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A creamy Soursop drink with Pitaya and Coconuts.

FLV Guanabana is a pretty weird tropical fruit with hints of pineapple, coconut, and almost a cherry/strawberry. FLV Sweet Coconut and FA Coco is here to take over and become more prominent. FA Coco also adds to the creaminess. INW Pitaya has it’s own delicious weirdness already and is here to blend it all together smoothie style.

was attempting a BB vapes XO blind mix and came up with this. its not really anything like what i had hoped, but it still turned out well.

Live Mixed on 6/1

The randomizer gave us Flavorah Lime Wedge.

This flavorah is a very bright zesty lime flavor. It's extremely authentic. It would be great for beverages or as an accent piece such as in this recipe for coconut cream pie with lime. The lime stands out asa burst of juicy citrus just on the finish. It pairs up well with the cream and the coconut.

Sweeten to Taste.

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"Minty Coconana Cream"
Simple 3-2-1 with banana cream, coconut, and leafy mint.


Made this up, used the cheesecake base of a mixer that goes by finsamson. It reminds me of the no bake cheesecake we use to get when I was younger. Very creamy with a nice balance of graham cracker crust. The coconut I just looked up what was popular and kept running into this combination. Gave it a try and it was what I was looking for. Put them together and there it is. I shook it and it was really good on the knuckle. Shake let sit for an hour repeat a couple of times and it was good. After a three day steep, on the inhale I get graham cracker up front with a creamy cheesecake. After the exhale I get a nice creamy coconut mouth feel.


The idea for the recipe I had one afternoon, when I was with our daughter in a frozen yogurt store and have put together a cup.

There was a topping which was called Coconut Almond Dream.
Ingredients were coconut, almonds and cookie crumbs. This was given as a sauce between the frozen yogurt.
As a second topping I chose chocolate sprinkles on top.

I found this combination so delicious that I wanted to make it as a liquid.

For the almonds, I went with Almond Fa because I find them to be very authentic.

The coconut I made from Coconut Fa and Sweet Coconut FLV, because I think the coconut of Fa needs some help to really stand out, and the sweetness of the Sweet Coconut FLV lends itself very well to that.

For the yogurt I took FW, because this comes closest to the yogurt which is taken for frozen yogurt, slightly sweet, no real acidity to be seen and nice and creamy.

Finally, the second topping, the chocolate sprinkles, for which I took Chocolate German FLV, because the flavor is a nice strong chocolate which in itself already has a little coconut flavor, so very very well fits into this profile.

For the coolness of the frozen yogurt feel free to add some cooling, I personally don't need it.

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These mango coconut cupcakes are a wonderful summer treat that anyone will love. The cream cheese frosting matches the cupcakes well.


Vibrant berry & elferflower bliss...

A deceptively simple berry mix packed with flavour.

FA Forest Fruit Mix is the undisputed champion in the mixed berry space, period, Bilberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, and a lick of blackberry blended perfectly to provide a crisp, authentic and vibrant burst of unrivaled berry goodness.

FLV Elderflower adds vibrancy & depth to the forest fruit whilst adding an alluring floral note.

FA Cream Fresh is used to provide body & meld the fruit and not as a cream layer. This simple addition smooths any harsh/astringent notes.

FA Coconut provides an intricate creaminess whilst imparting a delicate natural coconut edge. Don't fear, the coconut note is barely noticeable but essential.

Options: WS23 at 0.25% provides a delicious twist...

Good off the sake, better after 3 days.

apples with coconut and cream accents

Years ago I had this profile from blue dot, rather enjoyed it so I put my spin on it.

What an American tragedy a true red wave is. Fortunately for you, it doesn’t have to be that way. This juice certainly does put the RED & WHITE in “red, white, & blue” though!

Murcia’….fuck yeah!

I’ve been making different variations of a tigers blood type recipe for quite some time. This variation was inspired by ID10-T’s holy trinity, just at smaller percentages as not to overtake the entire profile. To be honest this is where I thought of the name “Red Wave” because anything holy just aligns too damn closely with red blooded conservatism. Yuck.

PUR watermelon is a real hit and I’ve been meaning to mix it with red summer and my favorite (MF) watermelon for quite some time. This would be my first time trying watermelon cotton candy as well to just sweeten up the mix a bit and see if it works or not. I’m not really a fan of sweetener, but I’m not adverse to it either. FA Coconut is really the only coconut I ever use besides FLV sweet coconut for some things, but in this type of recipe it’s always best with some cream. I used FLV cream here to give that another shot at impressing me like it has others. This is certainly a work in progress, but I HAVE made successful versions of this recipe just with slightly different flavors and percentages. Still strawberry/coconut/watermelon, just without the god-fearing overtones. If you’re interested in that version look for the recipe titled “Castaway” for the older version. Enjoy!

SIDENOTE: Please keep in mind all of my mixes are made for MTL as I do not vape DTL for any reason other than testing for MTL. Most of the recipes I share ARE tested at lower nic and higher VG%, but not all of them. Thanks!


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