(FA) Carmel (caramel)

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Just is one version out of 15 that I’ve been working on. I also have this recipe on ELR
Here it is ( http://tjek.nu/r/BA03 )
I’m Going for a deep fried cheesecake I’ll release other versions as soon as I get it just right 👌🏻

High percentage, yes. Blame the Pear layering.

Lots of flavors, yes. Blame the Pear layering, lol.

This. Is. Delicious.

5-7 days. Sweeten subjectively! I find sweetener really helps the caramel pop.

Original vanilla custard has a slights snack pak pudding cup flavor to me IMO any advice is welcome

I started this recipe in 2017. Back then Lord Nimbus Elixirs made a flavor called Prestige. They described it as "Caramelized Pears in a Golden Nut Cluster". It was amazing. This is a remix of sorts as well as a truly original recipe. My aim through the years has always remained true to the profile. Here I have Caramelized Pears in a Nut Cluster and dripping with Butterscotch. Please don't be fooled by the number of ingredients, this is a very enjoyable vape. I hope this recipe brings you much joy......

This is really good but needs some time to steep. I reco 2 to 3 weeks steep to really calm down. It's good before that but it's a little rowdy and harsh with the spices. At 2 to 3 weeks. It kinda chills out. I'm sure 1-3 drops of ws23 would mellow that harsh out but it goes away eventually.

This is NOT your white girl pumpkin latte (unless u add a ton of sweeteners). This is pure BLACK coffee with pumpkin notes topped with a little caramel to round it out. No cream. No sugar. Oh and it's from Brazil apparently.

Anyways. I like coffee vapes but usually they get boring. This has been enjoyable. Hope you enjoy

You can sub flv pumpkin spice at .5-.75

A deliciously bright,rich French vanilla custard with undertones of brown sugar,caramel and tobacco. Definitely an ADV and if you enjoy your vape on the sweeter side feel free to add 0.25% - 0.5% cap super sweet. I’m usually a sucker for a sweet vape but truth be told I've been vaping this as is and have been enjoying it immensely. If your Into your tobacco/RY4/custards you might wanna mix this one up as it’s extremely delicious and 100% a wintery vape. 😍 if you mix this up please leave feedback for other mixers to check out. Stay safe guys and gals. 💙

A rice desert tobaccos, the main note is caramel cookie and in the back you can taste a nice tobacco note.

NOVEMBER RAIN ... a rich cinnamon roll for all cinammon lovers

If you not a cinnamon fan you can remove the cinamon roll from FW and make tye cinammon danish swirl up to 5%

Mix it with 70/30 vg/pg


This is my twist on Cubanamel by The Fog Vlog.
I liked the original but I wanted more caramel/vanilla out of it when I was vaping on my Kayfun. So I upped them all by 0.5%

Now it's a thick dark sweet dessert tobacco.

Goes great with coffee in the morning.

You can use the original TPA Bavarian Cream or the DX. I've tried both and I actually like the DX a little better in this mix.

You should add sweetener to preference.
The original has 0.15% Cap SS, I normally use 0.5% FW Sweetener myself in MTL mixes I want to be very sweet.


Tested out of a Kayfun Lite 2019, 26g SS316L 3mm ID 8 wraps, TC at 215°C 18.5w

Original Notes Below ---

After the word hit the street that FLV Created a shake and vape tobacco, I was quick to add it to my cart and start playing around. I'm enjoying my MTL setup during the day, I get through the day with less vape breaks - and extremely satisfying vape sessions.

We did a review show on Vurve, and RudeRudi spoke about Sweet Leaf. Following that I got in my concentrates, and mixed it up - I found the recipe to be really authentic, with a touch of dryness - like any cigar would. But because I have been vaping sweet fruits and desserts, my palate wasn't ready for it. So I smashed in some of my favorite dark cream, and caramel - to help add more body to this delicious cigar flavor. TFA Bavarian cream has a way for filling in all the dead spots in the mix, giving you a all round fuller body experience.

This is a Creamy Caramel Cuban, made for the squad that is tobacco curious, the perfect gateway to tobacco's. I would recommend this in a MTL setup - as this is how I tested this specific recipe.

Only add the super sweet if you want serious dessert style sweetness - because the TFA Bavarian Cream & FA Caramel is inherently sweet. This is not everyone's cup of tea, because it actually goes really well with a strong cup of coffee in the morning. Absolute bliss.

If you like sweet stuff, and also hit some tobacco recipes from time to time. Give this one a Smasheroo!

If you haven’t tried one of these yet and you love the original Twix and white chocolate you seriously have to get one of these in your life as they are fucking delicious!!!!!! I HAD to make this recipe as I’ve been eating them like their going out of fashion and with them being “LIMITED EDITION” my excuse to myself and everyone else is “well today could be the last day there on sale”!! I’m super happy with my final recipe I’ve created on this profile. It’s more or less spot on to the food source so now I can sit back,Vape my white choc Twix and not worry about turning into a fat fucker! 😃 you can S&V this one however a couple of days really amps everything up and @ 4 days this stuff is delicious. Vaping it right now with a big smile on my face. Sweetener is completely optional in this mix, I have a sweet tooth so I added 0.5% CAP SUPER SWEET. Please rate my recipe and leave me all feedback good or bad. Happy mixing guys and gals and please stay safe. 💙

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