(FA) Dark Bean (coffee Espresso)

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This has been my go to coffee vape for a minute now. dark bean brings the rich black coffee notes I want (fight me), up and relax smooth it over, and french vanilla + bavarian cream add a nice milky top note, dash of super sweet cause apparently I like sugar in my vape coffee when I drink it black, go figure.

My father and I went to a store down in Gatlinburg, TN called "Cherries" which sold all kinds of cherry flavored products and Cherry fragrances. While there we tried some cherry coffee and it was delightful. So here is my take on it in vape form.


Dark Bean for the Coffee

Inawera Cherries and Marzipan for the Creamy Cherry Flavor ( I added 0.25% Black Cherry (FA) to this to boost the cherry a little. However, it is not listed on ATF so it is not shown in the recipe )

Vanilla Custard 2, Cream Fresh, and Vienna Cream for the Half and Half to add to the super coffee.

Meringue to bring some sweetness to the mix.

Think I nailed this one now. It tastes very creamy and balanced well. Please comment and let me know your thoughts! Thank you!


CV :)

PLEASE NOTE: AS STATED IN MY DESCRIPTION I added 0.25% Black Cherry (FA) to this as a Cherry boost. However, it is not listed on ATF so it is not shown in the recipe.


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The idea for my recipe came to me when I drank a coffee one afternoon and ate a pudding.
I found this flavor combination very interesting and have also remembered that I once ate a pudding that had a hint of coffee intus.

For the coffee I went with Dark Bean (FA) because it is my favorite coffee, it is present in low doses but does not dominate.
From HICˋs notes and from some other recipes I knew that Dark Bean (Fa) harmonizes very well with Rum Jamaican Special (Fa) it makes the coffee sweeter.

For the Custard I took Vanilla Custard 2 (TPA) because it goes best with the coffee.
I also tried all the other custards I have (Cap, InW, FLV) but none were as on spot as the one from TPA, to support the Vanilla Custard I added a small amount of Mascarpone Cream Cheese (WF) to make it a little creamier.

I could have used Cream Fresh (FA), but I wanted to play around with the mascarpone, which was not wrong.

And last but not least I added a little Sweetness (FLV) to make it a little sweeter.

Have fun testing, I hope it tastes you as good as it tastes me.

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Um charuto, com toques de café e chocolate, com final de pistachio bem leve e a doçura da baunilha!

A strong fresh coffee. Delicious, started with 1% on the dark bean and it seemed nearly overpowering. .5% seemed right for coffee. Tastes alot like Seattle by Brwd. This is my first recipe from scratch, but let me know what you really think.

if you like some coffee with your cream well this is it.
Using FW as a main butterscotch note because it’s a heavy, creamy butterscotch. The addition of FLV smoked butterscotch adds the toasted smoked notes. TFA Irish cream is an old trick of mine used in small amounts to boost and deepen the butterscotch notes. I used FA Capuchino for the main sweet slightly creamy coffee notes and boosted it with a little Dark bean in order to push the coffee through the dense butterscotch notes.
I felt it needs some additional undescriptive cream notes without too much of a heavy vanilla and without adding additional heavy cream notes, so I combined cream fresh and Vanilla Ice cream from FA since both those creams are light and milky. TFa toasted marshmallow is in the mix as the sweetener and to add another layer of toasted notes.

After i tasted a turkish coffee candy i thought this is almost like one. Filled hard coffee candy.

Sweet bold coffee with a cool peppermint cream.

Peppermint at this level adds a light iced or cool effect but isn't minty or menthol at all.


Not just another Caramel Macchiato..................................
This one benefits from a good steep, good after 2 weeks, awesome after a month or longer.........

FA Dark Bean combined with FLV Cookie Dough becomes a coffee flavor with dark and deep Espresso notes
and most important without the burnt ash notes that usually come with FA Dark Bean Espresso.
FW Butterscotch Ripple & TPA Caramel Oringinal my fav caramel combo.
FA Cream Fresh brings some creamyness to the party.
FLV Milk & Honey blends it all together.
Super sweet to taste...... but I like my Macchiato sweet...........

Give it a try and enjoy............

Caramel Macchiato........ The secret to the rich flavour is the quality of the beans[Dark Bean (coffee Espresso) we use and the way we roast [Butter Cream & Nut Mix ]them

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