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I always mix and steep my recipes before making them public. Requires about 1 week to mature. The River Supply Vanill milkshake has a thick sort of malty aspect. I will miss this flavor now that river supply is done for the residential side of their business. The Fa custard that low slightly thickens the shake and I have noticed it brightens peaches. FA Apricot is key for my tastes in a good peach mix. Gives it some body and deepness. Takes peaches from Yoplait yogurt peach like to a more reddened ripe peach. Fw Vanilla Bean Ice Cream at 2 and some flavorah cream at .25 will work in this mix should you not have RS van Milkshake.

With this mix I decided to instead of doing a blueberry custard, a dragon fruit blueberry custard! I do have to admit though it is a really sweet custardy mix though i think lowering the blueberry down to three and the dragon fruit down to two and a half and let it age, MWA! delicious...
Let me know your thoughts!

Nice raspberry lemon tart with berries flavor and a nice fluffy . creaminess The apple, lemon and custard really make up the tart. I add .33 of Supersweet to mine. Very good smooth ADV perfect for anytime of year.

A nice creamy raspberry forward vape. I only made 5 ml of this trying to get a feel on the torrone. I didn't expect it to work out so well, but it did.


This recipe was created when I was playing around with (WF) Flapper Pie and I've been enjoying this flavor. To me flapper pie is a sweet creamy more of a whipped cream meringue-like flavor with a light vanilla and a hint of a crust which I use (INW) biscuit to help it out. I tried this with many other lemon flavor and it seems (FE) Lemon to be the perfect match for this recipe, its bright not candied but also not very natural in any way.
(FA) Custard is use to round up all the flavor and the reason I choose it over other custard because of the lemon flavor, it would definitely go well with the profile I'm aiming for.
You may get rid of the (CAP) super sweet if you like but I find it brightens the lemon and brings it out even more and I like my dessert to be sweet but use it however you like to.

This recipe had made its way into my daily rotation and I'd love to share it with you all. I love it so much and I hope you guys enjoy it like I do.

This is a fantastic lemon meringue. It's not Dinner Lady. I prefer this mix. Sitting here vaping them side by side and enjoying this more. That says a lot as DL was one of my favorite liquids when I vaped commercial liquid.

This doesn't give the pledge effect.


This recipe was Featured on Wayne's mid week critique and given a 4.5 from Wayne. It is a recipe that I'm proud of and took much work and thought.

Update: Wayne rated this recipe #1 over all for 2020. I'm humbled by this.

Please don't hesitate to leave some feedback if you mix this up.

If you are having a hard time finding LA butter rum, Flavor Jungle carries it.

The LA Butter Rum is a must in the recipe and the combo of custards needs to remain in tack as well. Even after Wayne reviewed it, I continued to mess around with different flavorings and different percentages but I keep coming back to the OG recipe.

Try it out and leave me some feedback.


Soft cheesecake on top of a crispy graham crust with hints of strawberry and lemon
Sweetener not necessary but recommended to make it more desert authentic.

I creamy lemon tart with a slight note of banana. This turned out better than I expected. Super impressed with FE Lemon in bakery mixes. Let me know what you think!

This mix is a rich vanilla custard covered in a thick sweet caramel sauce.

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