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(FA) Catalan Cream

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 638 recipes at an average of 1.531%.


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Week 9 Challenge - dedicated to Emily - I am new to this game so I don't know her nickname but I think everyone knows who she is. I don't have sugar cone or waffle cone which she has been mentioning alot lately or at least in shows where I've seen her. Churro is my best next go to for a different kind of bakery.
This tastes great shake and vape - I hope it holds up to some steeping. I thought churro with orange and cream sounded good so I went for it and added a floral dash to it - straight away it's not obvious but the bergamot you can taste right off the bat even at such a small percentage and it adds a nice extra bitter-sweetness somehow. If you want something sweeter than this you could definitely bump up the super sweet. The biscuit is silverline but I don't see that here.


This was inspired from the monthly clone challenge, Taruto by Yami Vapor put on by ID10-T over on reddit. This is not a clone but it inspired me to mix a Portuguese Custard Tart. A traditional Portuguese custard pastry that consists of a crème brûlée-like custard caramelized in a crust. The INW Creme Brulee has a caramelized sugar, slight egginess, thick, fresh, creamy texture. I couldn't imagine a custard tart without CAP Vanilla Custard in the mix. The FA Catalan cream brings the filling together with its dulce de leche like flavor (caramel and hint of cinnamon). The Biscuit and Pie Crust combines for a nice crust.


A nice blend of Fig and Tobacco with a little cream and spices from Catalan Cream.

A key lime cookie. I like the rich Catalan cream in this recipe.

A creamy tobacco with hazelnut and some spices. Stay low with the RY4 Asian....

Sweet and mild tobacco with pistachio , almond, hazelnut and pear.

Cinnamon roll crème brûlée infused with honey tobacco.

Vanilla Custard/Catalan Cream/Fresh Cream/Butter: The custard filling. Creamy and fatty with subtle hints of citrus from the Catalan.

Cinnamon Roll: Imparts a cinnamon roll taste without adding much pastry note at 1.5%.

Caramel: Cooked sugar taste for the hard topping.

Honey Flue Cured: I added this after the whole crème brûlée steeped almost two months. SC flavors seem to be enjoyable right away, so in fear of it possibly fading, I added this afterwards. It throws some honey into the mix and finishes off the whole recipe with a comforting hug of pleasant tobacco leaf. A few days to get settled in and it's Flavortown!

I find this to be much better in a tank due to the richness factor.

a tobacco recipe with mild notes of spices and pistachio

Major Mancora's second largest town, Manacor, comes from "sighs," these crisp cookies with lemon and cinnamon flavors

This is a nice sweet Apple and cream cake. The creams blend together to give a nice creamy mouthfeel. The vanillas work together to bring out the cake and the holy adds a little bit more richness to the recipe without overpowering it. The frosting combined with the meringue adds a perfect amount of sweetness. Thebcatalan cream gives it a tiny bit of spicyness to the cake to add to the Fuji apple true authenticity. I added 1 drop of rich cinnamon per 30 ml to give that perefect spiced note. The super sweet is optional, but I like my deserts sweets so I added it to make it taste great right from the Shake. Give this a full 7-10 days to steep for everything to come together.

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