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(FA) Butterscotch

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This recipe tries to tackle a Banana Nut Bread dipped in warm custard. It's pretty good, but still needs work.

Made on "Live Mixing: Friday"

Enter description here because I said so. Do it now.


A rich & creamy vanilla ice cream drenched with homemade butterscotch sauce...

This took a few attempts but I think I cracked the butterscotch sauce here. I wanted that caramelized sugar element inherently present in traditional butterscotch which was lacking in the standard variations. I tried a few things including Brown Sugar, Creme Brulee, etc but, alas, none of those delivered.
I found inspiration in a simple, often used ingredient and it worked a charm!

FA & FW Butterscotch
Both of these these are magnificent butterscotch's and I simply could not choose one over another, so I used both! At 2% each, they compliment one another beautifully to provide that rich and sweet butter and sugar goodness associated with a real butterscotch.

FA Caramel boosts the butterscotch and provides the faux dark brown sugary element without being bitter or overpowering.

The ice cream come compliments of my go-to VIC = LB Vanilla Ice Cream. This baby combines the best of CAP and TPA VBIC without any pepper notes (I am unfortunately a pepper taster) and is a creamy, full, real vanilla ice cream. The ice cream is made more indulgent with the help of a smidgen of HS French Vanilla Ice Cream, which takes this from great to magnificent!

To take this over the edge, further indulgence is provided by FA Cream Fresh, because EVERYTHING tastes better with Cream. Seriously, this knocks the butterscotch into shape a bit and tones the mix to the perfect level of creaminess and sweetness.

Holy Vanilla is just heaven in a bottle and is used to amplify the vanilla in the ice cream base...

Give this baby at least 2 weeks to settle...




A thick lavish creme anglaise swirled with dark butterscotch, a real all day vape in my eyes.

Created by me, Nevans.

Get the one-shot now at chefs flavours.


Edit: Dropped the sweet cream and reduced the overall flavor percentages. This has been a solid ADV in our house for awhile now

A creamy butterscotch RY4 inspired by the deliciousness of Glas Basix "Butterscotch Reserve."

Even though I was initially going for the Glas profile, at the end of the journey it turned into something completely different. This recipe ticks all the flavor profile boxes and is a satisfying desert tobacco vape that you can enjoy almost immediately. I always try to keep some on hand, but if I run out...shake and vape, baby! It just gets better over time.

Flavor profiles:

FA Butterscotch adds punch to the FA Caramel. Butterscotch Ripple adds a creamy roundness to really bring out the above flavors and enhance the caramel notes in the RY4.


A creamy caramel cigar fit for a filthy gunslinger. It changes a lot in the first week or so, give it some time.

JF RY4D - better than tfa. A bit more tobacco, cleaner vanilla and caramel.

FA caramel + butterscotch - takes a short steep but once they mature it turns into a goopy sticky caramel drizzle.

TFA FVC - It's malty, rich mouth coating vanilla but not as thick and eggy as custard. Definitely underrated, I put that shit on everything.

INW TA Cuban Cigar - straight no frills cigar wrapper leaf flavor. Light, leathery, no bull shit.

INW 555 + FLV Red Burley - primary filler tobaccos for the cigar, 555 adds that nuttiness and Red Burley melds similar notes with a dark, rich and earthy filler. Perfect intersection of profiles.

INW DNB - you're gonna have a cigar and not smoke it? Light that thang up, Blondie.


I challenged myself to make an "on the spot" recipe on a live you tube show recently and Addy Tuney suggested this profile. The fact that he is a great guy who is highly respected around the area of DIY as one of the founders was truly and honor to take up his suggestion. To suggest this to me with some sort of confidence that I could pull off a profile like this on the spot was daring to say the least lol. It;s Addy Tuney though, so I had to have a go. I'm actually really happy with this and how it came together. Look up my previous recipe "MMM Maple Syrup" as you will see this is what is included here in this recipe. I really like the way WF Crepe at 1% supports the TFA Pancake here and as a base to work off, works well. I chose deeper/darker versions of the Strawberry and Blueberry here to really give a warm cooked feeling. To accent and add depth to the fruit was the VT Boysenberry that works so well. The Caps Cinnamon Sugar really helps to add a little something to the pancake and compliments the overall recipe well with out taking over the recipe as some cinnamon flavors do, rather it sits at the back nicely. What an honor it was to create this, thank you Addy for laying down this challenge. I hope that not only you enjoy this but many people enjoy this recipe and maybe add a little cream,custard or ice-cream of your choice. Enjoy! :)
see it being created here: https://youtu.be/u-mdjAkuTP8?t=50m41s


This is a stone recipe base recipe. For 2 years now I have been wanting to nail down the perfect Maple Syrup flavor that I am familiar with when I drizzle it over pancakes, ice cream and what ever I feel like at the time. With every concentrate I tried that offered promise of helping me reach my happy place, it seemingly always fell short of delivering the authenticity I wanted. The closest I found was FA Maple Syrup but by it's self I seem to get the right tones but a little dryness and felt more like licking maple syrup off a dry serviette. I knew it needed a little help but with what? I know it pairs nicely with TPA Banana Fosters and is less dry with it but what if I want to use it in a profile that doesn't contain banana? Then "CHOO CHOO", VT Golden Syrup steams in on Platform 2 showing me a lovely sweet syrup that is just perfect in so many ways and offers the solution to FA Maple Syrup IMO. It gives the Maple a slightly deeper and more syrup like tones that compliments it very well. However it just needs "something" else. Something was missing to give me the 100% gorgeousness I was chasing. I reached out to DIYorDIE's Wayne Walker on a recent live show and he suggested to try adding an even amount of FA Butterscotch & FA Caramel (two of my most favorite flavors) and boom, a star was born by simply using 0.5% of each. Those syrupy caramel and butterscotch notes help to complete this & offers deliciousness at the next level IMO. After 3 days steep I think it's 99% authentic and ready now to add into a recipe with some bakery concentrates and where ever the imagination goes. I think this is the "missing link" that can help so many of us take our Maple Syrup included recipes to the next level. While I think it's great, tell me what you think. If you have a better thought/ solution or enjoy this please pop your thoughts/experiences in the comments below so we can all learn more, because it's more fun when "Together, we discover".
Enjoy :)

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taste pretty good i think it need's little bit more cookie if anybody try's it let me know what you think

Was looking for a perfectly blended Orange with nice vanilla ice cream background. Needs to steep but then doesnt disappoint. It is very sweet, juicy and gives more the feel of a fresh sherbet ice cream than a heavy ice cream. The butterscotch fills the gap between the juice and the cream and adds nice sweetness. Fits the picture imo but could also imagine a popsicle with a white light vanilla ice cream core surrounded by juicy orange water ice, slightly melted already. Will try some variations with LB Vanilla Ice Cream, FW Salted Caramel and so on.

Flavor Notes