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(FA) Custard Pi 3.14

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 72 recipes at an average of 1.583%.


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In progress.

This is my first recipe worthy of being shared with the community =P I take so much inspiration from the great minds here and am incredibly grateful I discovered this place/hobby.

As soon as I tried VT LMT I knew it would serve as a major contribution to something wonderful someday. Part of me also wanted to find some kind of use for FA Custard Pi after going through the trouble to get it and not seeing it used in many recipes. Without spending too much time or energy on it, over a few months, I acquired various flavors for various recipes and it was now time to get down to brass tax.

FE Lemon with a touch of FA Florida Lime along with FA Custard Pi make up what can be considered the lemon curd of this recipe. FE Lemon is a tactful bakery lemon with that staying power many lack, the Florida Lime just makes it pop a tad more, I'm sure one could sub FA Lime Distilled or TFA Key Lime and get near-similar results. I just happen to prefer the way this tastes and I think youll agree.

The Custard Pi contributes to the lemon layer as well as the custard portion, with great help from FA Custard Premium. Hands down my favorite custard it is just so buttery and fits in here seamlessly with its Pi cohort.

FA Cookie and FA Apple Pie combine to emulate a rather decent tart layer, and I'm sure they both benefit from the premium buttery goodness and various cream subtleties throughout their fellow flavors.

FA Meringue for the meringue, FA Cream Whipped to prop it up with some major texture, INW Creme Brulee to add some layer separation, and VT Lemon Meringue Tart brings it all together with notes/hints of everything.

Lemon pie clone. Adapted from the Dinner Lady Tart remix by dacolez. His recipe is awesome, most prefer it over the original ! This one is an attempt to get closer to the clone. Chances are they didn't use as many flavors as dacole did in his recipe.

Shake and vape. Used apple pie for crust flavor and cap lemon pie for bakery flavor.


An excerpt from Hemingway's short story, The Mercenaries (the spelling oddities are how it was published; I fought my inner-grammarian to leave them as is):

“We’ll rally round the doughnut. The Peruvian doughnut,” mused Graves, disembowelling another cigarette. “Follow the doughnut, my boys, my brave boys. Vive la doughnut. Up with the Peruvian doughnut and down with the chili concarne. A dirty rotten lot those Chillies!”

“What is the doughnut, mon cher Graves?” asked Ricaud, puzzled.

“Make the world safe for the doughnut, the grand old Peruvian doughnut. Don’t give up the doughnut. Remember the doughnut. Peru expects every doughnut to do his duty,” Graves was chanting in a monotone. “Wrap me in the doughnut, my brave boys. No, it doesn’t sound right. It ain’t got something a slogum ought to have. But those Chillies are a rotten lot!”

Reading Hemingway got me to thinking about Key West and doughnuts . . . thus the Key lime doughnut.

The Key Lime Pie/topping components: FA Florida Key Lime, Lime Tahity Cold Pressed, Custard Pi 3.14, OOO Vanilla Custard Cheescake, TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust, and FLV Sweet Coconut.

The doughnut base: WF Glazed Donut SC and Deep Fried Pastry Dough SC.

Mixed 60vg/40 pg and it was good off the shake. 3 days later, and I'm still enjoying it immensely. Will revisit and rework if/when the lime starts to fade. Enjoy!

Not FA Custard Pi it is FA custard premium.

Simple 4 concentrate deliscious rich, dark, creamy, smokey, sweet, vanilla/caramel/toffee custard that reminds me of the fall. Great after 3 day I'm guessing it will get only better with a steep.


Another F@#king lemon tart recipe... I've done 50+ revisions of lemon tart remixs over the last year or so. This is by far the one that knocks it out of the park. It's not a clone of dinner lady's version by any means, it's so much better. I've been a long term believer that Tfa's lemonade cookie is a key component to cloning the original. But this recipe focus' on how to make the lemon stay nice and vivid through the steep as the custards gain their strength, which it does. If you have these ingredients then mix this one up. You won't regret it, cause can't stop vaping it!

