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(FA) Cream Whipped

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Get face deep in dragon milk.
Still testing for so far so good

A nice rich triffle with multiple layers of lemon, cream, custard and cake rolled into one awesome vape. Im quite lemon sensetive in regards to throat hit so ive made this one where the lemon is present but rounded and creamy. A real change to normal strawberry type trifle juices

Subtle Panna Cotta with sweet and sharp berries and currants on top and rose garnish

Thick vanilla ice cream rolled in cereal flakes with hints of cherry

Another ADV great thick sweet strawberry custard, almost pudding like

Thick strawberry shortcake ice cream with biscuit chunks and jammy strawberry sauce

Fw blueberry & tres leches work great together almost like they was created to be paired up and wf white cakes makes the combo even better. Everything we love about a blueberry muffin made better.

Cookie butter cheesecake with caramel and butterscotch notes layered over a decedant filling

growing up we would stop in the general store and get a banana flip and a chocolate soldier...…... banana flip is a dense banana flavored sponge cake folded over with a banana cream on the inside I think I come close with creamy sponge cake angel cake and yellow cake as the cake and meringue marshmallow and whipped cream as the filling I can taste all 3 parts in this vape the banana the cake and the cream all feed back is welcomed

The idea was to create a custard recipe using only Flavourart's flavours.During the proccess i figured that adding the Inawera's custard,would cut down the steeping time.So,here it is,a thick,creamy custard you don't get tired of,because it is not heavy in taste and it has no egg offnotes

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