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Keep the Milky Undertone or not. This is some good stuff! Super simple and oh, so delicious!

This is a remix of Vaper's Knoll - Lunar Harvest - https://www.vapersknoll.com/products/lunar-harvest - submitted by Avon Barksdale. If you would like to submit a clone request, please visit this link https://www.facebook.com/notes/freedom-to-mix/suggest-remixesclones/461914887596726/ and I will do my best to create a remix.

Vaper's Knoll describes this as a blue rock candy with berries and cotton candy and that's a very good description of the profile. It's a pretty straight forward recipe, but when vaping the original, I was picking up on a hint of creaminess. So I added CAP Creamy Yogurt at 1.5%. This seems to "break-up" the fruits a bit and adds a deeper dimension to the recipe. It's defiantly not a yogurt profile, and adding it doesn't turn it into a yogurt profile. It just adds depth to the over-all recipe.

Thanks to Avon Barksdale for sending this remix suggestion. If you like candy vapes, I'm sure this will be one you will like. This can be a shake and vape, but just a couple days and it's better.

Any comments, reviews, good or bad is welcomed. It makes us all better mixers. :)
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Something quick, simple and fruity. Not that complex but still tasty.

Inspired by oriental canned drinks with jelly pieces.

Sweet Lychee and Jelly Candy are the base here and both compliment each other quite well. Although the percentages might seem high, the Jelly helps tone down the floral notes from the lychee.

Blackcurrant and dragonfruit are added to round out the body and mouth feel.

I pretty much took Alan's Orange, changed the percentages around a little, and made it raspberry/blackcurrant.

At first it wasn't that great but after a couple drops of super sweet (1 drop per 30ml) and about a week to settle it turned out super nice.
as an aside, TFA Marshmallow does not fit in this recipe at all. or in Alan's Orange for that matter.

Dark, sweet, juicy berries with a little bit of bite.

raspberry/blackcurrant - What's there to say? INW Raspberry is strong and pungent. FA Blackcurrant is slightly floral and sweet. the two come together and play off each other very well. You'll see what I mean.

The rest - Pear adds a bit of juice, dragon fruit melts it all together, strawberry exists for some reason. Pink champagne gives it a slight, nearly unnoticeable bite.

It's a bit dry so INW Cactus might do some good here at .5-.75% but i'm pretty content with where it is.

no picture because i'm lazy.


This is a blackcurrant sorbet, with hints of blackberry and blueberry
Feel free to add koolada, VT Sorbet Base, or Menthol for iciness

Made for "The Sorbet Secret" Member Article
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2018/04/26/the-sorbet-secret-diy-eliquid-recipe/


This recipe is inspired from @freshepies (Fresh 03)
His combination of LB Vanilla ice cream with Flv vanilla pudding really does create an excellent "custardish" Base!
Also using Fresh's suggested combination of FW Blueberry, Flv Boysenberry and FA Blackcurrent creates such a delicious berry flavor.
This mix is really good off the shake and just improves quite quickly.
I was hesitant to make this public as it really is entirely inspired by Fresh 03, But I just had to share this ADV with the community.

This recipe has been revised due to the horrid off note of plastic from the Cap glazed doughnut. I thought that it had steeped out bit I was wrong. I'm sorry hopefully this doughnut will make up for it. /wink.

This is a simple bright blueberry where the kiwi citrus cuts through the deep flavors

Made for "VT Blueberry" Flavor Book Entry

Inspired by waynes sweedish fish recipe, trying to highlight CAP 27 fish. This is just me trying to take a recipe and turn it to something I can enjoy since I tend to have a hard time tasting things. Tried to give it a bit more gummy body and push forward the top notes. if youre like me and can taste 1/18th of a drop of blackcurrant then youll want to give this a day or two for that top note of it to fade away a bit and let the main things take over. let me know what you think.

PS...this seems to work better at lower wattages. When I used it in a series setup it was pretty muddled and just like sweet heat. But when I use it in my entheon around 42.5 watts its so much better and you can actually get more body and not just a muddled flavor. I assume its because of the EM content in some of the flavors. Once the power is high enough to volatilize it then it just doesn't work well. Rookie mistake yes but I still love this recipe.

I used my cream base to make a sweet (with a bit o tartness ) Blackcurrant Ice Cream.

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