Melon Cream. It's good off the shake too!
Bavarian Cream/Vienna Cream
Vienna Cream gives that light cream with a subtle vanilla, Bavarian Cream thickens it up and provides that thick dairy mouth-feel

Custard Pi 3.14
This is used to thicken everything up nicely, it also adds to the vanilla slightly, and eats any of the harshness that the Lemon provides.

Lemon Sicily
Tartness. It prevents the combination of creams from getting too heavy and thick through tartness

Wild Melon/Watermelon
This provides the main flavour note, underpinned by Double Apple.

Imagine if a cheesecake was less cakey, and made of custard, not mascarpone. So basically not a cheesecake at all. Slop some custard on some graham crackers and you've got the gist.

Bav Cream/Custard Pi/ Vanilla Custard
The aim here is to create a really dense custard base with a slightly eggy nature that all good custards have. The Bav Cream provides that slight eggy nature that I'm looking for, with both custards forming the foundation.

Biscuit/Graham Cracker Clear
This provides a base, a firm foundation and I find that Graham Cracker works nicely with Biscuit to do just this. It may become a little peppery/ginger-y. the steep will tell and percentages will be updated accordingly.

These provide your top-note, the Almond to provide a nutty feel, and the vanilla as a true top-note.

Definitely not a Shake and Vape.


Rationale behind the marriage of rosemary, vanilla, and lemon: From time to time, my wife will simmer a pot of vanilla extract, slices of lemons, and sprigs of rosemary with water to scent the house. It is a delicious smelling aroma . . . and apparently, one of the scents that Williams-Sonoma uses to scent their stores (hence the name). I've always been enthralled by the scent and thought it might make for an interesting vape. Recently, she bought a cool mist aromatherapy diffuser and got amber vanilla, lemon, and rosemary scents to use in it. I found myself drawn to it. The amber vanilla added an almost bakery type aroma to the mixture, and I decided to get some rosemary concentrate to try my hand at this flavor. I got into DIY to scratch the itch for flavors that I could not readily buy . . . and this is something I've been wanting to try for quite some time.

I wanted vanilla to be dominant with lemon and rosemary falling in line behind it. This was not originally intended to be a custard, but I felt lacking the body of a custard really affected this and made it fall flat rather quickly. I knew I wanted it to have that same full-bodied flavor that I was getting from the aroma, so it needed that thick mouth-feel that only a custard can provide. This also helped add to the richness that I was getting from the aroma my wife concocts . . . when she boils water, lemons, rosemary, and vanilla, the scents come together to equal something much greater than the sum of their parts (I suspect it is due to the ingredients slowly cooking in the simmering pot).

The Vanilla: I originally went with DIYFS Holy Vanilla and INW Shisha Vanilla weighted evenly at 1.5%. I was in search of a creamy vanilla that could hold its own against the acidic bite of the lemon and the herb notes of the rosemary. After testing my first iteration of this over the course of a few weeks, I decided that I wanted the vanilla notes to be bumped to the front a bit more, so I increased the Holy Vanilla to 2%, leaving Shisha Vanilla at 1.5%. I really love these two vanillas working together!

The Lemon: Getting this where I wanted it to be was the most challenging aspect of tackling this recipe. FA Lemon Sicily and CAP Juicy Lemon were my first choices for the lemon (because they were the only lemon flavors I already had). I didn't want this to be too lemon forward, so I tried to keep it light and bright. I started out with each at 1%. It started off well, but I soon found that the lemon began to overpower the mix and become the dominant note in the liquid. It almost started tasting like a flat lemon soda the longer I vaped on it. I decided I needed to broaden my horizons, as far as lemon was concerned. Dazcole’s Lemon Tart remix was a revelation and so masterfully done that it propelled me towards purchasing FW Lemon Meringue Pie (as well as FA Custard Pi 3.14, which I’ll get to later). To try to tame the lemon I dropped the CAP Juicy Lemon completely. I added the Lemon Meringue Pie at 1% and dropped Lemon Sicily to 0.5%. This seemed to hit the right notes for me. It was adding just enough lemon to be noticed, but it didn’t take a front seat to the other flavors the way it had before.

