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Freshly tested on Fresh03 saturday mixing with friends, not sure how it will steep out, but the percentages may need adjusting as it steeps. I will update it if I change the percentages.

Named by Ryan Owens -- Thanks A Bunch for the name!


Super simple Fruit Loops recipe. Love the profile but most Fruit Loops flavors miss the mark. I wanted a super simple one that didn't taste of lemon pledge or consist of 10+ flavors.

FW Fruit Rings - Best Fruit Loops flavor I've tried. Not overly lemon but a great and authentic cereal flavor. I'm not a huge fan of FW in general but they knocked this flavor out of the park; puts TFA's version to shame. This flavor has that sugar coating we all use FA Meringue for but lacks in the dry cereal flavor.

FA Breakfast Cereal - A really good Kix type dry cereal. This one isn't as "dark" as Cap Cereal 27 but this flavor excels with the lighter dry cereal flavor with no cardboard notes. FA did a really good job with this flavor. Brings the dry cereal notes that FW Fruit Rings is lacking.

PUR Condensed Milk - I really only added this to bring a light milk flavor to the profile as most people prefer it with a milk flavor. The original one I made didn't have this in it and it was still awesome. I wanted to keep it to one more flavor so I chose PUR Condensed Milk to fill that roll. This brings a light milk flavor but it does the job. You can feel free to completely omit this flavor or add your prefered milk base but this flavor is worth picking up.

Give this 3-5 business days to sit as FA Breakfast Cereal needs some time to make the mix crispy. If you don't the flavor will not really be there and the mix will taste lacking. The lemon flavor from the Fruit Rigns calms down a bit also.

This was a tester recipe for Breakfast Cereals to go along with my flavor notes. It's not heavy on the creams, but it is creamy once it's steeped. This is NOT a shake and vape. It needs at least 7 days smooth out and let the creamy notes come through. Before that the marzipan is just too strong and the coconut accents haven't had a chance to develop.

Flavor Notes can be found on my site: http://flavor-pro.com/flavor-notes-flavourart-breakfast-cereals/

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