FA) Coco' (coconut) 1.5%
(FLV) Coconut 0.25%
(INW) Guava 1% (So not using Guava (FA) here)
(CAP) Juicy Orange 3%
(FA) Juicy Strawberry 1.5%
(FW) Kiwi 2.5%
(TPA) Philippine Mango 2%
(PUR) Super Sweet 0.5%
(CAP) Sweet Guava 1.5%
(CAP) Vanilla Whipped Cream 1.5%

Add a few drops of koolada or WS23 if the coolness is your thing.
Enjoy enjoy,

Screwed Harambae is my take on the new Canadian e-juice, a blend of Grapefruit, Citrus, Blood Orange and Guava.
This one is to die for... Throw in some WS23 or Koolada if that's your thing, I prefer it the way it is without.
Since not all the flavors of my recipe are in the ATF-database, please find the correct ones here below.

(Natural) Grapefruit (Inawera) @ 2%
Blood Orange (FA) @ 1%
Guava (Inawera) @ 1.5%
So Sour so good (Inawera) @ 0.25%
Super Sweet (CAP) between 0.25% and 0.75%

Enjoy & comment please.

Another Food Pairing based Concept
Here i bound Cranberry, Grape and Grapefruit together, pairing them with a hint of Elderflower to bend the whole flavor in a floral form.

It's an usual vape, not candy, not creamy, not fruity, but it's all of that.

as you might noticed, i am creating a lot of crazy stuff lately.
I found good inspiration with food pairings and give opposite flavors a chance to play together.

here, i made a interesting recipe for you which includes tartness, fruits, limes, tea and guava
the tartness of cranberry has distinct floral note that blends well with lemon tea and bergamot.
Guava is used here not only to give a juicy mouthfeel but also adding floral notes to the cranberry.
Key Lime is added to boost the high notes, lime zest adds sharpness.

it needs to sit 3-4 days, but after that it will be a taste you might not expect.

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