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I once had the chance to vape an ejuice from my friend premium collection and i liked it. It was Vape Mail eliquid and it was yummy lemony juice of sort. I only tried couple of vapes from his tank and decided to mix something similar.

So the taste is something close to Vape mail and i liked it so much and made some friends try it and they did also liked it. But still feel it needs some boosting, in the meanwhile if anyone decided to try it let me know how it goes with you.

Do appreciate feedbacks folks.

The one thing im sure about is catalan cream is spot on in this recipe, it has that lemon note to it and it indeed assist LM pie great deal

Mallowmars are a treat that I have always loved, but just never got around to mixing before. I love them for the same reason I love marshmallow eggs at Easter. I am a marshmallow junkie. So, where do we start? I started with the cookie, because it is the foundation. The mallowmars cookie is pretty cakey, but not overly sweet. So that called for FA's Cookie, and Capella's Yellow cake. Just the right combination for a really cakey cookie. The next component to tackle is the marshmallow. This is the queen of the ball! No marshmallow would be quite enough, because the marshmallow in this cookie is Big. And fluffy. And Creamy. So I decided on a combo of FA Marshmallow and FA Catalan Cream. Catalan is the natural choice because it is rich and creamy, and has the feel of a marshmallow cream. Last but not least is the chocolate. FA Chocolate fit the bill, and at .5%, it comes in just strong enough to do what it is supposed to. Barely dress that marshmallow, because we can't send the queen out without a dress! This mix requires a 3 week steep, but at the end of the wait, you may just find yourself wishing you made a bigger batch!

Rich Cinnamon 1 drop per 30ml for a kick. Can omit I suppose. Or dilute.

I decided I needed a Strawberry Cream, just so I could have one I guess? I dunno. On a whim I decided to use the cream base from my snickerdoodle recipe because it's a nice somewhat 'spicy' cream that uses a couple of creams I don't usually see in Strawberry Creams. It turned out good and I prefer it to majority of the SC's I've tried over the last year.

The rich Cinnamon is a drop per 30ml which will be hard to do if you make a batch smaller. I love the warm cinnamon hint but it will survive without it. The idea behind the lemon is to play off the strawberry's and give them a sort of freshness type of thing. It taste good but I have not tested without it because when I start doing that it all goes to shit...

I am a caramel lover, but never found a commercial juice that really satisfied me. So this is the final recipe after making a few different batches. Setup: Recoil RDA, dual coil build flat clapton wire @ 0,13 ohm's, 70 watt. Very nice creamy caramel taste, but you really need to let it steep for about 3 weeks to let the Dulce de leche settle down en blend in with the other flavours. If it is to sweet for you reduce the sweetener to half a percent, i personally got a sweet tooth lol

A Portuguese Custard Tart (UK Version) - Set vanilla custard, light, soft crumbly pastry crust and a hint of caramelised sugar on top. TFA Pie Crust helped along by TFA GCC provides the short crust pastry base here. I like the pastry on a custard tart to be soft, almost undercooked, which is quite hard to achieve and still a work in progress for me.

The custard profile brings together 3 very good custard flavours to create a rich and opulent custard main profile. Helped along by the Butter Cream to cream it out a little and give a heavier mouth feel. Top notes are subtle here and are provided by the brown sugar to hint at caramelisation and then sweetened by the Meringue without having to go too far with the Brown Sugar. For authenticity I would include a little nutmeg, but I am yet to find one. Those concentrates that do contain nutmeg also bring other spices I do not want here. So went with the slightly sweet caramel in place of that for interest.


This started in part because I really struggle to find a good use for Catalan Cream as it is to me a very odd combination of flavorings.
My initial try at this was CC and 7 leaves which was good but... odd, might be for some just not for me. I really like FA Cuban for a cigar flavoring so I went with that. Later I added FA Hazelnut to give it a nuttier edge. The Torrone was added to give it a sweeter, thicker taste sensation while not killing the nutty aspects. You can leave it out and have a drier less sweet recipe that still works very well. I have also mixed this with either 1% of Vienna or Fresh Cream. Which are both nice but this mix is the one that I keep on hand and always in a mod.

22mm Atties with more air will get more tobacco with the cream and nut notes in the back. Smaller chamber atties will get more of the creamy sweet taste of the CC and Torrone.

This can be SnV but really starts to come together after 3 days, I will also mention that it gets really, really good after 3 weeks. If you are into tobacco vapes. Friends that do not care at all for tobacco vapes love this mix.


This is reminiscent of a warm, gooey, sweet blueberry cinnamon roll. Good to go as is, but give it a few days to a week to steep and it turns into something incredible.

Get ready to pour out a mug of bittersweet cocoa for all your fallen Bronies, because now you can have it in vape form!

A lot of the ingredients in the recipes are used to balance each other out, not for the their specified flavor.

Main Profile :

The Ry4 Double(TPA) is a good counterweight to the Cocoa(FA) to a more well rounded cocoa drink flavor, the Ry4 tobacco flavor adds a slight grainy bite, like cocoa powder in your cup.

Sub flavor profile:
The Bavarian Cream(TFA) and Catalan Cream(FA) are used together to create a heavy whipping cream taste without over sweetening the mix.

The main and sub flavor make for a very heavy vape, allowing the Cookie(FA) to add a little bite without giving a cookie flavor, and paired with Honeysuckle(TPA) gives a nice light sweetness.

Steep Time: Pretty dark shake and vape but still decent. Recommend atleast 4-7 days steep.

If you like a sweeter lighter cocoa, raise the Bavarian cream by .5% and sucralose(or sweetener of your choice) to taste.


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Oh, that smooth caramel skin... Let's put that in a bottle, yeah? I took the cream base for "Ginger Sauce" and augmented it a bit to make a caramel cream that is sure to knock at that sweet tooth. FA Caramel and FA Catalan Cream were made for each other, and a quick sniff of the two is plenty enough to tell anyone that. I took out the CAP Graham Cracker v1 and CAP Vanilla Custard v1 out of "Ginger Sauce" and kept the cream base for this recipe. It's fairly straightforward. I hope you enjoy it.


Goes great with morning coffee.

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