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This is a healthy cereal bar with cheerios, peanuts and dried cranberries with a bit of honey to sweeten. The liquid amber does a pretty good job of turning flv cranberry into dried cranberries and the cereal 27 backs up the breakfast cereal a bit while adding some honey sweetness.


This recipe is a 7.1% recipe and does require steep. I am a very picky cream person and I have a hard time with Straight cream, but If I add a little pizzazz it works well for me. Eggnog was that perfect spice i was looking for in this mix because i wanted a little nutmeg. I used TFA Vanilla Custard and I'll go ahead and apologize upfront to those that get pepper from TFA custard I am not one of those people. I enjoy TFA Vanilla custard because it doesn't have a lot of that fake vanilla note like other custards and I find it has a very nice eggy note that steeps in nicely. I used FLV cream to add a heavy cream without adding extra sweetness to my milk tart. For the outer layer of the tart I used a combination of FA cookie and FA breakfast cereal. FA cookie is my favorite cookie to build a crust and FA breakfast cereal has a very nice granny crunchy note that pairs well with the cookie when making a crunchy crust. FA caramel is there to accent the crust more than the cream but I find it to be what binds both of the layers. I hope you enjoy and please leave me some comments if you mix it. :)

This recipe does require steep for all the flavors to meld together if your patient you wont be sorry that you waited.

Hey, I'm that guy who over complicates my recipes . . . surprise, this one is no different. Didn't have everything I needed for ID10-T's Lucky's Charm, so I just went for a creamy, strawberry cereal profile with some added Milk and NY Cheesecake (the missing concentrates from Lucky' s are on my to buy list). I also really wanted something kind of solid to use my Cake Batter Dip in. Cereal vapes take me right back to the days of yore when Saturday morning meant Cartoon Day (along with Soul Train, Kung Fu Theater, and local wrestling on into the carefree afternoon). This is a super creamy milk over slightly soggy strawberry cereal . . . like the last few bites before guzzling every last drop of the ambrosial, sugar-thickened, pink nostalgia . . . it's waiting just a spoon's length away.

I enjoyed this as a SNV, but it really came together after 3 days. Mixed 60vg/40pg.

Much thanks to ID10-T for doing the legwork with Lucky's Charm!

This recipe was inspired by Apple Jacks, but I wasn't necessarily going for an Apple Jacks clone. It is pretty close though, but I honesty wanted something better than Apple Jacks.

FA Breakfast cereal is an amazing wheat type cereal flavor. A perfect base for this recipe and thank God we don't have to rely on sub par cereal concentrates now like in the past.

CAP Double Apple and CAP CDS worked out nicely for the apple and cinnamon without having to turn this into an overly complex layered recipe with 20 ingredients. The CDS also helps a little with the cereal base.

The creams are rather light in this recipe, but they do add some nice mouthfeel and keep the overall recipe from feeling too dry.

"Cabane á Sucre" combines three flavors already tasty on their own but when blended together create something exquisite.

Maple Syrup. Hazelnut. Cake Batter.

With Cabane á Sucre I decided to use FA Maple Syrup & FLV Maple Bar in tandem for the maple aspect. Each bring something different to the table and blend nicely together.

FW Hazelnut was a no brainer. It's creamy. It's nutty. And it pairs beautifully with maple syrup. FA Breakfast Cereals, one of Flavour Art's newest flavors provides a bit of texture I felt was lacking.

FLV Caramel was sort of the missing link. This concentrate is beautiful at providing a certain "roundness." Love it. Lastly, both INW Shisha Vanilla and FLV Cupcake Batter lend some extra creaminess, body and light vanilla notes.

TPA/TFA Sweetener cause.. maple syrup.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's feedback! Enjoy ;)

-Modesto Bravo

A sweet coconut and cream pie with just the right amount of chocolate. I wanted to keep the chocolate in the background in this recipe, while pushing the coconut to be the upfront main notes of the recipe. FA Breakfast cereal brings a nice and light bakery crust that compliments both the coconut and chocolate.

So just lately I've been craving some old school flavours, Looper was one of my favourites, a lot of people say they get Lemon Pledge from fruit circles but I love it.... something twangy in that lemon that sparkles, berry crunch is just a great flavour in this recipe and unmistakable but I also added some FA Breakfast to give the cereal a boost, this mix in my mech squonk and wasp is just a evening of bliss 👌
Ps you can shake it and vape it but the cereals really come together after a few days.


Yeah I know another freakin strawberry. Its been a awhile since I whipped up a strawberry so what the hell. Playing with the FA breakfast cereal in this one. A nice strawberry milk that will keep you guessing. Its yummy IMO!!! . You can sub out your favorite strawberry stone if you want but Rf and inw are my favs in this one.. Its easy, fun and vapes great. Enjoy!!!!!


This is my adaptation of a fried ice cream. The main layer of course is the ice cream, I went with LB Vanilla Ice Cream and HS French Vanilla. This makes a awesome creamy Ice Cream base. The middle layer consists of FW Butterscotch Ripple with FA Butterscotch, this gives the ice cream a great butterscotch taste. The FA Joy combined with FA Breakfast cereal, gives the perfect texture and taste for the fried outer layer of the ice cream. Then top with some caramel from WF, Caramel Rice Crispy Treat, this adds more to the texture needed. Delicious ADV!
If you want some sweetener, feel free to add, I prefer it without. If you do want sweetener, Super sweet is going to give you more of a donut glaze taste in this recipe, so I don’t recommend Super Sweet.

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