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Delicious Frosted fruit loops layered into a Vanilla Cream

Tested on a profile 1.5 with 0.13ohm Mesh @ approx 100w

CAP SL Fruit circles makes up the main cereal note used at 8% to ensure it doesn't get lost in the creams and as a slightly weaker flavour it really needs to be pushed.

CAP SL Crunchy Frosted Cookie used for 2 reasons here at 1.5%, it enhances the mouthfeel off the fruit circles as well as adding a little depth to the mix it also adds some of the frosting on the cereal.

WF Buttercream frosting is a delicious sweet frosting used at 1.5% here to add the main frosting element to the fruit circles this also adds depth to the Vanilla Cream.

VT Vanilla cream at 2% is the main cream element in this mix a fairly thick cream with a pleasant sweet and slightly dark vanilla bean, this is further thickened up with the use of FA Bavarian cream.

Possible subs: VT Buttercream Frosting for the WF at 1.25%, any other Bavarian cream for the FA this sub may make a slight change to the taste but should be minimal.

A sofisticated blend of RY4 maple tobacco, whiskey and custard


Why be a Millionaire when you can be a Trillionaire?. This is a recipe MaxSavage suggested based on a Miliionaire's Shortbread which is a shortbread cookie, layered with thick creamy caramel, and topped with a chocolate glaze. It was a bit bitter off the shake, but let it steep for a about a week and it transforms into a nice chewy caramel, with a soft cookie base, with hits of chocolate. Full recipe notes at
https://youtu.be/vDsuH8Nwb2U .

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Just a simple FA Strawberries combo smothered in a trinity of FA creams

I based this off of https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/26946#in_a_godda_da_vida_by_mlnikon.

Papaya/tangerine smoothie. I added the FA Bav Cream for some extra smoothness/creaminess. I personally don’t feel that this recipe needs any added sweetness because WF Papaya packs a lot of sweetness, but if you feel it needs some and your favorite sweetener.

My dream lover, I see your face every night and it haunts me. Waking up in the middle of our garden, I gaze up at the full moon wondering how long you'll make me wait until you come. My heart longs to hold you in my arms. The sweet fragrant scents surround me as I close my eyes and imagine breathing you in. How long will you make me wait? Until your return I will drown my sorrows in flavors that keep your memory alive.

simple mango cream made on fresho3 saturdiying show need ten words to share

My attempt at a captain crunch flavor. it is close but not quite there

an orange flavor i found and am working on to find the sweet spot. welcome and comments of this flavor.

So I’m a big time morning smoothie person and I make the best orange cream smoothies in the world by combining orange juice, carrots some milk or heavy whipping cream and what ever random fruit I have around. When I use heavy whipping cream in my real life smoothies I use a 1/2 Tsp of TFA Bavarian cream to sweeten it up and give it a heavy vanilla note.
Made my smoothie into a vape blend using the imaginary fruits I had laying around, peaches, apricot and a few over ripened raspberries. Then I topped the smoothie off with a little Milkshake and Bav Cream for a sweet vanilla creamy finish. I also added some sweetener because a very sweet smoothie is my favorite. I didn’t add WS23 or Polar Blast to mimic the ice I use in the blender in the written recipe but I did add it to the one I’m vaping as an after thought and because I enjoy cool vapes but it’s very good thick and creamy without it too. So it’s up to you if you want to add 0.25% polar Blast.

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