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(FA) Butterscotch

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Just trying to recreate that picture.. for my mouth. Starting off easy and simple. But i just tryed this after a week. And damn. .its pretty good

Find your fruit heaven folks, this is mine. Parfait heaven. The Spanish translation of parfait is perfecto...love it.

CAP Apricot, TPA raspberry and TPA strawberry ripe have been my combo for this. There are many others, but this one makes me happy.

GC Clear provides just enough of a bridge here to make it a parfait rather than a fruit cream alone. FA's Butterscotch makes it even better while adding to the sweetness of the mix.

NY Cheesecake, while not what I typically use, gives the effect I wanted here minus some of the buttery/coconut notes I get from TPAs CGC.

CAP Whipped Cream? What parfait doesn't benefit from a finishing touch?

Recipe inspired from some of my own work and Wayne Walker's Vanilla Pudding Cookie recipe.

Another dripper juice that certainly needs NO added sweetener ;) Good as a shake and vape, supreme after a week. Welcome to summer people!


A deliciously warm homebaked cookie with vanilla pudding plopped on top


Chocolate Rain
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Chocolate Rain
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Chocolate Rain
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Chocolate Rain
Every February washed away
Chocolate Rain
Stays behind as colors celebrate

Chocolate Rain
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chocolate Rain
The judge and jury swear it's not the face

Mass Incarceration has been a Major problem since the War on drugs/ Nixon/Reagan, when drug use and prison population was declining and only 2% of Americas felt that drug addiction in America was a problem during the Reagan campaign. During the Reagan Administration the CIA was involved in trafficking cocaine. Government contracted Prisons to major corporation with a promise of 90% occupancy making profit from prisoners. War on drugs, Minimum sentencing, stop and frisk and Turning marijuana into a felony all had a major role in this issue, all for profit, segregation and oppression.

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Hazelnut fits well with Dbl Chocolate Clear, but just a hint. really brings out the chocolate IMO.... added Cream Fresh for a more milk chocolate boost

For fluff and that creamy smores taste, I went with TPA Toasted Marsh.

Butterscotch for the cookie is probably my new fave, I dislike intense cookie vapes but these settle well together.

Went with Vanilla Classic aka Madagascar as a chance, only because Madagascar fits well with the concept and it worked out bomb!

I wanted to try sadpandavape's apple 'bacco but didnt have most of the flavors as im in between orders at the moment, so i experimented with what i had. Overall, Im very pleased with the results.

Dulce de Leche (JF) - Dense, creamy, sweet, sticky caramel. I could have used a traditional caramel flavoring here, but DdL has a creaminess to it that would be missing had I gone that route. I find TPA Caramel(original) and FA's Caramel a little dry, helped by a steep, but still astringent. This DdL adds a lot of density to the mix and really helps to round off any sharper edges the other flavors may have

Butterscotch (FA)- Thick and sticky butterscotch. Paired with Dulce de Leche, this tastes just like the shell of a candy apple. I know a lot are on the Butterscotch Ripple hype train right now, but i dont think it would be right for this mix. I get way more 'cream' from that flavor than butterscotch. It has a butterscotch kind of flavor, but it tastes a little "off" to me. I want creaminess, but i'll add it somehow else

VBiC (TFA) - And here's that creaminess i wanted to add, but accompanied by vanilla. It get it done at this percentage and shouldnt be high enough to add pepperiness some get, not for me at least.

RY4 Double (TFA) - Never got tobacco from this. Always more caramel, a woodiness almost nut but not quite flavor, and vanilla undertones. Im using this to tie everything together

Hazelnut (FW)/Soho (FA) - The whole mix by this point is approaching sugar-lips level of sweetness. Time to muddy things up and add some nuttiness and a little darkness. Such low percentages aren't majorly changing the overall profile, but you'd be able to tell the difference in the mix without them if tasted side by side

Fuji (FA)- With all the sweetness and thickness from the other flavors, this apple is very bright. It stands out in the mix at 2% but doesnt drown out the other flavors. They exist together. The apple ends up wrapping around the other flavors like an inside out candy apple.

This I keep playing with the base stays the same but I'm moving the cookie base around and trying it with different cakes and vanillas I feel very close an all day vape as is for me though.

Still tweaking, but this is great.

A dreamy banana ice cream drizzled with caramel topping ending in a cream bliss.

Or maybe my pallette is just shot to shit.

Oh, and peanut butter.

This one has been driving me crazy for a minute feel like I finally nailed the profile, the combination of vanilla bean ice creams with that little bit of apple pie this is going to be a fantastic fall day hope you enjoy.

Little Debbie Iced Honey Bun. Notes in the August recipe thread.

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