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(FA) Butter

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Used in 195 recipes at an average of 0.592%.


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1Dark Virginia # 1 Butterscotch Caramel Toffee # 2 Butter Coco' (coconut)# 3

Sweet and heavy
Dark smoke with many changes in

Deep fried ice cream balls covered in a crispy batter

A classic rhubarb crumble like Granny would make.
Nice tart Rhubarb, toned and sweetened with a touch of strawberry, sitting under a golden buttery crumble and finished with a dollop of vanilla cream.

CAP Sugar Cookie/JF Biscuit/ FA Butter - The perfect components to get a soft buttery crumble flavour with a little crunch. The butter can absolutely be swapped for TFA Butter. JF Biscuit is a softer, more buttery biscuit than it's INW cousin so a better choice in this recipe, though again can be subbed.

TFA Strawberry Ripe/ TFCC Rhubarb: The filling. TFCC Rhubarb is not all that strong in comparison to the well known companies, its best described as perfectly emulating a candied rhubarb sweet flavour. The strawberry helps to fill it out, sweeten and give it more of a stewed texture.

FA Cream Fresh/ TFA VBIC: Make a nice 'dollop' of cream to round the recipe off. VBIC adds just the right amount of creamy vanilla, while the Fresh Cream keeps it light and fluffy.
Add Sweetener to taste. I like 0.25% Super Sweet in this one.

My test subjects and I found it perfectly good to vape after 4 days, though this will vary dependant on the Rhubarb used. Rhubarbs usually need a bit of time to settle down so this is not a shake and vape unfortunately.
Really lovely after 2 weeks.
I will be trying the INW Rhubarb in this when I eventually get it in, and will update if I like it better. Feel free to experiment with the rhubarb, I realise most people are not going to have TFCC version as I've only seen it sold at MakeMyVape in the U.K, but it's the only one I have at the moment that I like.

This delectable recipe was inspired by wanting to create a nice delicious strawberry bundt cake loaded with cream cheese all over it.

The strawberries Fused together gives the recipe a subtle but nice light strawberry flavor while still allowing the other flavors to shine though in the recipe. The Vanilla Cupcake mixed with Cap yellow cake give it that great cake flavor and add a touch of FA cookie to give it more of that cake texture. Lorans cream cheese Icing combined with the Cap NY Cheescake are the stars of the show that give the cake a perfect balance of flavor to make it cheesy and add a nice tang to it. The butter adds to make the recipe just a little more moist to like you would expect from a good cake recipe. FLV cream adds a nice dairy note and some added sweetness to the recipe to make this a great all day vape.

Steep 3 days for great flavor a full 7 day to have all the flavors meld together to make this cake recipe into perfection.


Well I wanted a Biscuits and Jam recipe.

Started with the Biscuit. strong but not 100% strong so 1.8%
Needed more butter so FA Butter: .2% (yes it comes through on the steep)
Then it needed more inner texture, but not too sweet of one so biscotto at 1% for that extra cookie/bready/texture. You won't really notice it other than "hey this biscuit has layers". Added some joy for a little extra breadyness and that minor sweetness it has mixes with:

The inside... I chose the shisha for it's jammy qualities (3%) but felt it needed a little more realistic strawberry to help it out so 5% ripe. Throw in a little vienna and cream fresh for that sweetness and (believe it or not the vienna helps the biscuit here because it is naturally "fluffy") you have a biscuits and jam.

trying get as close to the ethos flavor as I can
1 drop / 10m sweetener (2/mll if tfa)

My clone of french dude (Blueberry french toast) This to me is a better version with a slightly more authentic flavor profile. And honestly french dude doesn't taste like french toast anyways lol.

The FLV cupcake batter is the key to everything. I was single flavor testing it and after acouple weeks it started tasting just like waffles with a hint a maple already in it

The butter is pretty obvious, I initially had this at 1% and you couldn't notice it was there, at 2% its a perfect hint of butter.

I added the yellow cake in a second version to give it a little more of the sugary dough flavor that I felt was missing

FA Maple syrup again is pretty obvious, be warned it is extremely strong. I had it at .25% and accidentally put an extra drop bring it up to .4 and I actually liked it better there so I kept that odd number. You can play with this one for your taste of sweetness

FLV blueberry muffin - I added to try killing 2 birds with one stone to get more of a cake flavor and add the blueberry, however the blueberry was only a slight hint hence adding the few drops of bilberry really sent it over the top.

Bilberry - like I mentioned above I wasn't getting enough blueberry and added this in the 4th batch to up it just a nudge and this put the blueberry flavor right where it needed to be.

Believe it or not, this is actually damn good right away as a shake and vape however if it sits 2-3 weeks it becomes much more complex. I usually make 2 bottles, one to sit and one to vape on.

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