(FA) Glory

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Glory is a soft and nutty tobacco by itself and I increased the nuttiness and added creaminess with the PBDX. They're topped off with the tangy nut aspect of the Pistachio to meld the three together and to give your tastebuds an exciting flavor punch on the exhale.

This is a dead simple and richly flavored ADV that changes in taste very little after a prolonged steep. It works as a SNV but benefits greatly from an overnight wait.

Image credit: Jack Dykinga, United States Department of Agriculture

This picture inspired me to play with tobaccos and I created a Smokey toasty nutty tobacco with a nice chocolate finish.

This is the craft beer of Pipe tobacco. The essence of this picture inspired me to work with earth notes and the different colors on the leaves inspired me to use FA 7Leaves and I also was inspired to used FA Glory because of it's strong nutty tobacco notes. and Native Tobacco from FLV to intensify the tobacco note. To me the fall represents a lot of fragrances and aromas that are rich and deep and earthy. In the fall we also have the harvest of pumpkins, gourds, yams, Taro and other roots. In a sense i wanted to present to you a very nice aromatic fall fragranced tobacco.
Glory and 7Leaves are my tobaccos of choice I used a small amount of FLV pumpkin bread to incorporate a tiny bit of anise and a little bit of a spice note accented the pumpkin with a little bit of Taro for its aromatic and semi dry properties. Toasted Almond is in this mix to tone down a little bit of the peanut notes in Glory and accent some of the other nuts in the tobacco. finally I added cheesecake from FA for the smooth finish and a bit of mouth feel that rounds out all the edges in the mix. This mix will surprise you. Its aromatic, Its pumpkin and its definitely a very smooth silky tobacco. Strong enough for a POd yet smooth enough for a dripper.


A creamy and mild tobacco vape with a lingering nutty caramel vanilla exhale.

Sugared nuts, creamy butterscotch ripple ice cream and a hit of dark tobacco on the exhale...Utter decadent indulgence.

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