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(FA) Fig Fresh

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Week 9 - The Year of Mixing Challenge on Flavor-Pro's FB Group

This tribute recipe is for no other than Addy Tuney. A nice soft dessert tobacco, with warm leather and woody undertones, nestled under layers of graham cracker and toasted marshmallow, with a smooth layer of creamy hazelnut made even more creamy by the Milky Undertones, with a soft spiced fig note floating near the top.

This recipe doesn't need much more in the way of sweetener, but if you're adding any I'd stick to the 0.25% to 0.75% amount just to accent the sweetness of this recipe.

These profiles seem to get harder every week. The wild card here is the rose. I'm having flashbacks to the second round of the beginner blending competition LOL

Mixed this up for Flavor pro's year of mixing weekly challenge.
When looking at this picture I immediately thought of a fruity wine type vape.

Sparkling wine and Champagne type combine to make the wine base and also add a grape wine to the fruit beverage. Fresh fig is added for some depth and darkness. The white grape is add a bright white grape note and to bring in the pear for some wetness. The pear is to add a juicy element. The plum add a nice bright purple to the fruit blend. The rose tops it off with some sweet floral notes.


The Custard used was, in fact, FA Custard Premium, not in ATF flavor list at the moment


This is my recipe for the DIY Mixers Crew challange

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A Fig and Hony Christmas Tart! Made for #The Christmas Mix. Enjoy. Please join us in benefiting St. Judes


A delicious combination of butter cake, fresh fig, and pistachio. Made for #TheChristmasMix. More notes to come.

To help the children at St. Jude please donate. Instructions below:



A delicious cake, with the spices from Nonna's Cake and the accent of Fig Fresh


You know it it's good when straight after the shake you smile and say to yourself, "I think I have my new all day vape". FIGJAM !! This recipe on the surface may seem like a simple recipe yet to get the balance right and achieve a gorgeous jammy feel was a bit more difficult to master. First I began with the "Fig Stone - The FLV Fig gives the center of the fig experience while the FA Fresh Fig offers more of the notes from the skin of the fruit while the TFA Acai balances the two and begins to help begin the jam feel to this vape. A few drops of FA liquid amber and FA Blackcurrant help complete the jam feel of this recipe while a few drops of INW Shisha Vanilla help smooth this whole recipe right through the middle. The brown sugar completes this recipe bringing the home made style of deep sweetness that this recipe deserves. This recipe offers you a beautiful authentic FIGJAM experience. While it is complex with textures it is also silky and offers a moorish and well rounded flavor experience. Turn on some deep chiil music, grab a lovely bottle of fine Merlot and bring it all together and you will have a symphonic experience worth savoring! Enjoy!
PS> There are no subs in this recipe.
Recommended Music to vape this to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdRd3DuBupk

FA Custard is FA Custard Premium (which is STILL not listed)

A deep, rich fig custard as part of the DMC December Fig Challenge.

I set out to create a brulee to pay homage to a very underrated fruit = the humble Fig.

FA Fresh fig is (undoubtedly) the best FRESH fig flavor around - a freshly picked, ripe, fresh fig. This, slightly sweet, figgy goodness is given a little boost with the help of Liquid Amber. This just accents the fig and elevates its natural deliciousness to make you want more...

INW Sesame adds that little something something which makes this truly special. The Sesame is lightly sweet and brings a earthy and nutty element to the mix which perfectly compliments the fig. Sesame is a departure form the traditional nut variants - a bit more sophisticated and refined nut accent.

**FA Custard is FA Custard Premium
INW Creme Brulee and FA Custard Premium is the foundation here and combines beautifully to create a thick, dense custard finished with a decadent layer of caramized sugar. I have chosen FA Custard Premium as the new "cap killer" contender, and rightfully so! This stuff is amazing and I'm afraid I do not have enough descriptive words other than that it is a f
&ing awesome custard!!!

Give this at least a week to steep, 2 weeks better...



This is my take on a fig newton. Its not 100% accurate but really tasty if you like fig and buttery cookies. I haven't been able to nail down that really dense texture but this is pretty close.

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