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(FA) Cream Fresh

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: creamy dairy dessert

Used in 9256 recipes at an average of 1.183%.


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We have apples, cream, dark caramel and walnut in this mix that gives us a vaping result for an ADV. Just shake well and its ready! Enjoy!

Something I whipped up for Valentine's Day because why not?
I diverted slightly from the typical chocolate covered strawberry and went with Sweet, glazed strawberries in a thick chocolate mousse. This is version 1 and I may still tweak it in the future but its damn tasty now and the 30ml I made will be gone soon. Hope you enjoy!
Can be a shake n vape but it really comes together after about 5 days.
(I added 1 drop Cap Super Sweet per 10ml)

A tantalisingly refreshing, chilled, fresh mandarin vape...

Another addition to my Icee range, this time in the form of a lesser renowned citrus champion, the humble Mandarin. This mix celebrates this unique citrus varietal which is less sour but sweeter and more flavourful than it's well know brother/sister/cousin, the Orange.

FA Tanger is the star of the show and treated as such. It is an authentic representation of a fresh, sweet tangerine in all it's glory. There is a tinge of zest present which adds a stunning 'bite' when you least expect it.

Cap Sweet Tangerine keeps FA honest and prevents it from being too linear by boosting the sweetness a tad. Combined, these two provide an full burst of tangerine goodness!

The FA Cream provides some body & creaminess, allowing the fruit to show their full potential.

WS23 cools everything down without detracting from the stars of show. Feel free to start the WS23 off at 0.50% and adjust up if required.
Sub WS23 with Koolada at your preferred % if preferred.

Give this baby 3 days or so and she is ready to pop!

I have played with a fruity pebbles and milk recipe since I first started mixing, and have had some success and created a couple decent mixes in the past. But, they all seemed to be missing "something" I couldn't put my finger on it but it needed something else. This recipe is a spin off of one of my most recent fruity pebbles recipes. I added FE Lemon, replaced the strawberry with FA Juicy Strawberry and then upped it to 1%, Then..... I got the WF Vanilla Ice Cream in and decided to give it a whirl in my FP mix. And VOILA I finally found that balance and little "something" that was missing... I gave this one a short 1 hour warm bath, an over night steep uncapped, then capped to steep for 5 days. It is a creamy balanced fruity pebbles almost fruit loopy at times yummy vape. Give it a mix and let me know what ya think.. Hope you enjoy..

Just a laid back Peach and Cream , if you got the flavors give it a mix, if not, well go get em. It's smooth and creamy, with authentic peach flavor. A all day vape for me when I want something smooth and peachy. sweeten to taste, but it's good as is.

I was hoping to get this done with just one concentrate but taking the hard cracked toffee too high resulted in too much coffee, I tried FW salted caramel and it was too rough by the time I got it high enough for the same caramel taste so I chose chefs choice/CCW and it worked out perfectly, there was a slight fresh cream/milk note in the original so I added 1% fresh cream. The 1st revision I made had 2% super sweet in it but the sweetness was at the front and in the original it came after the coffee/caramel so I reduced the super sweet to 0.75 and added the marshmallow which seems to layer the sweetener in the same way as the original does. This is 95% there if I fucked with the %’s a bit more I could get it 100% but it would be fiddly and so much of this clone/remix game comes down to perception and you can’t please everyone but I’m happy enough to put it out there and say “can you do better?” :)

I know there is probably some difference in concentrates between the original and the remix but it’s that close why be picky 😆

Yeah if you couldn't tell by the picture, that I worked very hard on I may add, it's another got damn blueberry cheesecake. https://imgur.com/a/D6n1Oc0

Before we go any further, please note that I am basing a large chunk of this recipe off of Coop34's glorious (and I mean glorious) Creamy Lemon Cheesecake recipe. You should, hopefully, if I did it right, see a link to his original recipe below. To be 100% honest I pulled part of his base as a cheesecake stone some time ago and totally forgot where I sourced it from for a good long while. It is absolutely beautiful and is one of the most accepting plug and play stones that I have encountered. Slap some strawberries, lemon, lime, guava, pineapple, chocolate, etc in to the base, wait a week, and it will be damn good. We omit the French Vanilla merely because I don't have it. Feel free to throw it in if desired. Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

I am a blasphemer and have only recently gotten my hands on one of the most ubiquitous blueberries, not to mention flavors in general, FW Blueberry. I will not repent. At 5% it sits front and center in this mix, as it very well deserves. We get a lovely, almost warm and syrupy blueberry glaze here to the point that it almost suggests blueberries IN the cheesecake as well as a blueberry sauce drizzled over the top of your generously portioned (not so) diet friendly slice.

