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AKA Fat Cat
This is my remix of Tart 76'. The only thing I wanted was a darker berry note so I added 0.5% of Black Current and increased the boysenberry to 1.0%.

I based the idea for this after trying the recipe by Fomentlife Apple Bourbon Bread Pudding which is absolutely delicious. I just wanted a traditional bread pudding with raisins and a butter rum glaze drizzled over the top.
For the base of the bread pudding I have to say thank you to Formet
life for the idea to use FE French Toast (Xpress Flavour @ Chefs)it was genius idea, it is almost good enough to vape on its own but makes for a great bread base in this recipe. The addition of FLV Egg Nog also fits perfectly, the egg based cream and spices including cinnamon and nutmeg fit right into a bread pudding recipe. My choice of additions are FA Custard Premium to add more of a creamy texture. VTA Pudding base to add a bit more of a simple bread note. The FLV Raisin Rum is optional but to me it isn't a bread pudding without raisins and the rum aids in the butter rum glaze. The FA Zeppola is to add a bit of a cooked almost crispy edge to the bread pudding.
And now for the coup de gras or finishing touch the Butter Rum glaze covering the top. LA Butter Rum is really amazing though it does require a few days to allow the alcohol note to evaporate. And when you add the butter rum to the LA Cream Cheese Icing and a touch of sweetener, oh my it's just heavenly. Again this will require at least 14 days min to allow for the Raisin Rum and Butter Rum to lose some of the alcohol notes. And the other flavors to blend as well. Though it is well worth the wait.

Flavor notes to come. I am referring to those delicious mints that are usually yellow, individually wrapped, and served to you after dinner, usually with your check, by restaurants. I tried to capture the powdery mint and buttery goodness that melts in your mouth as you make your way to your car in the parking lot. I hope you enjoy this. Comments welcome.


Here’s my Idiot proof butterscotch custard. When it comes to sweetener you can add whatever your personal preference is. I added 0.4% cap super sweet and for me,it was absolutely banging! Hope you enjoy this one, for how simple it is it definitely deliver’s on the flavour! 💯 please leave a short review on my work for others to see. Take care 💙

well, this is what happens when one gets burnt out and just want to make something that I likes. #badattitudemixing if you don't like it that's cool and I made this for me and my tastes for today.

Just a creamy somewhat crunchy strawberry cheese cake / ice-cream / what ever. I like it off the shake but would benefit with a few days unmolested... HAHAHAHA, my 12 year old sense of humor just kicked in... but yeah a steep would help it all come together.

Enjoy it if you mix it up


A Thick Creamy Vanilla Explosion in Your Mouth! Can be used as a base too!!!


In this mixing session of You Vote, We Mix, Blueberry Cobbler won the vote. We tried a few different versions, but this one was the best. The blueberry in FLV Blueberry Muffin with FLV Boysenberry makes for a pretty accurate natural type blueberry while adding a bit of a bakery note from the muffin. But most of the bakery comes from the buttery bakery in WF Crumble Topping and the JF Yellow cake. The WF Lemon Squares might seem a bit out of place here, but any time you are creating a blueberry recipe, it's a good idea to use some kind of lemon to boost the brightness of the blueberries. We used the WF Lemon Squares at a low percentage just for the lemon note because of the smoothness of that lemon. The FA Custard Premium was what took this from a good mix to a great mix. It adds a thickness, smoothness, and helps tone down the lemon just a bit.

Make sure you let this steep for a few days. The lemon note will subside and the blueberry will increase from the FLV Blueberry Muffin.
See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/esUQEy_b-q4 .

Steep time: 5 days

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Custard Premium and Pudding Base do the heavy lifting here, with Holy Vanilla, Maple Syrup and Honeycomb adding a sweet vanilla depth and then topped off with the Devon Cream to bolster the cream element and give a nice hint of chocolate.

Please try and let me know what you think!


