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(FA) Blackcurrant

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This recipe has been revised due to the horrid off note of plastic from the Cap glazed doughnut. I thought that it had steeped out bit I was wrong. I'm sorry hopefully this doughnut will make up for it. /wink.

This is a simple bright blueberry where the kiwi citrus cuts through the deep flavors

Made for "VT Blueberry" Flavor Book Entry

Inspired by waynes sweedish fish recipe, trying to highlight CAP 27 fish. This is just me trying to take a recipe and turn it to something I can enjoy since I tend to have a hard time tasting things. Tried to give it a bit more gummy body and push forward the top notes. if youre like me and can taste 1/18th of a drop of blackcurrant then youll want to give this a day or two for that top note of it to fade away a bit and let the main things take over. let me know what you think.

PS...this seems to work better at lower wattages. When I used it in a series setup it was pretty muddled and just like sweet heat. But when I use it in my entheon around 42.5 watts its so much better and you can actually get more body and not just a muddled flavor. I assume its because of the EM content in some of the flavors. Once the power is high enough to volatilize it then it just doesn't work well. Rookie mistake yes but I still love this recipe.

I used my cream base to make a sweet (with a bit o tartness ) Blackcurrant Ice Cream.

Ummmm my best discription would be a Fruit Milkshake creamy and fruity

Just a small difference from Wayne’s version adding some Biscuit to give it bit more body on the toast side and black current for just a bit more jammy flavor. Mixed at 70/30

After a fair bit of tinkering this ended up being a wonderful fruit slush. Not overly sweet, not overly cool. Fruit comes through nicely, with the slight cool exhale. Enjoy :) :)

Strawberry kiwi yogurt. Has a slight butter note initally that should steep out after 3 days leaving a sweet and sour rich yogurt.

Sugar Plum and Currant Crumb Tart with a dark twist!

Lime and Ginger Snap are purely for back notes.


This is a remix based on the new Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble. I made this based on the profile before the commercial liquid was released so it isn't exactly as the original. However after getting a bottle of the original I think I prefer this mix.

Flavour Notes:

The Crumble Base

Fa Pandoro, Cap sugar cookie, Cap golden butter, Cap Cereal 27 and Cap graham Cracker V1

This base has been a work in progress for a good six months and is good to use as a base to layer other flavours in for your preferred Crumble recipe. (try it with 1.5% Flv apple filling)

The Pandoro and golden butter give the light cake / buttery element of the Crumble with the sugar cookie and graham cracker giving the biscuit notes.

Cereal 27 really helps to create the authentic Crumble flavour and also helps to meld the buttery and biscuit elements together.

The Blackberry Filling

TPA - blackberry works well on top of the Crumble base and give a vibrant jammy type of blackberry which sits nicely as the top note in this recipe. I find tpa's blackberry as three best choice for this recipe even though I don't think Dinner Lady are using it in their recipe. Fa blackcurrant is used just to add further jam like feel and texture to bend the blackberry into a cooked blackberry.


Super Sweet adds some sweetness and helps to add vibrancy to the mix

AP is not essential as there is a fair bit in the cereal 27 but this helps the texture of the mix and to help keep the layers separate.

Hope you guys enjoy and if you mix it up please let me know your thoughts

Flavor Notes