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Decided to try my hand out at a black currant lemonade.

My try for a decent Moon Mist ice cream, a blend of banana, grape and bubble gum flavored ice cream. Vapor Junkie Moon Mist ejuice is the only Moon Mist I've had in real life, this winds up somewhere between their Master Sauce and Moon Mist.

LB VIC and TPA Vanilla Swirl are a great vanilla ice cream mix for those of us that don't like the various bean versions. Part of the VIC trinity, without the HS malt. https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/143364

MB Bubble Gum is a nice fruity sort of gum, I've tried pink gum like SC Bubble Gum in this and it works but not nearly as well as MB.

INW Grapes+FA Bilberry is a wet dirty sock with bright grapes... at first. With the EM in Vanilla Swirl the off notes blend into something much better down the road. FW Grape Soda brings some grape sweetness and a soda syrup body to the grape aspect. Make Purple Grape Again is where the Bilberry experiment came from. https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/173135

VT Banana Custard carries the banana and some vague spiciness in the background, works really well here.

Cap Super Sweet, I found 0.5% a little too sweet with the FW Grape Soda, but at the same time I tend to find ice cream similarly too sweet. Feel free to reduce to preference, just don't sub with a sweetener that adds more maltol, Vanilla Swirl already has enough.

In the first couple days it's mainly the VT Banana Custard, this tones down over time. It does fade a bit after the 3 week mark, but even 4 weeks on I enjoyed it quite a lot. By the time it's all steeped I don't get a defined grape, banana or bubble gum but a mix and hints of each as I vape.

Shout out to all the comments in an old reddit thread and to Harusai for asking, gave me a leg up when picking flavors to order. WF Banana Puree wasn't nearly as good in here as VT Banana Custard.


This reminded me of a grocery store mixed berry yogurt cup, the razz is bright and all the fruits in here play off of each other quite nicely in my opinion :D

If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

The idea here was to create a sweet grape cigarillo. FLV Native Tobacco is a robust neutral tobacco with some really nice fruity notes that pair really nicely with INW Grapes. To make that brighten up that grape note I added 0.25% FA Bilberry.

HS Tab Blended is such a unique flavor. I’ve heard it described as an RY4 without the tobacco note and I could see why someone would say that but to me it has some good tobacco notes. The thing I really like about it is the texture. If you’re into straight up tobacco I strongly recommend you pick this flavor up. You with NOT be disappointed.

Last is the glue that holds everything together. WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard is an excellent tobacco custard flavor that does a really good job of blending together the tobacco note and the grape note.

Sweeten to taste. I use FW Sweetener as I felt that CAP SS created too much separation between the Tab and Grape notes.

Watch the Video Here:


This is a clone/remix of TWELVE MONKEYS BONOGURT. Myself and 3 other mixers made 100s of versions over a year and a half to come up with this recipe.

Its all in there from the delicious bright non-descript fruit flavor to the cream yogurt with just the right amount of sharpness fron the Greek yogurt. There's even the phenomenon of getting individual flavors for a puff or 2 then back to the combined flavors just like the original does.

Best after a week but can be a SnV.

Cold and Fruity. Mixed for a friend, I didn't care for it but it's one of his ADV's

This is a very dark blueberry / bakery / cream recipe. Enjoy.

Blueberry Jam on buttery toast, original recipe by @Sublimeice!

TPA Blueberry Extra, FA Bilberry, and FW Blueberry are the blueberry base of this recipe. Thanks to @EdibleMalfunction for that!
RF Blueberry Jam with Toast is the main player here, bringing some jammy blueberry backing note and the hint of toast that sells this recipe.
CAP Golden Butter adds a rich buttery mouthfeel that goes with the toast element.
CAP Super Sweet makes it taste like a commercial liquid.

I wanted a blueberry muffin. Then all of a sudden, I wanted a cereal. A Blueberry muffin cereal, sure. But it also feels like a toast. So do this: Make a loaf of blueberry bread, then pop a couple slices in the toaster. Pop em out right after the outside is just slightly kissed with the crisp, but before it actually begins to toast. Now cut the slices into little cubes and leave em out for a day or so until they just barely start to go stale. Convince yourself that this is what cereal is, and dump it into a bowl of milk. Great. Blueberry muffin toast cereal. Have a swell morning.

FA Bilberry because I love Ed's Trinity. FW Blueberry for the same reason. Left out the TFA Blueberry Extra so FLV Blueberry Muffin could grab the bat.
CAP Golden Butter for a bit of a densely sweet mouthfeel with a subtle dairy note. Cereal 27 for some flaky cerealification. FLV Cream at 1% because hey, maybe I was almost out of milk and used the last couple drops in the jug. TFA Vanilla Custard 2 because it just makes it better. FE Lemon for a bright note. Finally, FA Forrest fruit. I don't have a reason for using it in here, maybe I just wanted to throw a subtle hint out there that there's more than just blueberries in here. Cap Super Sweet because it's not supposed to be healthy.

Rearrangement of not Charles manson’s Strawberry Shortcake bar. I wanted something with blueberry and cake so I used the recipe I loved so much and tweaked it a bit.
Vanilla bean gelato is actually Flavor Art- Gelato Vaniglia (Vanilla Gelato) Feel free you sub TFA Vanilla Swirl at the same %

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