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(FA) Florida Key Lime

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 487 recipes at an average of 1.608%.


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Lemon meringue pie with a floral twist. This one is tasty and simple.

Deep Fried mixed nuts coated in cinnamon sugar and topped with a squeeze of lime to perk them up. The scorched caramel brings out the cooked over an open fire note from the sugar layer.

Incredibly authentic Floridian pie filling.

• [NF] Malt & [FA] Milk: condensed milk.
• [FA] Custard Premium: egg yolk
• [FLV] Cream: stir
• [FA] Florida Key Lime, [INW] Shisha Lime, [VT] Shisha Lime: marijuana, mescaline, and meth.

Blue raspberry candy with cherry blossom that was made for and inspired by the love of my life. I love her so much and this is just one of the many recipes I want to make for her. Alright, now on to the recipe and it's breakdown.

  1. LB Blue Raspberry @ 6%
  2. TFA Cherry Blossom @ 2%
  3. FA Florida Key Lime @ .25% - Not in here for taste, but just to make the LB Blue Raspberry pop more in the recipe.
  4. TFA Gummy Candy (pg) @ 1 % - Candy base for the rest of the recipe
  5. CAP Super Sweet @ .5% - Come on y'all, it wouldn't be a candy without some sugar, am I right?

In progress.

This is my first recipe worthy of being shared with the community =P I take so much inspiration from the great minds here and am incredibly grateful I discovered this place/hobby.

As soon as I tried VT LMT I knew it would serve as a major contribution to something wonderful someday. Part of me also wanted to find some kind of use for FA Custard Pi after going through the trouble to get it and not seeing it used in many recipes. Without spending too much time or energy on it, over a few months, I acquired various flavors for various recipes and it was now time to get down to brass tax.

FE Lemon with a touch of FA Florida Lime along with FA Custard Pi make up what can be considered the lemon curd of this recipe. FE Lemon is a tactful bakery lemon with that staying power many lack, the Florida Lime just makes it pop a tad more, I'm sure one could sub FA Lime Distilled or TFA Key Lime and get near-similar results. I just happen to prefer the way this tastes and I think youll agree.

The Custard Pi contributes to the lemon layer as well as the custard portion, with great help from FA Custard Premium. Hands down my favorite custard it is just so buttery and fits in here seamlessly with its Pi cohort.

FA Cookie and FA Apple Pie combine to emulate a rather decent tart layer, and I'm sure they both benefit from the premium buttery goodness and various cream subtleties throughout their fellow flavors.

FA Meringue for the meringue, FA Cream Whipped to prop it up with some major texture, INW Creme Brulee to add some layer separation, and VT Lemon Meringue Tart brings it all together with notes/hints of everything.

Ever since tasting LB Cherry Blossom Tea, I've been wanting to make it work. I hate it on it's own but there's something interesting about it. I've tried adding biscuits and creams before with meh results and went with addition fruits and cream this time. For some reason I don't mind as much when I MTL vape shitty juice so I went for a MTL version first. I think it came out fantastic. I added 1 drop of SS for the 15ml bottle I made.

It's pretty good off the shake, but after sitting over the weekend, I think it's really good.

One of my favorite commercial juices is Stormy by Hometown Heroes. , a lime and cucumber soda. It was the inspiration for this recipe.

The base is RF Soda Base, sweetened and cooled with Rick's Sugar Daddy and WS-23.
The cucumber is not a dominate flavor, and it could be bumped up a little if desired.
The INW Cactus-Lime and FA Florida Key Lime are the main note, but it is not harsh, and can be vaped right away.

I mixed this at 50/50 to vape in my Digiflavor Siren 2 at high ohm 1.0 SS316, and it was exactly what I was looking for, although it is nothing like Stormy.


I think this is a pretty straight forward profile. The Aurora and Fizzy Sherbet base give you that limeade start. Once I added the strawberry trinity I realized it would over power that lime so I added the Florida Key Lime and Tahity cold pressed to even it out. I get this earthy spice from the Tahity that I love, but I also felt the sweeter florida key lime would help minimize it in the mix. Overall I'm really enjoying this mix after a full day steep. On SNV its super floral and you can't really taste the strawberry. On day 2 the strawberry really pops. I think FA Kiwi could work really well in here so there may be a V2 coming.


Delicious, creamy spoonfuls of Key Lime Yogurt, White Chocolate chunks, and Graham cracker.. FW Yogurt, CAP Creamy Yogurt and FA Madagascar Vanilla provide the backbone for a perfect yogurt base here. Give the mix two weeks to fully steep.


This is a very mild and gentle touch on an awesome juice by Element E-Liquids, also called Key Lime Cookie. It sparked me to make my own KLC and this was born. I took my general approach of a more simple version and I think it turned out okay.

I have used varying percentages of the cookie base and the lime to find a nice match and this was the best. Turning the cookie down made the lime too strong, and vice versa, but using less of either just didn't taste as good.

Our cookie base is a simple one, and I tend to use it for "plug and play" with apples, strawberries, and the like. 6% Cap Sugar Cookie is the main note here, turned up a little higher than normal to stand up to the very potent key lime elements to this mix. 1% FW Hazelnut adds a more grainy texture to the sugar cookie and a little more 'chew'. I reckon this could be accomplished with AP at around 0.25% but who doesn't like Hazelnut?

Our lime note is simple and strong. I have toyed with CAP Lemon Lime, FA Lime Tahity, and some others but I felt none of them quite fit the cookie base as well as FA Florida Key Lime. As a side note this flavor is bomb diggity and a must have if you're a citrus lover like myself. It stands out in a mix, especially at the 3% we utilize here. Nice, bright, and green in a good way.

Our final addition is FA Meringue at 1.5%. This is one of my all time favorites, and as I release more recipes you will see it pop up in almost any bakery, dessert type flavor that I mix. It adds a sweet baked note to the whole recipe and serves as our frosting/glaze element as well as an impromptu sweetener. To me it adds a faint note of crispiness to the frosting area of the cookie too, much like a day old corner brownie, again in a great way.

Skip the sweetener unless you have to have it, this is sugar laden and rich all on its own. I generally mix this at 80/20 but 70/30 seems to bring the bite of citrus out a bit more, so adjust to your liking here. I would suggest not dropping below 65% VG or the citrus of the lime combined with high PG will really bump up the throat hit.

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