The Rosemary: INW Shisha Rosemary was the only choice that I found for this recipe and, at the percentage it’s used, is not too strong in comparison to the other aromas. I did find it to begin laying lower in the flavor the longer it steeped in the original recipe, so I ramped it up over the course of a couple different iterations from 1% to 1.4% where it seemed to hit the sweet spot for me. I truly enjoy this flavoring . . . the challenge for me is going to be trying to fit this into other flavor combinations in a natural way..

The Custard: In the original recipe, FA Meringue and INW Custard were used to add a little bit of that bakery note I was getting from the amber vanilla scent my wife was using in the diffuser and for mouthfeel. I started out with INW Custard at 1% and Meringue at 0.5%. As this evolved into a more straight-forward custard (as opposed to simply trying to mimic the potpourri my wife makes), I opted to drop the Custard in favor of INW Crème Brulee at the same 1%. I felt this would give it that rich depth I was getting from the inspiring scent. It needed that deeper note of the caramelized sugar crust. I kept Meringue at 0.5% and added FA Custard Pi at 1.5%. This served two purposes in my mind. It helped propel this towards a custardy dessert, and it bolstered the lemon aspect without being too acidic. I felt like the vanillas I was using worked well on their own, and the lemon notes I get from Custard Pi helped out the Lemon Sicily and Lemon Meringue Pie in a very positive way (as dazcole’s brilliant recipe highlights).

TPA Sweetener was used just to round everything off with a last slight touch of sweetness. I started out at 0.5% and moved it around the recipe a couple of times before finally landing at 0.35%, which added a noticeable sweetness without being too cloying, in my opinion.

Flavors beyond the pale were my goal getting into DIY (spurred into fruition by ID10-T’s remarkable Longing recipe). This is exactly what I was looking for in this flavor. I mixed it up, shook the crap out of it, and gave it a try. For me, it is very approachable as a shake and vape. However, after a 7-day steep this really blossoms into a full-bodied custard. I’ve vaped several different iterations of this over the last 2 months and feel like it is finally finished. I’m taking ID10-T’s sage advice and dropping the lemon from the title to make this represent what it has become: a rosemary-spiced vanilla custard . . . the lemon acts solely as an additive to brighten up this mix. If you mix it, I hope you thoroughly enjoy it! This will not suit the tastes of everyone, but it was something I needed to get out of my system.

A Ginger Lemon Cream Biscuit/Cookie (Depending which side of the pond you're on). So basically, 2 ginger biscuits sandwiched together with some lemon cream.

TFA Gingerbread Cookie / CAP Sugar Cookie / FA Caramel - this makes up the biscuit part of it. The ginger cookie can be quite prominent at first so you can vape it straight away if you don't mind it, but it does settle down after a 2-3 day steep. It's also quite an "in your face" flavour if you're not accustomed to it, but you soon get used to it. Sugar Cookie is the Don when it comes to cookies so I've filled it out with that and the FA Caramel just help caramelize the sugar in it and give it a slightly richer taste.

FA Custard Pi / FA Lemon Sicily / CAP Vanilla Custard / Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream - These all make up the filling. Custard Pi is a Lemon Custard so seemed fitting and I find it works pretty well, Lemon Sicily is the main lemon note, I contacted the King of Lemons (Darren Cole) for advice and he suggested a few worth trying as I only really had FA Sicily but after a few test batches with INW Lemon Mix and JF Juicy Lemon I decided to stick with it, I thought I wanted something sharper and they were, but it didn't work so I upped the Sicily. The Vanilla Custard and Whipped Cream give it some fluffy volume. If you don't have custard Pi, you can swap for FA Custard.

Anyway, give it a shot and please rate/review if you do mix it.

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