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I wanted to keep it Lemonade, but adding a different layer with FA Florida Key Lime.

And it’s summer so FA Kiwi and Cucumber jumped in the pool.


Trying to make a good Cucumber ejuice. All comments + and - welcome!! Thanks

This is something I threw together for my wife and I think it turned out pretty good. Not much to say other than give her a hot bath, shake and enjoy!
All credit to Massive Attack for the album cover

If you've ever had one of the Japanese candies, Mango Hi Chew, this is a very, very close replica of those candies. Sweet, slightly floral, juicy mango with hints of green notes and a touch of a melon note and the peach that rounds out and softens the mangos. Great shake and vape, steeps out into it's final state at about a week. Definite a good one to mix a big batch and vape as it steeps out.


This is a simple, stupid cucumber mix intended to meet or beat the cucumber mix used by the epidemiological pod device that shall not be named.

It's pretty good.

Cap cucumber gives it the mushy middle, FA adds in a bit more peel (Which of these are more attractive to the yoots of 'Merka is unknown at the time of this writing.)

Oddly, Since you'll see cucumber used in some cases to boost the rind note of many melons, I played around with adding some wild melon to boost the cucumber wet notes. I haven't played all that much with up and down percentages for this, but I'm pretty happy with it just where it is. :)

WS-23 gives it a bit of coolness to boost that fresh sense you get from biting into a good 'ole back yard cucumber.

Anyways.. Pretty fun little mix for pod devices if that's your thing..

A refreshing limeade with cucumber and hints of lime for those hot summer days!


I built off of FLV Red Tea for this one. The already fruity notes of it blended well with strawberry and kiwi, then finished off with a light floral note. Sweet, Bright, and Refreshing good spring/summertime vape.

I had a blackberry, cucumber and lime water and it intrigued me to try and make it into an e-liquid. I think it turned out great please rate and review if you mix it.


A sinful taste
Fresh citrus fruit
With the frost of a frozen mountain

A smooth cantaloupe and cream recipe with a hint of cucumber. Very light cream just enough to enhance the cantaloupe but not cover up the cucumber.

CAP/TFA Cantaloupe: A pleasant cantaloupe combination. Adds the bright sweetness and "summer" flavor.

CAP/FA Cucumber: Not enough to be a star, but enough to pair with the cantaloupes. FA Cucumber is in there just to get the peel and "green" flavors.
FLV Cream: A nice, simple, moderately dense cream to accent the cantaloupe's creamy texture.
FA Caramel: Just a tiny bit will do good. Adds "dark" sweetness to the mix. Not enough to actually taste full caramel.
Add menthol/koolada to taste. I find 1 drop/30mL of FA Menthol Arctic is nice.

It is nice as a shake and vape, but a 7 day steep is where it begins to shine.

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