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This is my impression of lovely Baklava, Off the shake I think it's good.
Is it though?

What's good what does it need? Anything?
Thank's to Wayne Walker Diy Or Die for your Live Mixing Inspo ( https://youtu.be/S0J0LXFkhZ8) for this profile that normally I would never think to make.

Almond Cookie - solid linear base line bakery concentrate & almond is always a great partner of pistachio's

Butterscotch - used low for a kiss of sweetness to help the honey/sugar syrup like notes shine a little.

Cereal 27 - A nice little bit of AP helps the bakery here as does the slight honey like note.

Salted Caramel - Makes all the sweetness shine here, this is a swiss army knife of a flavour enhancer. Salty notes always help accentuate flavours better!

WF Croissant - For that buttery flaky-like pastry notes

Golden Syrup - for a very slight dark sweet note

Green Joy - The mother of all pistachio concentrates and the secret weapon of choice here, such a perfect round pistachio flavor, not to dry, not to creamy, just right!

Honey Circles - Never overlook some of those good ol TFA staples like this, great bakery notes with some sweet honey like notes that really help with the body of this profile.

FW Pie Crust - I was wondering when or where I was ever going to use this slightly spicy greasy mess of a concentrate, but it was exactly what was needed in context of the recipe here. Lesson- Never throw out a flavour!
FLV Pisatchio - a little gives a contrast of that authentic dry pistachio edge.

I think it's great off the shake, can't wait to see what happens after a weeks steep!
Regardless, I think this is a winner in flavour.
Quite the shopping list, sure but well worth it for this high level of difficulty recipe to nail down.

I enjoy at 80w twin sst coil rda

This is similar to my lemon lime recipe. This one is a sweet buttery butterscotch cookie with great flavor through out. This does need at least 10 day steep but 12 is better.
Give me some feed back please..

Please let me know if same recipe has been done by someone else already...


Here’s my Idiot proof butterscotch custard. When it comes to sweetener you can add whatever your personal preference is. I added 0.4% cap super sweet and for me,it was absolutely banging! Hope you enjoy this one, for how simple it is it definitely deliver’s on the flavour! 💯 please leave a short review on my work for others to see. Take care 💙

Original Scotch Pears used River Supply's Honey Oats, that flavor may or may not be accessible soon. So I had to tinker and tweak but I think I have it back where it belongs. Either way this recipe is delicious. Comments welcome.

Apple Waffle Maple, you know the deal.

Made on Live Mixing:

ok so this one is all over the place, but this was one of my first attempts at getting more creative with baccos. has a nice, dark complexity to it in my opinion, gonna be revisiting it soon for changes for sure.

Told Wayne i wanted to mix a cornbread recipe, he told me add butterscotch and toffee. I used what i had and here we are. Not too shabby. I'm not much of a mixer just used suggested %'s got the Idea from developed2banger by rocky02852

A Super Tasty Blonde Brownie. Its A Coil Gunker Though

This is a Creamy gooey butterscotch / caramel dessert with some moist cake notes and some good thick cream.

Trying this. Had tried similar, just polishing up percentages. This should work out just fine.

Two weeks later this is a great flavor. I am really enjoying this. Final recipe version below.

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