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(FA) Blackcurrant

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1633 recipes at an average of 1.327%.


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This is a nice take on a lemon meringue ice cream pie with a little bit more tart. Has that perfect balance in flavor. Light and Fluffy with a nice pie crust taste. This was an attempt at something a bit different. I Find it absolutely great. mixed at 60/40Pg. This flavor really comes together after a 5 day steep. Try it out. I would love your Feedback. super sweet Optional. I think the Blackcurrant adds a nice subltle unique taste to the recipe.

So after Kopel was on Noted the florals episode I decided to get back to playing with them. I've always enjoyed Lavender and think it goes great with Black Currant so I decided to make a candy, not realizing I was making a different version of his Jazz Hands until just a few minutes ago. Anyways after a few trials this is what I've landed on. It's sweet, has a great gummy candy vibe, and the flavors fell into place perfectly.

Lavender and Black Currant dance around creating the base of this recipe, I wanted the Lavender to be prominent but not overtake the whole thing causing it to go dry so 1.5% works well. The Black Currant adds a nice musty and deep flavor at 2%, and the touch of Raspberry adds a little tartness to keep it crisp and up front.

Jelly Candy is perfect here at 3%, with a touch of Super Sweet at .25% you really get a gummy candy out of it.

Holy Vanilla was put in at 1.5% to meld the two components together and make it one cohesive flavor as well as add a touch of Vanilla to the Lavender.


I took inspiration from a bunch of different "Strawberry Cream" recipes. This is a much darker vape, without being too heavy. It's a dam fine S&V but 4 or 5 days in it's even better. It's very sweet so take out the sweetener if want a less sweet vape. If you mix it leave me a note so I can get better at this mixing thing.

Mixathon recipe! Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam! For the cause!!!

I wanted to make something different and out of my comfort zone. So I thought this might be a good recipe to try. I have always loved a nice Blueberry hibiscus tea, but don't care for a tea vape. So I decided to make a nice smoothie out of this.
FW Blueberry- The best and most Authentic Blueberry that I have Found and brings a nice sweet Blueberry flavor.

FLV Hibiscus - This is the Best Hibiscus I've tried and it tastes so good mixed with Blueberry. It has nice Floral notes but not too overpowering at .75%.

FA Black Currant- I can't say enough Good things About this flavor. It pairs well in so many recipes and brings a nice spicy tart finish to any recipe while providing a unique Flavor.

Cap Golden Pineapple- I Just love This flavor as it taste like fresh canned Dole pineapples. This pairs really well with the cocunut and the Black Currant really making the flavor just a bit more astringent.

Flv Coconut - This is the Best Cocunut Flavor it's so good and authentic and goes great in this mix.

Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream- This makes it creamy and brings in a light Vanilla note and makes it a nice blended Smoothie.

Cap Supersweet is optional but adds the perfect amount of sweetness to this recipe.

This Recipe also pairs well with a nice mint bringing a cooling effect. I reccomend either Cap Cool Mint or Polar Blast at a .5%.

Best after a 5 day steep. Mixed at 60/4oPG.

Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy.



CAP Creamy yogurt / TPA Dairy Milk: this is the cream base with an extra light tartness and a fully white creaminess from the yogurt combined with dairy milk to give a light milk taste.

CAP Vanilla bean ice cream / FW Vanilla bean ice cream / CAP Vanilla whipped cream: CAP VBIC used to boost a little the vanilla profile without exceeding and FW VBIC to give a sweet ice cream base to the ice cream base. CAP Vanilla whipped cream give that extra whipped cream profile to the ice cream.

CAP Blue Raspberry cotton candy: a sweet blue Raspberry touch to emulsionate the fruits and give a an extra airy layer to the creams.

FA Bilberry / INA Blackcurrant / TPA Berry crunch: this is the main purple fruit note: FA is a genuine bilberry flavor and here it act like a base for the INA Blackcurrant which has a wonderful genuine 'Cassis' profile (very concentrated flavor, I started @ 0.3% and then decided to stop @ 0.75% because the risk of obtaining a too much florar profile). TPA Berry crunch give a rounded boost to the berries without being too crunchy @ 1.5%.

FA Blackcurrant: FA blackcurrant is different from the INA version: it is more like a red currant instead of a black one, and in this this recipe is used to give depth and complexity to the berry part.

FA Blackberry: FA Blackberry is an extreme concentrated flavor and here I was searching for an added depth to the other berries 0.05% (3 drops in 60mls) is spot on, just the amount to be noticeable without overpower everything.


A respectful remix to give homage and respect to The Vaping Bogan from Australia. His juice line "Bogan Brews" is world famous for addicting flavor. His most intriguing to date is his "Six and Out" recipe which is a term used in backyard cricket commonly played at family gatherings here in the summer. His recipe is a balanced yet complex delight of blackcurrant and lychee. Cloning this was difficult to nail down the back notes and I am still somewhat battling that as this is quite an amazingly balanced juice. This is close but not quite as mellow IMO. Hat's off to the original because I could only get around 80-85% there but none the less a yummy complex juice well worth a 30ml trial before you go and buy the real thing and appreciate it! #BogansMixBest

I've never had Yig, or even smelled it;
I have however enjoyed the stuff from Mr Green that I've purchased. The description on their website sounded good, so I made something with that as inspiration. I have a friend that vapes retail, and has had Yig, who will be my test subject. This is just my first attempt.

I have never had a blackcurrant, nor have I made an oatmeal cookie vape. This is purely experimental. Having RF stuff and Cap V1, I plan at least a week long steep before I try it.


A vivid and pleasant Grape Juice recipe
Recipe made for TFA Grape Juice FlavorBook entry
-> http://diyordievaping.com/2017/06/06/tfa-grape-juice/


I wanted to create something fresh for the summertime with this one. I decided to start with the base flavor of Raspberry and work with some of its flavor affinities. Enter CAP Lemon Lime, a flavor I've had for awhile but have barely used. That's going to change now. It gives the mix a very nice juicy citrus profile. More lime than lemon with that flavor, but for its place in this recipe, that's a good thing. I decided to go with a third affinity for Raspberry, and that is Blackcurrant. FA Blackcurrant, in my opinion is the one and only Blackcurrant flavor you'll ever need. It also serves to deepen the Raspberry. Depending on how fresh your bottle of Lemon-Lime is, due to the alcohol, this is good as a SnV or overnight steep.

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