(FA) Costarica Special (mango)

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This is a sweet mango strawberry lemonade I wanted to make a lemonade that was something different from the pink lemonades and lemonades on the market so I figured this would be a good start

FLV lemonade is the driving flavor in this mix as it has a good body and a nice tart lemonade flavor

FA lemon Sicily is being used to make the lemonade have that tart natural lemon flavor in the lemonade

FA Costarica Special (mango) is the mango note it’s not overpowering it’s mostly helping the lemonades sweetness

CAP Sweet Strawberry is there as the strawberry almost more like a strawberry syrup that most places use in their smoothies and slushees

CAP super sweet is optional I just use it to make it alittle sweet while keeping the tartness

Please tell me what you think if you mix it up

I know, i know.. mango and coffee sounds strange for a recipe, but in asia you‘ll find exactly this in street food places.
A chilled mango juice with milk, sugar and coffee..
I takes brave people to try, but it‘s delicious!

The original is extremely sweet, but i think 0.5% super sweet does the job

Mango Lassi is an Indian drink made of mangoes, yogurt, a little milk, and some coconut... Basically a mango smoothie. Even tho I've never had one myself, here's my interpretation of it...

Feel free to tweak it anyway you choose, and if you mix it, leave a review.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

Easy, delicious, & icey.... Call it a mango popsicle, call it mango freeze, or drop the WS-23 and call it Mango Madness!

Für Mangoliebhaber & solche die es werden wollen. Die 3 neuen Aromen von Flavourart verbinden sich extrem gut

For Mangolovers and such who want to be. The three new Flavours from Flavourart combine to a brilliant Mango.

Die Aromennamen stimmen nicht! / The Flavournames are not correct!
Please use:
Fa Mango Indian Special
Fa Mango Fruity Juicy
Fa Mango

Just playing around with Indian Special. Mango is my go to for MTL. We'll see how this goes!

This is a Blood Orange, Mango, and Tangerine recipe topped with Ice
This is a HTPC (High Throat-hot, Pod Compatible) recipe.


This is a Mango Champagne recipe that packs light, sweet, natural mango, with sparkling champagne. While the recipe falls more in line with a "spritzer" vibe, than a wine vibe, it's easily tweaked to create a more "dry" experience.

Champagne Article: http://bit.ly/37oHDvP


A very simple, very fun and delicious Mango Cantaloupe mix. Feel free to tweak Cantaloupe to fit your desired mango output.


This is a bright and natural mango paired with yellow peach, infused into a lemon lime soda
Inspired by Staybert - Citrasperry Soda

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