Happy July 4th

If you mix this, please let this steep for a minimum of 5 DAYS, 10 DAYS is the best. The RF Yumberry has to steep this long or you will get a slight floral note

Ok gang, I am finally done with this profile and I feel like this is the best I can do with this mix.

Psycho started out as an attempt to "clone" POA. A few years back, I release a first version called Rudolph On Acid. It was pretty decent, but seemed to be too light in flavor and so my journey continued. Then about a year later I released Psycho "V1". To me it was a pretty good mix that seemed to capture the essence of POA. But, as soon as I released that recipe, one of the main flavorings was discontinued. I was again back at square one.

Many months passed and I had a lot of time to think about this recipe. I wanted to utilize the POA aspect of the original eliquid, but I wanted to put my on spin on it and try to make the profile a bit more interesting and new. So I focused on getting that POA Strawberry/Raspberry/Pineapple note as close as I could to the original. I achieved that by using a combination of WF Strawberry Gummy Candy for the bright syrupy strawberry and the INW Shisha Strawberry for a bit more natural strawberry, CAP Golden Pineapple, and RF Yumberry(which to me tastes like a generic berry). Once that was completed, I wanted to focus on the cream.

The original POA has a fairly light but fresh/bright cream. I wanted to keep the fresh/bright aspect but with a "deeper" creaminess. That's where the FA Custard Premium comes into play. Combined with the TPA Meringue, it creates a super thick, fresh cream/milk that is incredibly satisfying.

I could have left the recipe just like it was and it would have been fine. But as I stated earlier, I wanted to make it more interesting and something new rather than sticking to just the original profile. I wanted the freshness and brightness to remain, so by adding CAP Sugar Cookie, it gave it a slight texture while adding a unique "light cereal" vibe, which was not expected, but man oh man was it the perfect pairing.

I added a generous amount of CAP Super Sweet to really "POP" the fruits, but you can lower the percentage to your preference.

To me, this is the best combination of Strawberry, Cream, and Cookie, I have ever created.

As a side note, I sent this recipe to several people to test. One such person that received the beta version was the man himself...GrimmGreen. A huge thank you to Mowgli for sending this to him ;) . I was hoping he would try it being that he is such a fan of Pony On Acid, and he did. You can see his reaction on his podcast at https://youtu.be/44d8bRNDftU?t=6803 .

Steep Time: 10 Days

I hope you will mix, comment, and or rate, it make us all better mixers. :)

If you are having a hard time finding FA Custard Premium, ChefsFlavours.co.uk sells it. They also have rebranded it and sell it at a cheaper price ( https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/products/custard-prem-flavour-creative-1?_pos=1&_sid=0d893f9c2&_ss=r ), and they have reasonable shipping costs to the USA.
The other flavoring you may have a hard time finding is RF Yumberry. You can pick it up at https://www.diy-ejuice.com/Yumberry-Extract-by-Real-Flavors-p/real-yumberryext.htm .

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Crafted Diner

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Went through many renditions, but I'm finally happy enough to release this.

Devon Cream + Custard Premium bring this really rich, buttery, smooth vanilla cream notes, and tossing in VSO Cornmeal takes it to another level, essentially making it taste like cornbread. If you didn't know, that's exactly why cornbread tastes the way it does lol cornmeal. And VSOs offering is a spot-on option to do that without too much bready notes and not enough corn.

I fell in love with this red date and smoked plum combo it gives me this really nice semi-cooked fruit. Smoked plum is a lil too bright and red dates is syrupy and cooked down so the bridge of them together gives me what i was looking for.

Fa black fire brings in some of the actual smokey vibes that inw plum is lacking, and toasted marshmallow bends it back into the dessert without things getting to dry. If you're not a fan of black fire, you can omit it or adjust to your tastes. I enjoyed it at both .2 and .25.

FW Sucralose here, dont need that cap citric sweet in this. Helps keeps things sweet and moist and full.

Give this a solid 2 week steep. Or longer if you believe in that, for this to be at its fullest. Still well balanced off the shake.

Much Love Homies

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