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Cracker Jack RY4

This mix was pretty much set when I thought of it. The only moving parts were what would support the popcorn and what direction to take the tobacco. I landed on a darker RY4 with the popcorn, caramel, and peanuts sitting on top.


FLV Popcorn because that what it is.
FA Corn to make sure you know it’s popcorn.
WF Caramel (Salted) because it’s thick and rich enough for an RY4 and that little saline trick is helping the peanut.
FLV Tatanka to help darken the base and blend the tobaccos into the mix.
FLV Turkish for some drier spice tobacco.
FLV Vanilla Tobacco for the RY4 base
SSA Peanut Butter because it’s a perfect peanut powder.

I suck at descriptions- its blackberry cornbread- Im still tweaking it
fa corn is a 10% dilution

An Extraordinary Super Delicious Treat. This Flavor profile is Vanilla Birthday Cake. It is made to eat cake in a fun way without the mess and on the go. If you ever find yourself in the Bronx, NY, look for a Haley “Cake Push Pop” . If not, enjoy this in a vape. There are many flavors, but, this one literally takes the icing on the cake. It is pretty amazing off the shake, but, its full potential comes alive in a little over a week. I really enjoy this one. You can try experimenting with adding a fruit of your choice, or, perhaps strawberries…Enjoy!!!

First off, thanks to Seth and Grant in the DIYorDIE Mixers Collective on Facebook for the idea and starting flavors/percentages.

I have no idea what these candies actually taste like. They look almost 'starbursty' but trying to find more information on them, all I could find are something called 'Haoliyuan Chewy Milk Candy." Although these look like little mochi balls with gooeyish centers (Possible alteration from this recipe??)

I don't have many notes as it pretty much turned out as I would have expected and like I said, I have no idea what these actually taste like, so there is no reference or authenticity here.

The mix came out oddly addiciting enough...

FA Corn - It's fucking corn, what more do you want. Shit overpowers everything so give it a few days or else it will be like vaping a freshly opened can of corn juice.
TFA Vanilla Swirl/Marshmallow - After someone ruined Vanilla Swirl for me saying it gives a 'chewy' texture, it's all I could think of using for that 'Starbursty' like texture. The Marshamallow is there to calm the bright notes from the Corn and dull everything to a more subtle state
FW Yogurt - I can't not use Yogurt for any milk/cream recipe now. There is this tinge that only yogurt can really do. Plus, it creams the fuck out of whatever you put it in.
CAP Super Sweet - It's candy afterall.

Tested on:
Hadaly/Citadel - 2.5mm 28x4/38 Ni80, 4 wrap ~.2 ohm @ 60w
Basic V2 - 3mm 26x3/40 Ni80, 5 wrap ~.35 ohm @ 45w


First recipe I've published in a while. I guess I'm kinda back, recipes will be spaced out a lot more than once a month like I used to. I'll probably shoot for 4/year.

First things first, I'm mixing this up after trying Toasted by @MrBurgandy and I hope you don't mind me throwing my spin on it. I really enjoyed Toasted, but for my taste I wanted something a touch different. Cinnamon Sugar mixed into a bowl of Corn Flakes with banana's in milk sounds phenomenal. Since I'm currently on a Keto diet I can't eat it, so I want to vape it.

So I started with the Cinnamon part. Cap Cinnamon Sugar with FLV Cinnamon Crunch just went so well in one of my favorite dessert recipes:
So I decided to give it a go here to give me that cinnamon toast crunch type cinnamon flavor while adding a touch of graininess.

The Cereal 27 base is great for my cornflakes base, but I decided to crank it up a tiny notch by adding some of FA corn. I wanted to add a touch of savory to this recipe and the FA Corn just did it so well when mixed with Cereal 27.

Pur Banana is such a great real banana flavor and you don't get any of that runts taste.

I used the Marshmallow to give it some additional sweetness.

The OOO Creamy Underpants + FA Milk combo with FW Hazelnut as a bit of an emulsifier just work wonderfully. It gives you a nice creamy drizzle of milk. If you don't have FA Milk, which is likely, you could probably crank up the Creamy Underpants and ditch the hazelnut.

