(FA) Forest Fruit Mix

Other Names: Forrest Mix

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Fruity goodness. Just threw this together since my LA watermelon got here in the mail finally.

Added sweetener and tons of flavoring to the original Betsy. It came out amazing.

Just a nice wonderful fruit medley of flavors that make this a delight to vape. It’s sweet with nice Tarty undertone of flavor while still being juicy. Needs 1 day to steep very good off the Shake. Enjoy this vape and your Summer. The taste is a Apple rind flavor with hint of tartness and a mix of berries. Very candy like and so juicy, I can’t put it down . This mix really needs no Sweetener as it is very good without it. If you put SUper sweet in it don’t go over . 25% Feedback is always welcome


Reminds me of a legally distinct rabbit mascotted yogurt cup i had when i was a kid, its dang good.


Vibrant berry & elferflower bliss...

A deceptively simple berry mix packed with flavour.

FA Forest Fruit Mix is the undisputed champion in the mixed berry space, period, Bilberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, and a lick of blackberry blended perfectly to provide a crisp, authentic and vibrant burst of unrivaled berry goodness.

FLV Elderflower adds vibrancy & depth to the forest fruit whilst adding an alluring floral note.

FA Cream Fresh is used to provide body & meld the fruit and not as a cream layer. This simple addition smooths any harsh/astringent notes.

FA Coconut provides an intricate creaminess whilst imparting a delicate natural coconut edge. Don't fear, the coconut note is barely noticeable but essential.

Options: WS23 at 0.25% provides a delicious twist...

Good off the sake, better after 3 days.

Delicious mix of forest fruits. You can add 1% of fresh.

Nothing crazy going on here. I got the new WF and Wild Berry Gummy was one of the first that I pulled out of the bag to test. It's got a great gummy mouth feel to it, so I decided to run with it.

Wild Berry Gummy forms the gummy base along with the candy jammy wizard. Forest fruit is there to boost the berry element. The candy wiz really helps to bring the two berries together as one entity.

Super sweet because it is candy after all.

Simple, flavorful, delicious

Fresh and tasty berry lemonade, good without sweetener but if you like to add some then try 0.5% super sweet. Or your preferred sweetener.


I was going for a big bowl of strawberries with a sugar syrup.

Strawberries, Strawberry gummy candy to add a contrasting candy strawberry, and Glazed Strawberries to add a little more depth and help to the sugar syrup note. I also wanted to add a little more strawberry here. I started with HC Fresh Strawberry, but hearing that it had been discontinued, I wanted to swap it out. I still prefer HC for this recipe, I'll just have to horde what's left of my stock. INW Shisha does a good job, but really almost any strawberry I think can work here as long as it has a little punch to it. I'll probably try some other strawberries in the future, but here it is as it stands.

Forest Fruits and Golden Pineapple to add some fruit depth.

Golden Syrup and Vanilla Swirl to round out the syrup and to help in blending and mouth feel.

Used cotton candy to smooth out the fuji apple.
Sweet and tart because I like how it brings the forest fruit and jungle juice together.
Added ws-23 this morning just because I wanted a slight cool, tastes a little bit like green apple jolly rancher now.***Edit, I ended up doubling the fuji Originally and forgot to adjust the recipe. It should be good now.😑

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 2.0% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 30 / 100

A delicious blend of mixed berries. Slightly sweet, refreshing, yummy. Hard to pick out individual berries, but if I had to try, I'd say blackcurrant, blackberry, blueberry, maybe a hint of raspberry. I don't notice any medicinal or off flavors with it. It's not very tart, like you might expect from a mixed berry blend. You can really go a lot of different directions with this one. I have been wanting to do a fruit tart and I think this flavoring would play a very important role in that.

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