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(FA) Cuban Supreme

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 152 recipes at an average of 2.399%.


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This is my ADV tobacco. It is simple, clean tobacco without much smoke or sweetness. I mix it up in the evening, and it is ready to go the next morning.
Tested on the Innokin Biip with a 1.6 coil.

Went through 3 versions of this, landing at this one. I like my tobacco vapes pretty strong, so give this one a 2 week steep before you try it. I have mixed dozens of "cuban cigar" recipes and nothing tastes like them like mine does.

If other cuban cigar recipes have you longing for more punch, look no further.

Triple punch of shade, fire, and DNB give it the bitterness needed for tobacco vapes, and the dual cuban flavors give it the richness. AP and BR smooth out the top notes and add some subtle sweetness.

Lay back and enjoy a smooth,sweet,creamy,relaxing cigar vape...


ChrisDVR told me this would get more views if I used a nice pair of boobies for the picture.

It's a Bourbon-flavored cigar, of sorts.

This started out as an attempt at a bourbon-flavored cigar for /r/MixersClub. It's still a bourbon-flavored cigar, but at some point it became more about celebrating the pairing of the two Kentucky concentrates than about producing an authentic cigar. TFA Kentucky Bourbon is a bit boozy, yet sweet, with that unique corny sweetness of sour mash whiskey. FLV Kentucky Blend is a bright yet ashy, slightly spicy tobacco. They make beautiful bluegrass music together.

FLV Bourbon supports the TFA version with richness and an authentic charred oak barrel flavor, which the tobaccos also enjoy. FLV Red Burley fills out the Kentucky Blend and makes it richer, darker, and more satisfying. FW Salted Caramel enhances both the tobaccos and bourbons and builds a dark, sweet but not too sweet bridge between them. FA Cuban Supreme isn't necessary for a satisfying bourbon-bacco vape, but without it, the result is rather soggy. A touch of it here wraps all this up in a somewhat green but dry cigar wrapper and brings it back within the realm of a bourbon-flavored cigar.

Steep Time is truly just a best after recommendation, not a requirement here. This is great at 3 days, just enough time for the bourbon to relax a little and everything to come together. A few days longer, and the tobaccos will fade a bit. This is a good time to vape it if you want more of a sweet bourbon vape with just a little tobacco kick. But at two weeks, they're back and everything works together as intended.

This one was created from two of my creations : Shaded Cuban With A Nut + Sweet Vanilla Pecan Tobacco V2.. minus a few flavors, adding FA marshamllow and FLV tatanka tobacco to this. Only time will tell if this was a great move to make.. I'll give this one 21 days before trying it but will wait longer.


give min 14 days before trying this one is a definite keeper in my tobaccos

This is only 8 days steeped giving another 6 days before i try it. This is version 1, so i know i will be revising this soon to my taste..

****Revised version : I bumped RJ4 .5% to 3% , RY4D .5% upto 1.5% , and bumped Cuban Supreme by .25% to 2.75%...


Perfectly balanced Apple Tobacco - Easy ADV demanding minimal steep time, ages well.

FA Desert Ship & FA Cuban Supreme make a strong tobacco flavor profile that is generally appealing. The Cuban Supreme is strengthened to give it a dry, woody and smooth tobacco feel.

The additives give it some organic appeal -- it accents all of the existing tobacco notes but does not negatively affect the existing tobacco base.
The Vape Wizard helps smooth the rough edges of of the NET and tap it into the core tobacco base profile. The Black Fire is hinted for a smokey almost analog like exhale.

All of these flavors (and additives) make the base tobacco profile of this recipe.

Then the top note... of all the apples I [own] tried, Shisha Apple bond best with the tobacco profile with its own earthy flavor + NET base and turns the entire recipe into a polished Applewood tobacco that keeps you coming back for more.

1 drop of FA MTS Vape Wizard per 15ml (https://alltheflavors.com/flavors/flavourart-mts-vape-wizard)
2 drops of FE Tobacco Absolute 50% Liquid Concentrate per 15ml (http://www.ecigexpress.com/diy-e-liquid/e-liquid-additives/liquid-concentrates/tobacco-absolute-liquid-concentrate.html)


This started in part because I really struggle to find a good use for Catalan Cream as it is to me a very odd combination of flavorings.
My initial try at this was CC and 7 leaves which was good but... odd, might be for some just not for me. I really like FA Cuban for a cigar flavoring so I went with that. Later I added FA Hazelnut to give it a nuttier edge. The Torrone was added to give it a sweeter, thicker taste sensation while not killing the nutty aspects. You can leave it out and have a drier less sweet recipe that still works very well. I have also mixed this with either 1% of Vienna or Fresh Cream. Which are both nice but this mix is the one that I keep on hand and always in a mod.

22mm Atties with more air will get more tobacco with the cream and nut notes in the back. Smaller chamber atties will get more of the creamy sweet taste of the CC and Torrone.

This can be SnV but really starts to come together after 3 days, I will also mention that it gets really, really good after 3 weeks. If you are into tobacco vapes. Friends that do not care at all for tobacco vapes love this mix.

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