On the inhale you get a touch of dark sweet strawberry that transitions to the sweet maple cornflakes note and ends with a bit of the tart note from the sweet currant. The custard gives it some body and fills in middle and adds some volume and mouth feel . Tried on a reload S at 70 watts with a alien coil @.16 . really solid at 3 days , flavors settle even more and round out a bit by day 5

cereal 27 it is the best corn flake cereal out there but is a bit darker then actual corn flake and needs a little help with "corn" - so 1 drop of FA corn can do that . Corn grows a bit so 1 drop / 30 ml is really all I needed, but wait a day or so before fore you add more to your liking - or use a 10% dilution
The pie base is mix of pie crust and sugar cookie - ooo pie crust is the closest I have found to actual flaky dry pie crust, sugar cookie adds some buttery body to the crust that I find is needed and like the way it works with the custard
Maple syrup by fa is a solid maple and I really enjoy it; but some do not, if you are not a fan of maple feel free to add more golden syrup. I do find the maple syrup will fade a touch so try as is but you may end up wanting more

Red currant adds some brightness to the strawberry that works in this application .

I like this SWEET so I added .30 of cap super sweet - but the golden syrup and maple syrup really do add a nice amount a sweetner

Okaaaaay, Cornflake Tart :)

Short crust pastry base, mixed berry jam topped with golden syrup doused cornflakes.

FA Apple pie provides the pastry, VTA raspberry jam is the main component towards the jam, being bent by the Saskatoon and jammy berry to a more “mixed” berry jam although still heavy on the raspberry. CAP cereal 27 alone is not enough to class as cornflakes and needed help so FA corn, again at a 10% dilution can work wonders in a recipe if you sparingly and correctly... golden syrup is self explanatory and sweetener is subjective so drop it out if you wish.

If you like this recipe and what I do then please rate and review ❤️

ATF does not have FA corn 10% dilution in the database


Salted caramel popcorn milk

Starting with the milk... FA milk, VTA love and FA fresh cream combine to make a nice sweet silky milk, the white chocolate in VTA love just sits in the back and gives it a creamy sweet edge as to not get overpowered by the caramel, the FLV popcorn is a huge star here and provides a toffee note which compliments the caramel really well. FA corn (make sure to dilute to 10% before adding it at 0.15) penetrates the milk and combined with the FLV popcorn gives a very slight corn residue flavour as if the popcorn has been steeping in the milk 😋 the Cereal 27 adds just a touch of AP for the fistful of popcorn that sits on the top.

If you like this recipe and what I do then please rate and review accordingly :)

FA corn should be diluted to 10% before use, ATF does not have the 10% dilution option in the database so make sure to adjust that accordingly

Yet another cornbread puddin’ remix and in now way attempting to be like the original, just using better concentrates available to me now like OOO cornbread just puts the whole mix closer to the profile.

Starting with the base of the whole thing I used OOO cornbread, it’s a little flat and linear so is backed up with other supporting flavours such as Cereal 27 for the AP and FLV popcorn for a rich buttery caramel flavour giving the cornbread some sort of caramelised aspect, the FA corn really finishes the cornbread side of things off by making it undoubtably a cornbread. Only in at 0.01% (0.10% of a 10% dilution to make it more manageable).

The pudding comes from using FA premium as a base and filled out with Vanilla swirl.

As always sweetener is subjective but you may want to take the super sweet up to as high as 0.75 to get that “premium” taste.

This will be my final version of Cornbread puddin’ as I feel this interpretation beats the original and also beats my earlier attempts in the way of coil life and stodginess.

If you like what I do and this recipe then please rate and review accordingly.

FA Corn is sweet creamed corn. The base of our corn bread. It's perfect for this recipe. Alfred convinced me to sub this in instead of HC Corn and it's a million times better. Thanks Alfred.

FLV Popcorn brings some more corn, some insane texture, and also a dark sweetness that resonates through the vape. Its kind of like caramel corn, and it works well.

CAP Cereal 27 brings even more corn. Also it really helps in the bread/texture department. With these 3 working together we get a very believable "corn" flavor, and they all work to beef up and sell the bread.

JF Yellow Cake finished the cornbread. It's sweet and thick and brings everything together nicely. Final touch, and also brings a tad of vanilla.

FA Custard Premium + INW Shisha Vanilla come together as our pudding. If you don't have Custard Premium, get it. It's basically the bomb. It's thick, eggy and rich. It's Vanilla Custard. Very, very delicious. Shisha Vanilla is a nice vanilla cream that thickens up our pudding. It's bright and forgiving. But let's be serious, this is a custard disguised as a pudding.

That's it.

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