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(FA) CustApple

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 22 recipes at an average of 1.823%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

The Queen. An apple strudel recipe. Baked apples raisin and cream in a croissant. Steep days 7

Apple Pie; Macdonald style.
The gooey filling really shines.
FA Fuji is like a very hard apple flavour to me, and I wanted a soft pie filling so it is used as a booster rather than a main note here. Which it does beautifully.
FA Pear is used to add a bit more softness and sweetness to the filling.
FA Apple Pie gives both a touch of Apple as well as the base for the crust.
FA Zeppola is the essential component that gives the crust that 'fried' note.
FA CustApple is again giving more soft, baked Apple notes and helps to bring all the components together.
FA Caramel is used for the sweetness it lends to both filling and crust.
CAP Cinnamon Danish is also on double duty. The pastry notes aid the crust, and that soft cinnamon permeates the filling without overpowering it.

So there you have it! A nearly FA exclusive recipe, CAP CDS is such a great flavour though, there was no way I could leave it out of this one!
I found it enjoyable after a day steep, but as usual it benefits from a few days to really settle in.
Can add a little sweetener if that's your thing; I like it with and without it, pretty sweet on its own. Enjoy!

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