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This is my ADV tobacco. It is simple, clean tobacco without much smoke or sweetness. I mix it up in the evening, and it is ready to go the next morning.
Tested on the Innokin Biip with a 1.6 coil.

Simple whiskey tobacco mix. Made specifically for pod devices only.

This is just a nice Sweet fruity Blackberry tobacco. The Butterscotch gives it a nice desert feel and the blackberrys combined make it nice and sweet with just a hint of tart with a pleasant but not overpowering tobbaco Finish. Steeped 3 days. Taste really good mixed at 70./308@

My first attempt at a tobacco recipe. The tobacco is light, and rich in flavor, but just enough for my taste buds. I’ve only had it steeping overnight so far and it taste pretty good. If you like it you can up the tobaccos. I will add more notes as it steeps.

Delicious caramel mocha coffee with a hint of tobacco....whats not to like?

A mild tobacco recipe with notes of saffron and Virginia main taste.

Simple tobacco recipe with creamy vanilla, cookie, coconut and caramel.

Simple recipe with some burley tobacco, coffee, caramel , biscuit and vanilla (creamy). The coffe flavor used is Coffee Kawa (INAWERA).

A tobacco recipe with tobacco , caramel, vanilla , cookie and creamy hazelnut.

A strong tobacco blend that Roland Deschain would approve.enjoy..

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