A sizable dash of CAP New York Cheesecake gives us our cheesecake tone. It fills the gap nicely and in my humble opinion is one of the most forgiving cheesecakes out there, not to mention one of the most accessible. If you must you may sub TPA Garbage Fire CGC here, but this author humbly requests that you don't do that.

One of the worst aspects of CAP New York Cheesecake is the inherent lack of a graham cracker crust. A mild dosage of INW Biscuit resolves this effectively. A mere 1% is a sufficient amount to remedy this gap in our mix, and it adds a nice crispy finish in combination with FA Meringue.

Speaking of which, I love FA Meringue. It is my life blood. It goes in nearly every dessert type recipe that I concoct. It smells like Lucky Charms™ milk and tastes like rainbows after a solid steep. We inject a decent 2% into our slice of cheesecake for a nice hard meringue topping. Meringue is effectively what ties the blueberry to the cheesecake. If you don't believe me, try mixing this up and omit the Meringue. See what you did? You wasted VG is what you did, you silly goose.

Finally we dribble a little milk over the whole thing for some reason. 0.5% FA Creme Fresh (or Fresh Cream, or whatever) is the final jagged piece of cardboard that completes the overdone puzzle that is a blueberry cheesecake. Why do we add Creme Fresh you may be asking yourself? Well I'll be glad to explain. I saw Coop34 do it and that guy is way smarter and more experienced than I am, so here we are. I have tried leaving it out and the main aspect that I noticed was a thinner mouthfeel. I only vape cheesecake when I want a nice fat mouthfeel, so we must ensure that 0.5% Creme Fresh makes its way into our bottle prior to filling and shaking. This is of utmost importance.

A grueling ONE WEEK MINIMUM steep is the final tear shed over our now bubbling bottle of goodness. It hurts, I know. You may be tempted to dip into your bottle a little early. You will be greeted with a greasy mouth coating layer of ick from the Fresh Cream, Meringue, and NY Cheesecake. It's unavoidable, truly. I found my tester bottle after about 20 days and that is what inspired me to throw this recipe up for you all, so the longer the better. I immediately threw together a 120ml bottle to stick in the deep dark dungeon that is my steep cabinet, only to be touched when temperature outside starts with a seven.

This is a very rich intense chocolate milk. When i was making this i actually messed up adding the choclate this was supposed to be a lot lower. But rather than tossing it i just let it sit. After a weej of sitting i tasted it and thought i was in choclate milk heaven with Hersheys liquid chocolate pouring all down mg body. The flavor was rich in chocolate and simply fantastic. I cant get enough of this mix. If you like choclate milk mix this up your taste buds might go as wild as mine did. I’d figure I’d release this as Wayne’s love for chocolate.

A really milky and creamy cheesecake with strawberry. Steep it for 4-5 days and its ready for vape. Enjoy!!

A refreshingly juicy, chilled, pear with a hint of vanilla...

This is another installment of my Icee range which sets out to pay homage to the splendor of single fruit varieties. My mission is to combine the best individual fruit flavors with a lick of cream and a touch of cooling to highlight their innate beauty, without adding any unnecessary complexity. I want the fruits to speak for themselves without being interrupted...

The pear layer is derived from my trusty pear duo, which, when combined, delivers and unbelievably realistic, fresh pear flavor.
FA Pear brings the juicy, run down your chin, pear whilst INW Pear adds the gritty texture, crunch and mouth feel.
Optional = Add 1% INW Pair of Pairs for an additional pear layer. I omitted this layer for the final recipe as the base was strong enough to hold it's own.

INW Shisha is my all time favorite vanilla & works a treat to add a little body and a touch of sweetness, to compliment the pear duo beautifully.

The FA Cream provides some body & creaminess without interfering with the pear flavor.

WS23 cools everything down without detracting from the stars of show. Feel free to increase the WS23 in increments of 0.25% if you prefer a colder kick. Sub WS23 with Koolada at your preferred % if preferred.

Give this baby 3 days to settle and enjoy!!

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 20 / 100

A nice smooth cream, very Dairy tasting with no egg flavor. Moderately buttery with no vanilla and just a hint of sweetness.

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