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a tobacco recipe with mild notes of spices and pistachio

Major Mancora's second largest town, Manacor, comes from "sighs," these crisp cookies with lemon and cinnamon flavors

This is a nice sweet Apple and cream cake. The creams blend together to give a nice creamy mouthfeel. The vanillas work together to bring out the cake and the holy adds a little bit more richness to the recipe without overpowering it. The frosting combined with the meringue adds a perfect amount of sweetness. Thebcatalan cream gives it a tiny bit of spicyness to the cake to add to the Fuji apple true authenticity. I added 1 drop of rich cinnamon per 30 ml to give that perefect spiced note. The super sweet is optional, but I like my deserts sweets so I added it to make it taste great right from the Shake. Give this a full 7-10 days to steep for everything to come together.

After steep:
At first this tasted sour. like, soured cream almost... but after 3 days it seems to taste like a honey covered caramel cream

The cereal 27 adds a great honey grain to the mix.

caramel original helped mask the high/sourness from the vienna cream and brings out more of the caramel from catalan cream.

bavarian cream is the base. that sweet, custard-y cream.

Hazelnut works magic but you can probably leave it out if you'd prefer.

Why should you mix this up?

If you like honey and caramel and thickness to your vape.

steep this for 3 days minimum or it will be sour and not very good at all.

remember to rate and comment, even if you hate it. Maybe we can figure out why you don't like it and improve it for your tastes.

When using TFA's Smooth: Use only 1 drop per 10ML. so in a 30ml bottle use 3 drops. This blends it all together and puffs it up a little bit. Mutes the sour notes and brings out the more sweetness from the caramel.

Note: This is a first run. there's room for improvement.

Let it sit for 3 days minimum.

Best after 14-21 days.

E: This is pretty bad. I can't believe anyone saw this and thought it might be good.

A cinnamon crunch cereal type recipe. Not too original but really tasty.

More of the taste of the cereal after they've been left in the bowl for a while.

Starting with a lemon meringue pie base with graham cracker crust, then adding some cheesecake, catalan cream and butter cream to beef it up.


This was my first venture into tobaccos - a custardy, subtly spicy cream that isn't as cloying as straight up custard, with tobacco as a fun element (this is my main theme with most of my liquids, authenticity matters fuck all if you can't vape more than 1ml a day of it because you wanna throw up).

The custard part:
CAP Vanilla custard: @4% its exactly the right balance between heavy vanilla custard without going into wall cement territory. The backbone of this recipe, as expected.
INW Creme Brulee : at 1% it imparts caramely note to the custard, which in turn plays really well with Soho and Catalan Cream. Also contributes to the custardy main note.
FA Catalan Cream: I went to this recipe with Catalan Cream in mind - it's a zingy citrusy cream with subtle spice notes (nutmeg/cinnamon? Can't fucking tell exactly) at this percentage. I try to limit my recipes to 6 ingredients, and catalan cream is a nice all-encompassing flavor for the notes I wanted to hit.
FLV Milk & Honey: I felt the finished product was lacking without this. It provides another caramely hint with some dairy creaminess, and a really nice way to add depth and sweeten up the recipe without muddling up the profile.

INW Biscuit: Good ol' buddy. Butter part plays along with the custard part rather well, while the AP in it further accentuates the Soho.
FA Soho: The soul of this recipe. It's a more amicable version of RY4 double - less sharp caramel, more woody and nutty, almost zero leaf. The very light caramel is boosted by Milk & Honey and Creme Brulee - nuttiness of Soho is builded upon with biscuit.

All in all, I feel like this one is a winner - every ingredients plays along really well with the others. Unfortunately, this isn't really a shake and vape - you can of course shake and vape it, but the least time you should wait before touching it is 3 days, really starts to come together after 7.
Sayonara bitches!

Inspired and derived By Dogma. Thanks to ConcreteRiver for the inspiration and his constant work in the DYI community.


A blueberry cinnamon danish, using my Dogma danish base.

By adding some Acetyl Pyrazine to the base Dogma danish, you turn a flaky, light, layered almond danish into a heavier, breadier, danish base. I then added a variation of @EdibleMalfunction 's blueberry holy trinity and a dash of FLV Rich Cinnamon. It's quite a bit fuller than Dogma solo, and those blueberries do a great job of tasting like a baked in part of the pastry.

Still 100% S&V certified, although if you let the AP settle in for a couple days the danish base gets a little more solid.

It's 10 ingredients, yes. But 5 of those ingredients are currently available RIGHT HERE from Bull City Flavors in one super convenient and dare I say, sexy, package.


It's a danish, with a marzipan filling, light icing, and slivered almonds. My 100% S&V take on a bakery ADV.

FA Catalan Cream- This concentrate really does pull the recipe together. It adds a bit of creaminess, to keep the pastry from reading as too dry. It also lends a subtle spice note to the entire vape, with a hint of bakery cinnamon and nutmeg. The vanilla helps to build the base for the icing.

FA Hazelnut- Not a creamy flavor, more like nearly raw unshelled hazelnuts. It's a strong concentrate, but at .25% it brings in just enough flavor and texture to simulate actual slivered almonds.

INW Marzipan- The almond paste filling for the pastry. Sweet, heavy with that almond-extract bordering on cherry flavor. The sweetness here, even at .5%, is enough to carry over and work with the catalan cream and zeppola to create a light icing for the danish.

FW Whiskey- This adds some warmth to the vape, reinforcing the bakery aspect. The oak notes help to bolster the spices from the catalan cream.

FA Zeppola- Fairly light at .75%, but with enough powdered sugar on top to sweeten up that icing as well as provide a lighter pastry base.

And that's it. I feel like this addresses some of the issues I've had with bakery vapes. It's balanced, letting each component do it's work without turning muddled or cloying.

I went with "Dogma" in reference to the Dogme 95 rules for filmmaking. 1. They're danish and I didn't have a better name, and 2. I think in developing this recipe I finally internalized the fact that I've become some kind of weird jerk when it comes to the way I think mixing should work. I'm the Lars Von Trier of the mixing game.

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