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A light summer crumble with apple as the main top note backed up with blackcurrant and a hint of Strawberry sweetness and a biscuit style crumble that sits through the vape

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This is my first recipe, that i will put online on All the flavors. Would be nice to get some feedback, because i am still missing some body to it.. It is a very nice, smooth vape with a good balanced berry taste, but i miss some body in the cream. Maybee somebody get hooked and can give me some advice. Thx in advance and greetings from Belgium ChefProject

for the next batch i added some black currant,and switched to capella's vanilla custard. I also added some strawberry ripe


This is just the result of playing with plum and various flavor pairings. Plum pairs with hazelnut and with peach (which also pairs with hazelnut). Black Currant pairs with pear (which also pairs with hazelnut) and peach. I chose INW Plum and JF Honey peach here simply because they are tasty flavors that I wanted to mix with. I wanted this mix to have a unique finish and I have found myself really enjoying FW Hazelnut so I had to use it after I noticed that it paired with plum and peach. FA Pear is here as an attempt to juice things up and remove some of the harsher elements that the plum/peach combo present. FA Black Currant is here to brighten everything up and provide some background 'tart' notes.

The end result is an intense, fleshy fruit flavor that suggests plum and peach. The hazelnut finishes and rounds out the bottom of the vape with a darker, creamier element to provide an experience that extends beyond mere 'fruit salad.' There is some initial throat hit that subsides after a few pulls, but I feel that the results of this sacrifice are worth it. I recommend steeping this for at least 3 days for proper homogenization.


A louched glass of absinthe with luscious, ripe berries and a sprig of mint muddled in. Sophisticated & strange. Incredible with cocktails. 100% Shake & Vape.

This is just a (heavily modified, shake & vape-able) remix of my "Glaistig" recipe with an upgraded absinthe flavor, so, if you don't have Decadent Vapours' Absinthe, you can still mix this up using the original recipe here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/2912#glaistig_by_runtdastardly


So here it is, my very first completely from scratch recipe. I have been talking about this damn thing for

I got the idea from one of Wayne's live mixing streams while he was talking about how he wanted to make a black currant lemonade one days. So I shamelessly stole the idea. hah.

I never made anything from scratch and simply mixed other people's recipes so this was a pretty fun experience. The idea was to get a sweet black currant lemonade with the lemonade being abit more dominant instead of just black currant in the face.

Flavourart Black currant: I used this because out of the few black currant flavorings I tried this was simply the best. FA just make some of the best authentic fruits out there and black currant is no exception. Using this was a no brainer. Billberry is there to just enforce the black currant after the recommendations from the mixers collective. it just worked really well.

Flavourart oba oba: This is a flavoring that randomly got added but somehow worked. Darren cole's timebomb recipe used it and he mentioned it giving a citrus flavor and I put it in the lemonade to test it and it really worked. For some reason.

Lorann Lemonade: another no brainer. LA lemonade is just a delicious basic lemonade. I added CAP lemon lime to boost the lemonade.

INW cactus: I used this simply for it's "wet" feeling.

TFA sweetener: Lemonade needs to be sweet.

70/30 VG/PG

Steep: 2-3 days

I have no idea how to do any of this so I apologise if this is abit rough and amateur looking. I have vaped about 60ml and I really enjoy it. it's a nice black currant with a strong lemonade kick to it. I hope people mix this up and give me their opinion so that I can grow and learn.


Moral of this story: don't be afraid to create recipes after enjoying some adult beverages. Ever imagine what would happen if FA Fuji and FA Black Currant made sweet love and reproduced? Now well you have. This is a beautiful love child, indeed. Strong in character, this is quite tart and tasty as a shake and vape and gets sweeter as it matures. After 4 days, it maintains a crisp (yet juicy) texture. Past that point, who knows? Let me know if it lasts that long. Replace INW Pineapple with 0.5% TFA Pineapple if you must.


This is a version of my sweet blueberry lemonade that has a more natural or "tart" taste to it. Replacing the more sweet CAP Lemon Sicily with its more natural FA counterpart and adding a touch of FA Bilberry to help flesh the blueberry out. Replaced TFA Sweetener with Ethyl Maltol to cut the "sugar on the tongue" taste of the sucralose while still brightening the berries. EM is more optional in this version than the TFA Sweetener in the original. 2 Drops Koolada per 30ml or to taste. Overnight steep to help the FA Lemon Sicily and Bilberry settle in.


No nonsense sweet blueberry lemonade. Shake and vape. Optional 2 drops koolada per 30ml or to taste.

Reddit write up: https://m.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/54j0oj/hearts_alive_sweet_blueberry_lemonade/


A creamy smooth black currant. Slightly sweet. 5 flavor mix, easy to make. Overnight steep.


An intriguing mix of juicy, ripe berries, absinthe and a touch of mint, perfect for reinvigorating a bored palate.

Recommended Base: 70/30 VG/PG
Steep Time: 1 Week Minimum

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