(FA) Blackcurrant

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A sweet and juicy Raspberry Sorbet

Nothing to fancy but pretty damn tasty.


My oh my! This one is tasty as fark😅👊

And with only 6.5% flavor, this packs a lot a flavor. Don’t you worry bout dat 😎

You get a perfect balance of sweet syrupy strawberry, blended with fresh tart rhubarb and slight cool feel.

The SASAMI Rhubarb and the SUPER AROMA Garden mint is definitely the ⭐️ in this one.
If been working on this for quite some time, but I just didn’t had the ONE rhubarb to finish it if. Tried with inw rhubarb. That one got I bit to dry. Tried Vt rhubarb compote. That one was to watery, and was hard to balance with the strawberry without drowning the whole recipe in rhubarb. Cap just wasn’t the right tasting rhubarb.

But... SASAMI Rhubarb was it! Man oh man is that a GREAT rhubarb. It defines the whole recipe as a strawberry RHUBARB slush. If you haven’t got it yet. Go get it! Works wonders in bakery’s as well, if you are looking for a fresh authentic rhubarb👍👊

The garden mint 🪴is turning the ice 🧊 into slush. After a shake it’s very dominant, but after just a couple of hours it has blended in to the mix and it just works wonders with both creating slush but also gives the rhubarb texture and authenticity.

The black currant is there to make the strawberry “pop”.

... and if you haven’t noticed yet, I am VERY pleased with this one. And I would very much like some feedback on this one ☝️ 🙏🏻🙂

Tested on a Hadaly with a fused Clapton, 0.38, 40 watts 👍

Wow that's a bit dark, haven't we passed the era with all these cool names of eLiquid?

I'm not getting any younger so I am pretending to be cool ok, let me have my midlife crisis lol

How did I come up with this del-ic-ious recipe?
whooo ahh arr ahh, is that how a vampire laughs?
I don't know. I'm an old dag lol

Ok so my better half is to blame for this one, yes seriously.
She was one of those "Goths" back in the day & she has been intrigued more lately with my flavour stash since we got the new soda stream.
She wanted a lovely fresh blood orange flavour so I customized this for a vape eLiquid first because I'm still learning the ways of flavouring sodas.

Yes this is an eLiquid recipe though & I think it's worked out really well.
She wanted something cool with a just a lil something slightly deeper than your usual blood orange with also little cooling, hence the FA Blackcurrent & WS-23.

The rest sort of came by instinct, well sort of, but being experienced with the other flavors that I have used before that I hypothesized with here work well here & paid off I think.

So what is the profile?
Ummm, a Bubbly like Blood orange with a gentle vampire depth left with a little cooling that doesn't leave you in the cold.

I think it's a good one, but what do you think?
Let me know!

Regardless have fun mixing & staying off those dam stinkies!
Educate, advocate & be good to a mate!

I enjoy this at 65W on a SST single coil Recurve RDA.

I do a mixing show on YT if you want to take a look:

My entry for the #CCMixingChallenge South Africa

A delectable sherbet centered blackcurrant lollipop to keep you licking & licking...

FA Blackcurrant is uber realistic and nails a fresh, juicy blackcurrant masterfully. The earthy notes make this beauty stand out form the also-rans.
CAP Sweet Currant brings some sweetness and vibrancy while keeping to the authentic "greenness" of the fruit.
Candy Roll is a magnificent "clean' candy used to anchor the fruit & provide the the sweet goodness of a conventional lollipop.
A slight sherbet layer compliments of Fizzy Sherbet completes our delightful licker....

Spice tea with bright apples and black currant.

FA Fuji Apple is and will always be the best apple.

INW Two Apples is to turn it a little more red and add some dryness.

FA Black Currant for a brighter and sweeter version of the fruit while still being 100% black currant.

WF Southern Sweet Tea for a nondescript tea flavor.

VT Chai Masala for all of that clove/nutmeg goodness.

You can sweeten this with whatever you like. FW Sweetener keeps the flavors the same. CAP Super Sweet makes it feel a little more like a canned drink.

My take on a Heisenburg recipe.

Cap Berry Cooler really takes the forefront. FA Anise and FW Black Licorice give it that subtle dark tone that goes well with the berries.

Also added .75% WS23 to really give that cooling, although not totally necessary as Berry cooler also has coolant in.

Enjoy :)

Used Nick's Ice Cream Trinity here as the base and added some fruits ontop.


Sicillian Lemon & Blackcurrant Ice Cream
Quite balanced mb blackcurrant isnt too strong at 5% and allows the lemon to stand out abit aswel as the ice cream


A remix of Caribbean Clouds UFOhm Encounter. Sweet, juicy, and strange.


Black Currant touch of grape, a little fun going on in the background with Forest fruit, apricot because I wanted it in there with a touch of cream and sweetening it up with Super Sweet.


All ingredients not at a normal percentage are 1 drop per 30ml.

This comes across off the shake like strawberry syrup and whipped cream, if you've got all of the flavors and an hour to spare give it a shot, lol.

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